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Charlie Sheen's Car -- Key In, Garage Open

2/5/2010 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's car that went over a cliff this morning on Mulholland Drive was ready to drive ... because law enforcement tells us the key was in the ignition and the garage door at his home was open.

Charlie Sheen's car
Charlie lives in a gated community where other residents sometimes leave their garage door open as well.

Our law enforcement sources say when they arrived at Charlie's home he looked fine and told cops he had no idea who heisted his ride.

Cops say other cars in the gated community were burglarized.


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Nice security they have going on in that 'Gated Community'.

1616 days ago


The Burglar Bunch is on the loose again!

I just saw Nick Prugo on TV last night! Hes' back to his thieving ways!

1616 days ago


Mercedes "version" of Onstar is called Tele-Aide. Tele-Aide automatically notifies the police and emergency personnel when a vehicle has been in a crash and the airbags have deployed. WHY they would call Charlie Sheen @ home is the part that confuses me. MAYBE because there was no response from anyone in the car?

1616 days ago


He lives in a very gated community with security. Ummmmm, I think I'd terminate the gate keeper and the security team. It appears thieves ravaged the entire neighborhood. I also wonder why the police didn't notice the damn Bentley. Sheesh. They didn't look at the entire ravine? Dumb.

1616 days ago


O.K...... if the Sheen's live in a gated community with a guard gate then, said guard gate would have video footage of car LEAVING through the gate, away from the house and! revealing the driver. But!! if car was indeed headed towards the home and crashed, therefore not stolen, the video would show no Sheen car leaving the property. Have Police checked out this angle?

1616 days ago


Now, just suppose one of his children wandered out to the garage and found a car with keys in the ignition...

1616 days ago


For once, Charlie wasn't to blame!

Hey, I still love his show and think he does have GREAT talent as a comedian. It's just a shame what he can get himself into.

1616 days ago


3:48 PM Garp, etc...Uh, I have Tele-Aide, etc... which is why I know you need to be aware of the code to access their services. Charlie needs to fess up.

1616 days ago


I saw Charlie tonight and he just played it off as a joke like can anyone give me a ride home. He has more things on his plate then a $100,00 car that he can replace

1616 days ago


anyone inadeuate enough to say they are going to work on there marriage [which is a bunch of hoakum] would leave there keys and door up. he's probably thinking about how to work on his marriage. i never heard that before. he worked on it right into a felony. dude dont work on your marriage. if you dont like the way that person is acting leave and work on your marriage by yourself somewhere else. [this is a case scenario] charles comes in [to work on his marriage] wife says you look tired have some juice with me. He has his dinner sits down to watch news. [he does something wrong like changes the channel on tv, there is a whistle in his nose. or his shoes squeak. his wife comes at him with fists flying and insults. what do you do? you get up and leave and say i will be back later dear go relax in a hot bath. the end. see how simple that is? its called working on survival. what a schmuck.

1614 days ago


There are a lot of great points here,
but I'm not sure I agree with real-time search being discarded.
I agree that it's not verey relevant,
but isn't the point of it to show what people are currently saying about a topic,

1542 days ago


What is interesting is that I own the exact same 2009 S60......0 and it does NOT take a key. An S60......0 is a push button start and is is for all intensts and purposes keyless!
So unless he left the key in somewhere in the car instead of in his pocket, which I seriously doubt... this may very well be considered suspicious.

1317 days ago



1317 days ago


S six-hundred V12 5.5 litre twin turbo

Not sure why it puts the ..... between the 00

1317 days ago
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