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Bob Barker Rammed at Sea -- Great Video

2/6/2010 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The anti-whaling boat Bob Barker was rammed on the high seas early this morning during a showdown with a vessel piloted by an allegedly illegal whaling crew.

According to the Sam Shepherd Conservation Society, the B.B. was blocking the shipway of a Japanese whaling fleet's factory ship when the collision occurred. One of the Japanese boats slammed into the Bob Barker, creating "a 3-foot long 4-inch deep gash in the mid starboard side."

No one was injured.

The boat was retrofitted thanks to a $5 million donation from Bob Barker, thus the name.


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Canada Rules    

Paul Watson started out here in Vancouver with Greenpeace. He quit that group because he didn't think they were radical enough.

Watson is a legend in his own mind. His world is black and white. Many years ago, he vowed to stop the wolf hunt in Northern British Columbia by trekking through the bush in the middle of winter in -20 weather. He was going to confront the hunters. He managed to convince several media outlets to travel several hundred miles for the story. Once the media had its pictures and interview, he hiked into the woods for a short ways and then circled back to his car and took off. Nobody knew he did that until several days later after he had media exposure.

Once he moved to Califonia and hooked up with rich entertainers, he had a never ending supply of rich flakes to fund his self- righteous crusades.

1699 days ago


#81. You talk about laws. Look at all the laws that we have in place, does anybody really follow the laws? People break laws all the time until they are caught. How many people are running around killing animals on the endangered species list? Many. They live in Asia and probably everywhere where there's people. The tigers, cheetahs, turtles, etc. People run around killing, raping, abusing children. Animals and children and women and the elderly and the handicapped are also at the mercy of these killers.
Man is worse than animals. I am ashamed to belong to the human race. I see now that there are monsters among us and they are all around us. We just don't know whey are until they get caught or someone says something. Who is the coward? I say evil exists when good men do nothing, I forgot who said that Sir Edmund I think.
Anyway, that's my two cents for whatever it's worth.

1699 days ago


#86. I see life as sacred. Natives from around the world have that kind of respect for the earth and all the creatures who live in it.
God created this world and all life has a purpose. So in that regard, I see things in black and white just like Paul Watson. The Bible says you can't serve two masters. The world of man which includes governments and all their agenda is in direct opposition to God. Well get ready. This is God's world and He is going to put an end to this asap. It already started with the tsunami in Asia and the earthquakes in Haiti. But don't be alarmed. This is just the beginning. I pray that you guys repent and decide who you're going to serve before you die. You are being forwarned. I'm not saying this to scare you. God has an agenda and you are either with him or against him period! And for those who don't believe ie. the atheists, God will never reveal himself to you. By their works you shall know them. I am proud of all of you who are taking a stand in the world. The people who want peace, love and harmony. Keep up the work light workers and BE STRONG!! The dark forces know that their time is up so they are working 24/7 to destry the light workers. Keep the faith!

1699 days ago


When anyone started talking about siding hitlers, Pearl Harbor, Asians and other discriminatory elements mixed in this particular issue, then this whaling issue starts raising its ugly head, the racial aspect, which SS is also blamed for. You are talking on a biased or prejudiced position.
Why just Japan? Do you know how Norway, Russia & Iceland are doing? Are they also lobbying IWC? Are they also abiding the rules by IWC?
Let's not go there :-).

1699 days ago


I would support the "Save the Whales" stuff if we could start killing dumb hippies.

1699 days ago

John What    

Maybe they are hippies, so what! They are risking their own lives to save some whales. You fat asses think it's a game? Incredible, loving and intelligent creatures being slaughtered. Soon they will be gone and soon after humans. If aliens do exist and they see that we allow this kind of horrific murder to occur, they would surly view us as a threat to the universe as well as earth.

1698 days ago


i can't wait until one of these whalers sink these dopes. they're no better than pirates.

1698 days ago


Poster 91. how arrogant you are? So WE, the humans are at the top of the food chain because we are smarter than animals. You know how stupid you look?
Just because animals can't speak our language does not make them stupid. Animals go by instinct which is something you have lost because if you had intuition you would realize that God consciousness lives in everybody and yes that includes animals. That is what makes nature so wondrous. Animals are not here for you to use and abuse. I don't have a problem with people eating meat. It is about how animals are treated in the process. And you take what you need and what I see is people taking more than their fair share and abusing animals in farms in an inhumane way. Look at all these people that are obese in America. they consume and consume and it's never enough. There is enough for everyone's need but not for everybody's greed. Look at all the food that is being dumped in america and goes to waste while the rest of the world goes without food. There is something wrong with this picture. And just because you think animals are stupid that does not mean its true. When people start seeing life as a thou instead of an it, it changes the psychology of how you see all of life and yes that includes animals. Look at what the white man did to the buffalo that was so sacred to the natives. That is what I'm talking about.
Those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat the same mistakes. I hope I'm not talking to a teenager here.

1698 days ago


ya, we all seen whale wars. we know who is really trying to ram who here. its amazing that us Westerns still think we can push our way of living on to others. so if the japs stops eating beef and started demanding that the US and EU stop eating beef, r we really gonna stop or tell them go stick it up where the sun dont shine?

1698 days ago


Oh, really? Japan a maritime nation?
They lost humiliating much at WWII at sea.
Their nation's pride captain, who had twice the fleet of US, lost and he committed suicide because of there's true a Japanese tradition.
There comes to mind that not until Portuguese entered their domain in the Middle Ages, they never wandered far offshore. They never ate fish too.

1698 days ago


What's a bun of retards who have nothing todo but seek fame!!!
Millions of human being are suffering everyday in every continents and They ignored all. Talking about terrorists on the high sea, Sam Shepherd Conservation Society is the one in diguided.

1698 days ago


all these comments prove that American's have no idea what is happening. Japenese Whaling "research" Vessals are killing Whales not only in INTERNATIONAL WATERS but also AUSTRALIAN WATERS>
This is the main reason why the Sea Shephard Conservation Society was created. They are Killing innocent AUSTRALIAN Whales for their "Research" Purposes. . . . This is not right. I suggest if you believe that the Japenese is doing the right thing to look at youtube at all the different videos that have been put up and you can clearly see that it is the Japenese that is instigating all of these attacks on the Sea Shephard Vessels, the "Bob Barker" the "Steve Urwin"! They are only there protecting the Whales as they are unable to do it themselves.
Again >>>> they are killing whales in AUSTRLIAN WATERS - This is illegal to Australian Maritime Laws. Our Conservation Teams are working around the clock to get this "Research" to stop!

1698 days ago

Kranky Kritters    

Whales are bigger then humans thus are more important. And everyone knows japanese are smaller people, so they are less humans then us australians, u mite say i am racest but my point is flawless.

1698 days ago


only thing I hate more than people killing whales for no reason, is hippie vegan hipsters acting like terrorist douchebags on a boat

1697 days ago


tony, you sound like a completely, ignorant moron.

1697 days ago
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