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LAPD/D.A. Feud Derails Dr. Murray Arraignment

2/5/2010 10:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The scheduled arraignment Friday for Dr. Conrad Murray in the death of Michael Jackson will not take place as scheduled because of the feud between the L.A. County D.A. and the LAPD over Dr. Murray's surrender.

Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson

As we first reported, the LAPD was bent out of shape -- and that is an understatement -- because the D.A. had kept cops in the dark and had been working with Dr. Murray's lawyers to arrange a voluntary surrender in court at the time of the arraignment.

The plan as of Thursday afternoon: Dr. Murray's lawyers would drive him to the L.A. County Sheriff's Office at the Airport Courthouse in L.A. at 5:30 AM Friday, along with a bail bondsman. Dr. Murray would be booked, post bail and then walk into court without handcuffs or chains.

We're told the LAPD so vehemently objected to the plan ... the D.A. finally backed off. The LAPD wants to arrest Dr. Murray, book him and bring him into court in handcuffs and/or chains -- something that is fairly standard in homicide cases.

The plan has fallen apart and we're told ... as of now ... there will be no arraignment tomorrow.

It's starting out shaky, folks.


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This is all hogwash. There is no haggling between the LAPD and the Prosecutor's office. A deal is being discussed between the Prosecutor and Murray's lawyer. They know they don't have enough evidence to go to trial.
Murray will plea bargain, pay a fine and possibly 6 months in jail IF THAT. It will be a sentence like Martha Stewart.

1618 days ago

The Boo    

Ah well... Looks like they'll just call it a mistrial, sternly warn Murray not to kill the King of Pop again and move on with their lives... The Evan Chandler extortion attempt against Michael Jackson in 1993 was treated similarly...

Crimes against Michael are investigated shoddily, if at all.

Bogus crimes that Michael allegedly committed are investigated like he's the next best thing to Osama Bin Laden...

1618 days ago


TMZ, Thanks for keeping us updated on this story. The TV news isn't saying anything, so if I am busy I have been checking your site to find out what's going on. Thanks again

1618 days ago

darcy hill    

Sounds like the LAPD got there noses out of joint because they're not going to get any face time in a perp walk. Michael Jackson's death is his own fault. No body messes with the amount of drugs that this guy did including the Dr. administered propofol and walks away unscathed. Something bad was bound to happen when you use a surgical anesthesia to get some sleep. Stupid is as stupid does.

1618 days ago


37. @Will O

I appreciate your passion but I don't think anyone will be asking Murray for autographs unless they are like the rabid MJ haters who troll the net. The dude killed MJ.

Posted at 11:00PM on Feb 4th 2010 by Let MJ's Fans Deal With Murray. ;)

I know what you're saying, but if you notice, no one but MJ fans are even concerned about Justice for Michael! And, a lot of them have kind of slipped into oblivion. So, by the time Murray stands trial, if ever, he’ll have the status of a celebrity! Hell, he pretty much has it already! Check it out:

A celebrity (or simply as celeb) is a widely-recognized or notable person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. ...

That pretty much fits Dr. Murray right about now!! Even if it’s not in a good way!
Just look at how he's being treated by the authorities! Like a celebrity!

1618 days ago


The thought just occurred to me after writing the above (#65) that perhaps this "feud" is just a ruse to confuse the public, particularly the media, and that Dr. Murray will slip into Court quietly and privately, post bail, and get out quickly, while the public doesn't expect it and thinks the DA and LAPD are still arguing about the arrangements. Remember when Paris Hilton turned herself in quietly late one night, I believe immediately following an awards show she had attended, when the public and the media least expected it?

1618 days ago


don't you SEE that they are PLAYING with YOU GUYS ?
come on


1618 days ago

They were in it for the money    

How about the cops do their job and arrest the fool right now. What feud? Cripes Sake! The cops bust him, book him, Dano and all that good stuff and then the DA goes after him. I swear to God someone is being so totally paid off or this will all go down at square 1 downtown L.A. they got Texas attorney doing this-Hey Bub, that dont work in L.A., Jack! Corrupted politics!

1618 days ago

I want ya back!    

@48 Lights, Camera, Action. Thats a wrap! :))

1618 days ago


@Moonbeam - look, I could not read the whole dissertation but I see where you were going. The who race thing is not the issue here that it would be had he not killed a BLACK ICON. I don't know if you've noticed but many Black people LOVE MJ. We had a rocky relationship with him. We challenged him, we questioned him and he answered. We regarded him as Fam, quirks and all. Murray is a respected black physician but he ain't family, to many of us, MJ was and we respected what he was able to accomplish. I love my people but I want to see that Jackass in handcuffs. Hell, we saw Mike in them just 6 yrs ago.

1618 days ago

a fan    

Man, LAPD and DA. You have a chance to redeem yourselves and you are letting your ego's get in the way again. Or are you giving Murray time to plea bargain? Such crap....This man who calls himself a doctor (and I use that term very loosely) was very negligent and careless.. I usually don't use the word hate for anybody but I can not even describe the word I want to use for this man right now.

And Murray visiting Forest Lawn if that is true? WTF?? What, is he asking Michael for his forgiveness?

Well, if you guys can't take care of your job I am sure someday, somehow justice will be served.

rip mj

1618 days ago


For all the MJ fans here who are pissed that Murray hasn't been arrested...have you never wondered why there have been so many inconsistencies and strange coincidences involving Michael's "death"? If you don't have a clue what I'm referring to I suggest you do a little research on your own and quit believing what the media is feeding you. If you will do this you will realized...

1) Michael is NOT dead
2) Nobody will really be arrested/go to prison
3) This is a hoax by MJ to get a critical & Loving message out to the world. He wasn't messing around when he said THIS IS IT! The clues to the hoax are being delivered via an ARG (Alternate Reality Game)format, and they are everywhere for those with discerning eyes and minds. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. Do yourself a favor and investigate before you dismiss this. That is a part of the message in this hoax also. Hell, all the legwork has already been done, just look up MJ death hoax and start checking it out...then decide what YOU think, not what the tabloid/slanted media is feeding you. :-)

Blessed to have been,
Touched By An Angel ☮peace☮

1618 days ago


My god, this is so FAKE! Since when does something like this ever happen? Please!

1618 days ago

And thats the truth    

If this is any indication of how this case is going to proceed, it is going to be Mr. Toads Wild Ride to say the least. Just book em' Danno!

1618 days ago


hehe hoho haha huhu.....HOAX HOAX FOLKS

MJ should drive Dr Muraay himself, afterall he IS ALIVE!

1618 days ago
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