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Conrad Murray Will Show in Court No Matter What

2/5/2010 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray Conrad Murray's people just told TMZ they are ticked off that they are caught in the middle of a tug of war between the LAPD and the L.A. County D.A. -- and they will show up in court at 1:30 PM today to surrender ... whether charges are filed or not.

As we first reported, a feud is raging between the LAPD and the D.A. -- the D.A. wants Murray to surrender and the LAPD wants him arrested before coming to court ... on charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

We reported last night that things were so bad between the two agencies that the D.A. pulled the plug on today's arraignment.

But Miranda Sevcik, the rep for Dr. Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff, tells TMZ "We are stuck in the middle of something we can't control." Sevcik, who called the feuding "insane," says "Dr. Murray will wait for a call as to where and when he will surrender" and adds if the call doesn't come he will show up anyway at 1:30 PM.

The problem for Dr. Murray -- if the D.A. doesn't file charges this morning, there's nothing to surrender to...

Stay tuned ...


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dsm467, thanks!

Irene, moni,

but was he able to have a long-lasting relationship? I don't believe his first marriage was a sham, I think they were really happy there for a bit, but LMP didn't dare having his children, and it seems that was the end of it because he wanted children so much.

He got his children anyway but they had no mothers (I have a hard time with that). If he had calmed down and built on the marriage with LMP so she was and felt safe, he would have had it all, and so would she. But was there something in the way that prevented him from doing just that?

I hope the full autopsy will be out eventually. I think the defense has a right to see it, anyway.

1659 days ago

brigha UK    

61. I still don't get why the grief is so strong. I was certainly never a member of a MJ "cult".
Posted at 10:58AM on Feb 5th 2010 by A.B.

Yes, it still hurts so much and I wasn't a member of a MJ "cult" either. Like one of my dearest friends or family died and I never completely understood why the death of this man I never met causes so much pain. But it does!

Posted at 11:13AM on Feb 5th 2010 by Irene

Your comments intrigued me and made me question why I too regularly return to this website!
I was never a fan of MJ's music. Never bought a record nor a poster. Although I do confess to finding him quite sexy (I like the quiet, gentle type!).
However, I became a fan during the Arviso trial, which I followed with an obsession. I began with an open mind, but every day, as the 'evidence' unfolded, I began to question why he was on trial at all. Anyone who has read the transcripts must conclude that the allegations were doubtful. Nowadays society seems to be overly obsessed with paedophilia, and just a rumour of such activity can set the lynch mobs in motion.

I have no doubt that MJ was relentlessly persecuted by the media and others with hidden agendas. Every day he appeared to deteriorate to such an extent that I thought he probably wouldn't even survive until the verdict.

Yet despite a possible 20 year sentence looming over his head, he (and his family -including Joe!) conducted themselves with dignity and poise. That deserves respect. So that is when I became a 'fan' so to speak. Perhaps it is that MJ reminds us of an innocent, gentler world that we no longer live in.

Another, more controversial point: I am CERTAINLY NOT implying that MJ was guilty in any way, but even if he had admitted molesting a 14 year old, why would this deserve a possible 20 year sentence? There was never any allegation of rape, nor was there any violence claimed.

Contrast Murrays 4 year maximum for killing a man. Call me crazy, but if I was the mother of a 14 year old, given the choice I would rather have him molested than killed!

1659 days ago


This arrest thing smells.

1659 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

The body count IN L.A "CAN I HAVE MORE PILLS PLEASE" the jury will convict nobody PEOPLE ARE DROPPING DEAD FROM THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR,save me 10 million PLEASE,, the rich have money to kill themselves or go get help,WHY should we pay for their ""BAD HABITS"".

1659 days ago


I tried several times now to comment on the question whether Dr. Murray could have been under drugs himself – but the TMZ black hole repeatedly smacked and gorged my post. TMZ, what was your problem with it!?

1659 days ago

Secret Dove    

Wake up people!!! Michael Jackson isn't dead, he's ALIVE!!!!! This is all a hoax, if Murray does show up at court, it'll be for show to make it look convincing! How can you arrest/charge someone when they didn't kill anyone? Wake up and smell the roses! If you can't see that Michael's alive there's something wrong! LOL :D :) ;) :D

1659 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Daddy dearest: Me and my new friend/lover need more money. Can you give us MORE MONEY.Friday nite there is a hot party and I need a new dress for me and HER.PLEASE DADDY PLEASE help your little girl.

1659 days ago


moni, I don't think tmz has the time to read every post before it gets published. Sometimes it's just impossible to post.

brigha uk, I'd rather have my son molested than killed too - and when it came to MJ, if there was ever anything going on (which I don't think there was) it must have been love stories, because none of the "victims" wanted to leave.

1659 days ago


Your devotion and love is magnificent, but please use caution. Things are not as they seem, this is not a game. I love you all so much please stay safe.


1659 days ago


It is standard to not release autopsy reports when it is deemed a homocide and there is an ongoing investigation.

96. Irene, I don't know because I'm not familiar at all with the US law system, but I can figure out that they kept the autopsy report confidential because Michael's case was considered as a homicide from the beginning, followed by an investigation This might be a difference to, e.g., Brittany Murphy. Maybe they didn't want to supply Murray's lawyers with ”munition", which could help them to prepare the defense?
If so, I'd be fine with not releasing the autopsy report...

Posted at 12:24PM on Feb 5th 2010 by moni

Read more:

1659 days ago


Dr. Murray is making both agencies look stupid. Petty in-fighting is not the way to start out. This man is going to be charged with involuntary manslaughter! He doesn't get to surrender. If he shows up at the courthouse to surrender, game set and match, he's won the war. PLEASE get your crap together and charge and arrest this terrible doctor for Michael's sake.

1659 days ago


Thanks LAPD and LA county for giving this guy one of the best rudimentary elements
to his defense I have seen in a long time. IDIOTS.

1659 days ago


But was there something in the way that prevented him from doing just that?
Posted at 12:34PM on Feb 5th 2010 by A.B.

I think getting what he wanted, when he wanted it, was in the way.
He wanted children so bad and the moment he knew LMP didn't, he searched for other ways and he found that possibility with Debbie.

1659 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

HURRY I NEED HELP one side of my body is ""hot and cold"". WHAT happen to me? HELP!!! call 911 "PILLS OR PROPOFOL"" (the drip) this happen to MICHAEL JACKSON ONE DAY remmeber this.. THE JURY will hear this.. BUT!! the ""JUDGE FUDGEIT"" has heard it,and he says "GET OUT OF MY COURT"

1659 days ago


Moni- I have a terrible time posting on TMZ. Sometimes it works with my returning password and sometimes it will work with my AIM name and password. After I type it all out, it only will work 10% of the time. It's awful! They need a much better system than this. I don't believe it has anything to do with a moderator on the posts but more to do with them contracting blogsmith or something to handle it and it's all screwed up.

1659 days ago
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