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Bob Barker Rammed at Sea -- Great Video

2/6/2010 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The anti-whaling boat Bob Barker was rammed on the high seas early this morning during a showdown with a vessel piloted by an allegedly illegal whaling crew.

According to the Sam Shepherd Conservation Society, the B.B. was blocking the shipway of a Japanese whaling fleet's factory ship when the collision occurred. One of the Japanese boats slammed into the Bob Barker, creating "a 3-foot long 4-inch deep gash in the mid starboard side."

No one was injured.

The boat was retrofitted thanks to a $5 million donation from Bob Barker, thus the name.


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Pat G    

Probably the most action Bob has had for a ....long time!

1717 days ago


These Japanese whalers are heartless bastards

1717 days ago


The price is WRONG, Bob!!

Happy Gilmore.

1717 days ago


What a load of crap, the Japanese aren't doing research it's just a loop hole. With all our technology don't tell me the only way to study whales is to catch and butcher 1000 a year. Nonsense and anyone defending this illegal slaughter is an idiot.

1717 days ago

J C    


1717 days ago


You do not understand. Japan is allowed to catch 1000 whales a year, while helping a research entrusted by IWC. That's how whaling is allowed. They are also restricted to only two areas, one if near antarctic and the other escaped from me. Norway, Russia, Denmark and others are equally allowed but in the different part of the world under different term. That's how IWC and international community, including the U.S., agreed. If there might be a sign of decreasing whale population or other distress, IWC will review it. Right now, whale population is slowly increasing.
One of the sore point of sea cowards is that they are only targeting Japan in one specific sea area, which is around Australia and NewZealand. I thought Sea Coward's ships are registered in Australia. They asked Australian government to send their navy that was immediately rejected.
I am pretty sure that Sea Cowards are doing this for their own monetary benefits. I wonder how these otherwise unemployed crew, time, fuel and provisions etc are taken care of.

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


I am not necessarily defending Japan (I am an American living in Canada now) but have a personal curiosity in what SS has been doing.
One thing we have to note is that when this had happened, Bob Barker was raising Norwegian flag even though it was registered in Togo. This is a clear violation of international law, and this is the 2nd time they did so. Norwegian government is said to be preparing some sort of action against these people. Paul Watson and his crew are nothing but ignorant thugs, routinely violating international laws. I think their utmost interest is collect money/financing under the name of righteous acts which they are not. They are just criminals.

1717 days ago


How long are we going to stand and look at our planet being destroyed with everything and everyone in it?
The dark forces are at work 24/7, therefore I am working 24/7 as a light worker to bring awareness to whale killing, overfishing, deforestation, abuse of all animals including people.
I applaud the Sea Sheperd society, Bob Barker and Mr. Watson for standing up for the whales. Japan and Norway are both violating international law. Mother Earth: Please hear my pleas and take action against these unconscious people who are going around the world destroying and killing what you have created. I love you, you are my mother. I am aware that everything I have comes from you from shelter to food and I pray that your children will open their eyes and hearts so that they see that they are bringing about their own destruction.

1717 days ago


Does Japan exploit the law and take over the legal limit, that is the question. Loophole?

1717 days ago


With due respect, above 79 is too simplistic and idea. We all love this planet but we also have to operate & interact within a confine of laws. I do not like killing animals, not necessarily whales alone. But I am sure Japan, Norway, Russia or any other whaling nations are abiding the rules and regulations as set forth by IWC & international community.
SS has no right to run around with black painted ships with cross bones and skeleton mark, with illegal flags to interfere with perfectly legal activities by illegal method. SS lose. They do not get international support. Proper control and maintenance of whale population has been debated to death. The usual argument that whale is closer to human with larger brain etc is nonsense. We are talking about certain specific species of whales, and it is also our responsibility to determine if its population is properly maintained. I am curious if investigative journalism might start digging into the real motive of SS. I hope it's not their personal monetary interests that have been driving this show.

1717 days ago


The Japanese sided with Hitler in world war II. They are one of the largest consumers of seafood in the world. Their economy is or was better than ours simply because Americans are buying all the stuff they produce from cars, motorcycles, tvs, and so on.
They are violating international law. There is a moratorium on whale hunting. The IWC got together with Japan and other whaling nations to lift the ban on whaling because now the whales are up and they've been taken of the endangered species list. I believe New Zealand and maybe Australia are not agreeing on this. These are facts for people to consider before attacking each other.
I have a question: Why is man so arrogant and decides what animals and which ones die? One day it's the whales, next is the wolves, then the coyotes. When does it all end? I know! When I exit the planet. If I am lucky i will get to see the earth take revenge on these murderes and killers and war waging machines; because man has lost his humanity.

1717 days ago


Who did the ramming? It looked like the Japanese vessel was out front. How can you ram when you're out front? You could cut them off maybe. Idiots.

1717 days ago
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