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Wayne Newton's Plane -- $700,000 Down the Drain

2/4/2010 5:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wayne Newton's Plane -- $700,000 Down the DrainWayne Newton claims he was ripped off by the people he hired to fix his private jet -- claiming he blew more than $700,000 in repairs and the damn thing still doesn't work.

Newton is reportedly under fire for allegedly abandoning the jet in a hangar at the Oakland County International Airport in Michigan nearly three years ago -- the hangar claims Wayne owes more than $60,000 in storage fees.

But TMZ spoke with Newton's rep who told us Wayne is the real victim here -- because he's spent "more than $700,000 to get the plane fixed and it's still not fixed."

The rep tells us Wayne is exploring his legal options -- but it's unclear who Newton is looking to sue.

Danke Schoen.


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Is his face the product of Plastic Surgeries gone Bad??? Dont these Hollywood people ever learn?

1686 days ago


I think Wayne needs to stop the plastic surgeries! He looks WORSE than Eddie Fisher!

1686 days ago


I am in shock that a man with all his zillions, has left a huge jet in our airport. The plane was on the news this morning, and its huge and has been sitting there for a long, long, long time. They said the plane has mold inside of it, because it has been there for so long, and its inoperrable. I am quite sure he will have to be sued, and forced to remove his hunk-of-junk. He must be a real cheapskate in life.

1686 days ago


That is from Madame Tausaud's wax museum, that is not the real Wayne Newton!!!

1685 days ago


CADAVER-FACE! (Screams) How this limited-talent man (?) has made it all these years, I'll never know. He stunk way back when I watched him on Bonanza. He should have been a flash in the pan - now, he just looks like he's been flashed in a frying pan. Yuck!

1685 days ago


Okay, not like I really give a sh*t (even tho do I work at that airport) but to be clear, the repairs were done at a different facility which, in NO WAY, has any ties what-so-ever to the company he is now trying to screw over. The first company was to do some interior work, maintenance and I don't know whatelse to it. I believe they had problems with payment but you would have to talk to them about that. When the second company got a hold of the plane FOR STORAGE REASONS ONLY, Mr. Newton was making payments at first. So now I ask, how does one pay a company for "hangar" rent, and then state that the reason for stopping payment was because of something another company did when he knew what he was getting into in the first place? Hmmmmmm.....

1685 days ago


Post #11 (Polar Bear) Good
He looks like a serial killer of some sort, or night of the living dead.
Too much plastic surgery.
These celebrities need to just accept growing old.

1685 days ago

Charles Almon    

He should sue the doctor that made him like chopped meat under shrinkwrap.

1685 days ago


I can't imagine who took this picture, or when it was, but if you will read the articles about Wayne, going to Richmond, VA. for his Native American tribe, you will see a video and a picture of him at the meeting on 2/02/10. He looks NOTHING like the picture they are portraying here. This is awful and whomever posted that picture should be sued. I am a friend of Wayne's and have known him for over 32 years and he is the kindest man you would ever want to meet. I saw him live in my hometown this past Oct. and he looked amazing!!!!! As for the plane being left there, I am sure there is more to the story than is being told. Wayne and his wife are very responsible, upstanding citizens.

1685 days ago

Legally Bonde    

One MORE facelift and Wayne Newton will look like Cher! Enough facelifts Wayne! The last time Wayne Newton's troubles were Arabian horses and bankruptcy! Now airplanes! Give me a break, please....

1685 days ago


i looked over ur mag and it is great, but i know there is a fee coming after the free 30 days,so i canceled it as i have no idea of what i'm getting in to----if u want to explain i'll listen----tks

1685 days ago

Mj Fan    

The airport should scrap the plane just like the local government would scrape an abandoned car. The scrap money may cover some of teh fees due.

1684 days ago



1674 days ago


Leave him ALONE!!! He is an awesome entertainer and an all around good person. I bet you ALL have money problems too!!!If you have never seen him in concert and saw him perform, then SHUT UP!!!!

1584 days ago


Leave him ALONE!!! He is an awesome entertainer and an all around good person. I bet you ALL have money problems too!!!If you have never seen him in concert and saw him perform, then SHUT UP!!!!

1584 days ago
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