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Bob Barker Rammed at Sea -- Great Video

2/6/2010 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The anti-whaling boat Bob Barker was rammed on the high seas early this morning during a showdown with a vessel piloted by an allegedly illegal whaling crew.

According to the Sam Shepherd Conservation Society, the B.B. was blocking the shipway of a Japanese whaling fleet's factory ship when the collision occurred. One of the Japanese boats slammed into the Bob Barker, creating "a 3-foot long 4-inch deep gash in the mid starboard side."

No one was injured.

The boat was retrofitted thanks to a $5 million donation from Bob Barker, thus the name.


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Several officers of Japanese Coast Guards are on board of these whalers to watch how far SS might go. Japanese Coast Guards (JCS) are just as wild and aren't afraid of shoot and sink.
See this clip when they chased , shot and sunk this North Korean speed boat disguised as a fishing vessel.

If SS went too far, one day, JCS will appear and a battle would ensue. Then it is going to become a real entertainment. Whether SS disagrees or not, as long as Japan is operating under international law and treaty, they should not do this absurd pirate acts.

1687 days ago


Props to the Sea Shepard and the crew of the Bob Barker. I know your efforts have brought alot of attention to illegal whaling in the guise of research.

Keep up the great work.

1687 days ago


We should send every single Toyota back to Japan and let them deal with these death traps. It gives a whole new meaning to kamikaze

1687 days ago


GO Sea Shepherd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1687 days ago


We'll let you go if "The Price Is Right". Another great "ramming" video is 2 men 1 horse.

1687 days ago

Fred Farkel    

If you folks only knew the true reason that the US is HATED around the world... it's our almighty arrogance that breeds this hatred, resulting in an occasional case of bumper cars at sea and um, oh yeah... an occasional building or two that gets rammed by a 757.

Hey China!! (wagging finger in their faces) You had better stop building all those coal powered electric plants... cuz you know they cause pollution and stuff.

1687 days ago


These incompetent hippies run around playing chicken with the Japanese and intentionally ram them, then turn around and cry and claim the opposite happened. They put stickers on their ship like scalps showing how many Japanese ships they successfully ram. The video clearly shows the Japanese ship trying to turn to avoid the eco terrorists. With any luck these inept hippies will sink themselves one day and put an end to their campaign of terror. If you oppose the Japanese then work to change the laws. You don't run around the deadly Southern Ocean trying to kill people. Hey Sea Douchebags, here's hoping you sink to the bottom for good!!

1687 days ago


Great job by The B.B. and crew. These Japanese "researchers" are flat out whale killers and have found a loophole to operate under the guise of researchers. Whales are harmless and so important to our eco system. Norway is also still "researching" (killing) these gentile giants. Keep up the great work stopping these killers!

1687 days ago


Japan is currently allowed to capture/kill 1,000 whales a year under international whaling treaty. If SS do not agree with it, or found Japan violating it, do bring them to the court.
Otherwise, I hope Japanese Coast Guard should sink them.
Great video on comment 13.

1687 days ago


This time the Japanese whaler had the right of way and it has been reported that the Japanese whaler was damaged its port stern. So who rammed who?

1687 days ago


According to reporting by Japanese papers, BB came too close on collision path, and the Japanese whaler turned starboard to avoid collision in last minutes, but its stern hit BB's starboard side, opening a huge gushing hole. BB was lucky it did not sink.

1687 days ago


I TOTALLY support the efforts of the Sea Shepherd Conservations Society and hope those barbaric whale killers wake up to the needs of our planet. It doesn't exist to suck the life out of whenever and however one pleases.

1687 days ago




1687 days ago


Send the Gilligans to the bottom of the sea. Whalers 2, Gilligans 0.

1687 days ago


A private US ship has no business harassing any anyone,you can be for whaling or against it, but it is not illegal, so SS should mosey back to the US.

1687 days ago
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