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Jimmy Kimmel:

Dr. Murray Should Kill Himself

2/5/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jimmy Kimmel clearly doesn't think a maximum 4-year jail stint for involuntary manslaughter is punishment enough for Dr. Conrad Murray -- because last night, he told paps Michael Jackson's doc "should kill himself."

Jimmy Kimmel: Click to watch


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In reference to this comment:
"11. Of course I believe what Jimmy said because as we all know, White people are NEVER wrong, even when they are. The truth is that Michael killed himself. He knew he was taking a drug he shouldn't have. That's why he participated in back door medicine. Had Michael did what every other citizen does, like making appointments and going to a regular doctor in his office and when needed, going to a hospital, his butt would be alive today. But no, he couldn't be like the rest of the human race. He had to be special. And special gets you killed.

Posted at 11:02AM on Feb 5th 2010 by justsaying"
You would only be right if Michael was taking the drugs on his own. Michael hired a doctor to give him the medicine so he would be assured he would not die. The doctor is the medical expert, not Michael. The doctor failed to perform his duty to "do no harm" which is an oath taken by every M.D. Clearly Michael was taking the biggest precaution he could take to stay alive by having a physician stay with him while using the medicine. The physician should have said "no." Michael didn't go to medical school. He trusted in the doctor and his knowledge.

1632 days ago


Sarah Silverman sings "I'm F*&king Dr. Murray"

1632 days ago


I hope they throw in risk of injury to a minor as well as the other charges. Getting a child involve in a murder causes emotional (pssych) trauma.

1632 days ago


No matter the soul of Michael Jackson is no longer embodied in physical form, this is one of the most unprofessional comments to come from anyone of any race here in the United States outside of the Jackson Family and Brian "Oxmoron" who volunteered from date one of his demise that Michael Jackson had a longstanding drug dependency and should have gone to rehab long ago. Some people will do or say anything for show ratings.

Let Dr. Conrad Murray surrender on his own to all the public charges as the circus around Michael Jackson's death has become expensive and most disturbing.

No matter how musically talented, Michael Jackson nor Elvis Presley, are not the kings of anything as the Founding Fathers of this great country long ago left the monarchy behind on our behalf.

Stop worshipping others and find the hero within yourselves!

1632 days ago


Wow, that's kind of messed up, telling someone that they should just go kill themselves! Shame on you!

1632 days ago


I regret the death of MJ. He was a GREAT talent. However, Mr. Kimmel's remark was entirely inappropriate. He needs to consider that sometimes we reap what we sow.

1632 days ago


Thank you Jimmy!!!!!
An honorable man would not be so disrespectful to Michael's children and family by visitng Michael's gravesite with Camera's in tow. Horrifying and so selfish. A clear ploy for public sympathy.

No doubt you are regretful Murray but your sleazy lawyer's statements make it clear you are ALL ABOUT SAVING YOUR OWN SKIN. Man up!!!!!!

1632 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

As in SHY

1632 days ago


RIGHT ON! Thank Jimmy-let's go scream that at him when he comes to the courthouse to surrender to the murder charge. He might not have thought this thing through and there still might be enough time to influence his decision lol.

You are the voice of reason. Thanks for simplifying this bastard process.

1632 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

IF HE off`ed himselfs than the COVERUP would be 100%...nah that`all never hap he live till he`s honey with the under the table pay DAY.MJ F`D UPPER he bit the hand that feeds HIM SONY dof N the BIT player...all money& contracts return into the hands of viacommies...they`ll worm the beatles from the kids.MJ baited DOCTOR KILLROY to defend his own..NOW his are FREE of dhast MURDER INC`er SS back to his SONY ISLAND where he came from Is GOT the scars from battle with doc when I was six stomp stomp dwn CBS

1632 days ago


And PPPLLLEEAASSEE take Jimmy with you!

1632 days ago


I totally agree with Jimmy. It's about time people spoke their true feelings. Go ahead Dr Murray, hook yourself up with an IV line. I'll watch you, just like you say you watched over Michael. Lying MURDERER.

1632 days ago


Kimmel is awesome and yeah Murray and jackson both deserve to cease to exist.

1632 days ago

Pat G    

Jimmy is SOOOOO...mean spirited, he should just shut up!

1632 days ago


He thinks he's being funny - NOT! He's only proving what a true douche he is. Someone should say the same to him!

1632 days ago
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