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Bob Barker Rammed at Sea -- Great Video

2/6/2010 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The anti-whaling boat Bob Barker was rammed on the high seas early this morning during a showdown with a vessel piloted by an allegedly illegal whaling crew.

According to the Sam Shepherd Conservation Society, the B.B. was blocking the shipway of a Japanese whaling fleet's factory ship when the collision occurred. One of the Japanese boats slammed into the Bob Barker, creating "a 3-foot long 4-inch deep gash in the mid starboard side."

No one was injured.

The boat was retrofitted thanks to a $5 million donation from Bob Barker, thus the name.


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There's over 6 billion Humans on the planet, the only reason any of them are at risk of being killed, starved, maimed, and all that other bad stuff is because other more better off humans have made & engineered it that way. If anything, more should be done to prevent humans from procreating, so don't whine about helping humans first.

Sure the Sea Shepherds are criminals, but they are criminals of passion fighting criminals of profit. They know what they are getting themselves into when they sign on, and now, so do the Japanese whalers. So stop whining about someone getting killed or hurt. I'd rather die for something I believe in than to go on living for nothing. If you can't relate, you are a coward.

And if you are all torn up about obeying laws, the only laws that matter are life liberty and freedom. All else are only rules, and just because something is a rule doesn't make it right.

And lastly

Many of the comments above perceived negative to the Sea Shepperd Society were most likely written by Japanese hired Internet PR agents to give the illusion of a negative public opinion. The public doesn't even support the killing of whales and dolphins in Japan, it is just too profitable for a certain few to care.

1718 days ago

The Treasure Hunter    

I have to presume that the Bob Barker crew was holding the camera. Japan skirts the laws by doing "research" the research vessel was on a steady course. the vessel that had the camera presumably the Bob Barker can bee seen healing to starboard trying to hit the research vesseThe Whalers)l. the Research vessle can be seen trying to avoide a collision this pic actually shows the Bob Barker engaging as the agressor. watch it study it.

608 days ago
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