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Charlie Sheen -- Hey, OnStar Really Works

2/5/2010 12:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen got one hell of a wake up call this morning when an operator from an OnStar-like service called to inform him that his SUV had crashed.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sheen got the call around 4AM when his remote diagnostics company received an alert that the car had been involved in a wreck and the airbags had deployed.

We're told Sheen alerted his security team who inspected the home and confirmed that the car had been stolen.

Cops later found the wrecked SUV 100 feet down Mulholland Drive.

We're told the L.A. Fire Department used an infrared scanner to search for any victims, but the search came up empty.

Cops are still hunting for a suspect.


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OnStar is a GM only product, but Mercedes does offer GPS.

1690 days ago


If one is going to commit a crime, seems LA area is the place to do it. Not sure if it is the PD or District Attorneies who are the complete morons. Look at O.J., Menendez Brothers, just to name a few.

1690 days ago

sultry siren    

Sounds fishy to me. I bet that drama queen drunk of a wife of his has something to do with this.

1690 days ago


Two and Half Men is the only funny show left on TV! C Sheen has always been a bit edgy so what! Who do you want to hang out with C Sheen or Richard Simmons? Or that super tool on MSNBC Shuster or Oberman the two biggest losers on TV. They have a career which exists only to criticize people they dont like? How about this report the news and not about your personal hatred of others who you disagree with. Someone else did this back in the 30's after he stopped publically criticizing them he killed them, and who was that man? Obberman? are you the incarnate for the fourth Comming of the Nazi's?

1690 days ago

The man the smiley face serial killers decided to set free    

Not much under the hood, needed an oil change, tranny flush and an interior cleaning anyway. Plus very sluggish around corners.

1690 days ago


sheen's story is total bs. like a previous poster said. why go driving through a neighborhood like that looking for cars to steal. he said he left the keys in it according to the latimes. and what kind of car thief drives it off a cliff? onstar is a gm thing. he probably called his "security" team after he crashed the car, they helped him, then came up with the brilliant "stolen" car story, and some star struck cops bought it.

1690 days ago


Lynne, the story doesn't say it was "OnStar", it says OnStar 'like' service...This story does smell fishy, car alarm? He likely lives in a securely monitored community, gated, camera's, etc.

1690 days ago

Just my opinion    

I love you Charlie!

1690 days ago


He was pissed that he is being charged with a felony and took it out on his wife's fancy car, his druggie wife was coming back from rehab to claim the fancy suv he purchased her so he had it dumped off a cliff so that the bitch would not get her grubby hands on it.

1690 days ago

Robert Bowie    

I just watched them pull up his car on the news. It's not an SUV. It's a Mercedes S600 sedan.

1690 days ago


A reliable source says Charlie had an overnight guest, (one of his Tranny friends), and they got into an argument. Charlie pulled a knife on the transsexual, who in turn, whacked Charlie with a golf club. Charlie ran from the house, sans shoes, jumped in his vehicle and proceeded to crash it.
His crack security force rescued him and developed the theft strategy. If Tiger had used Charlie's elite security team, he'd never have gotten caught.

1690 days ago


Charlie Sheen gets out of another mess...Who picked him up after the crash?

1690 days ago


Calling Dr. Drew!

1690 days ago


6. Charlie alerted the security team that the car had been stolen? That's one hell of a security team. Shouldn't they have alerted him? Nothing quite makes sense in Charlie's world. Posted at 10:43AM on Feb 5th 2010 by Jack

Yeah, right! Here's my scenario: Charlie got wasted AGAIN, wrecked the car, called for a ride, went home to sleep it off, cued his security to say the car was stolen.

1690 days ago
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