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Car Thieves Caught on Tape in Sheen Case

2/5/2010 7:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The eye in the sky may be the key to the mysterious Bentley at the bottom of a ravine near where Charlie Sheen's car was found -- the Bentley owners claim they have surveillance tape of the car being stolen.


TMZ just contacted the owners of the Bentley -- one of whom, we're told, is slated to be on the upcoming "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Lisa Vanderpump
-- who appeared on "Silk Stalkings" and "Baywatch Nights" -- is married to Kenneth Todd. They live near Charlie Sheen's house in a gated community. The keys were not in the car, Lisa says. The car was parked in the driveway. Lisa tells us they have surveillance footage of the crime.

Lisa and Ken own the fancy Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca.

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police are investigating to see if the Charlie Sheen and Todd incidents are connected. They have looked at the surveillance video from Charlie's house and there is a shot of the thieves leaving the scene, though it is hard to ID them.

We do not know how much the Todd surveillance video reveals.

UPDATE: We just spoke with Lisa again, who said, "They can have the frickin' car, but can I have my dry cleaning in the trunk, please?"
Rich people's problems ....


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Delta Sierra    

Hollywood. Always so much crazier than you ever thought possible.

1668 days ago


And all those posts on the other related threads blaming Charlie...Hmmm...

Wouldn't the better question here be "Where was Brooke at aprox. 4 a.m.?"...
After all, if her "Gravy Train" goes to prison for 4 years over HER lies, she's gonna need an awful lot of money to keep her cushy little lifestyle...

1668 days ago


★★★Thanks Gene. Really, Shane? Huh. I figured if you spent that kind of scratch on a vehicle you could get it however you wanted. Guess not.

Thanks for the update, man.★★★

1668 days ago


Sounds suspiciously like a little pre-series publicity for Real Housewifes of BS...I mean BH- kind of like those clowns crashing the white house fundraiser. Its getting sorrier and sorrier what people will do to get their 15 minutes of fame.

1668 days ago


I too would give my left nut for a Bentley Continental GT (convertible) but only to trade it for something German. You could get a M3 hardtop convertible (new), save about $120k and have more fun.

1668 days ago


Steal a Bentley, steal the best. Ride a mile, roll the rest!

Time to move on to other news, why isn't TMZ giving us the scoop that Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge have ended their relationship. She is now dating 28-year-old James Watson, a wealthy Louisiana businessman, whom she met last December. At last, one Spear has her head screwed right.

1668 days ago

you are rockin this....20. Steal a Bentley, steal the best. Ride a mile, roll the rest! Brilliant post~ clever...I'll add

Celebs try too hard to be skinny..they get sick, do stupid things..just learn to cook, eat, and make sure your man has major chocolate..especially when he's on vacation sister.....It's his wifes fault, if she shopped and filled her home up with major munchies this wouldnt have happened...Brooke I'll give you shopping advice me..

1667 days ago

Brooke was named that for a reason, heres the reason:

As the Brooke wonders aimlessly along the Pine trees next to the stone creek it made a peaceful noise. The gentle surge of the deepened well was well worth the wait, the penny tossed became the rainbow of light and the suns magnetic force became strong like the dragon visiting the year of the tiger.........worth waiting for, worth seeking out....

1667 days ago

Time to move on to other news, why isn't TMZ giving us the scoop that Jamie Lynn Spears our new royalty..always rocking the red she comes now with Palins daughter and singing...nothing like ditchen high school for babies diapers, yippie ya o ka ya...

1667 days ago


TMZ is slow tonight. Just read that a 3rd car has been found!

1667 days ago

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1667 days ago

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1667 days ago

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1667 days ago


Vanderpump? Best name ever!

1667 days ago
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