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Warren Sapp

Arrested for

Domestic Battery

2/6/2010 8:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0206_warren_sapp_mugFormer NFL star Warren Sapp was arrested by Miami Beach police this afternoon and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery stemming from an allegedly violent confrontation with his girlfriend.

According to the Miami Beach Police Department, Sapp is accused of attacking his girlfriend of two years at around 5:00 AM Saturday at the Shore Club Hotel.

According to the arrest report, the alleged victim had "a swollen right knee and bruises on the back of her neck."

She claims Sapp allowed her to sleep in his hotel room -- then came into the room early in the morning and pulled her out of bed. The alleged victim says they began arguing about guys she was hanging out with earlier Friday night.

Sapp's girlfriend told cops that during the argument Sapp "grabbed her and began to choke her." He eventually threw her out of the room, she claims.

When cops spoke to Sapp, he told them he had allowed the woman to stay in his room -- but later on decided he wanted her to leave because "he was expecting company." He told police he was trying to help her and she fell.

Sapp is in Miami for the Super Bowl and serves as an analyst for the NFL Network and on Showtime's "Inside the NFL."

The NFL Network released a statement saying they were aware of the incident and that Sapp will not appear on the NFL Network until they review the matter.

Sapp is scheduled to co-host an event at BED Miami tonight. They tell us they haven't heard about the incident and, as of now, everything is still a go. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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#53 and #67, the NFL ruled that Sapp's hit was legal. I saw the game, and the guy just did not see the freight train running straight at him and took a major hit. But legal.

I am from Tampa, and the only times I met Warren Sapp were the times he showed up at the children's cancer ward (where I was a nurse) with video games and toys, unannounced and unheralded. He spent time with these children, and it meant so much to them. This was when he was in his heyday as a Buc. Let's not trash the man until he has his day in court.

And WHAT is with the racism and sexism?? Trolls I hope.

1685 days ago


I read that it was a girl named GreenEyedMammi there is a story about it on BSO. http://blacksportsonline.com/home/index.php/2010/02/bso-exclusive-pictures-of-warren-sapp-accuser/

I follow them both on twitter, she is really nice. It is a shame that he would put his hands on her. I hope she is okay!

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/02/07/warren-sapp-released-bail-miami-domestic-violence/1#c25306937#ixzz0esg9sV1t

1685 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Steroids win out once again!

1685 days ago


I will always remember Sapp as the guy that pulled Jerry Rice down by the facemask on a reverse in Tampa and broke his consecutive games streak. He is a PIG! When and how he played and now that he thinks he is some TV "star"! I have heard him on The Dan Patrick Show and he is an egotistical prick.

Thank the Laws of Karma!!!! Rice just got more good news this weekend!

1685 days ago


once a loser, always a loser

1685 days ago


Well I cant say that I didnt see this coming, but come on! When you're a football player making millions, why do you always have to make dumb decisions?


1685 days ago


Are we surprised? Come on people...this man falsified a paternity test for his own child (sent someone else to take the blood test in his place). ANYONE that denies is own blood...has got some issues. I was shocked that he got an analyst job in the first place. "Expecting company?" How classy.

1685 days ago

Candy Winks    


WOW......... Geeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It looks like friends of friends like to beat girls up!!!!! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

That SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

All his other friends beat up there girls friends too........ NOT GOOD BOYS! NOT GOOD at all.


This is the best news to hear. The BEST news ever to hear.

1684 days ago


Before crucifying him in public, let the story take it's course, it won't be the first time a sports figure has been accused, rightly or wrongly of something....

1684 days ago

Candy Winks    

Warren Sapp is BEST friends with the guy who beat up his girlfriend for 1 and 1/2 years. His name is "James Daren Metropoulos." It seems like this is how those boys role.......... They must think its O.K. to BEAT up women.
Seems like the Brothers sapp and Metropoulos Bro's like to beat there women for fun or just because they are so f*cked up on DRUGS!!!!!!!! Geeeeezzzzzzzzz..................

1683 days ago

Candy Winks    

Domestic Violence:

1. Very Jealous - They do not like when you spend time with Anyone else!!
A. He accused you of things you didn't do.
B. You found yourself making excuses or lying to your family, Friends to keep him from getting

2. Pattern's - His ANGER slowly builds, Than comes "accusations" or "Belittling"
Usually there is a "Blowup" or "argument" with "name calling" or "passing Blame."

3. Isolation equals control!
A. They do not like when you spend time with ANYONE else!

4. Emotional Abuse - is about POWER and CONTROL!!
A. its about using whatever means necessary to make another feel "inferior" or "Dependent."
using FEAR to INTIMIDATE!!!!!!

Stand up for what is Right!!!!!
Find your voice and not be voiceless,
exert your power and not be powerless,
fight back!!!!!

"Don't tolerate it for a single day or even a single minute."

* Domestic Violence only happens in poor family's: There is NO evidence that suggests that any income level, occupation social class, or culture is immune from Domestic Violence. WEALTHY, educated, professionals are just as prone to Violence as anyone *

Remember that LADY'S
much LOVE,
A Victim of Domestic Violence

1683 days ago

Candy Winks    

Be careful of your thoughts,
for your thoughts become your words;
Be careful of your words;
for your words become your deeds;
Be careful of your deeds,
for your deeds become your habits;
Be careful of your habits,
for your habits become your character;
Be careful of your character,
for your character becomes your destiny......


1682 days ago


this is what i dont understand about the NFL NETWORK trying to look moral of not letting SAPP broadcast. they replace him with MICHAEL IRVIN THE CRACK HEAD not once or twice but about 5x violation and the last time he was taking the crack pipe from his friend so he could have it when he drop him off at home. WHAT THE HE....

1682 days ago

Candy Winks    

Crying is health.
Crying is a sign that you have emotions.
Crying is a sign that you have feelings.
Crying is a sign that you are normal.
Don't be afraid to cry.
Crying is a sign of suppressing anger.
Don't be afraid to cry.
It is a means of communication.
It is language which can be understood.
Crying is to raise alarm.
Crying can spare you from danger.
Don't be afraid to cry.
It is all yours my darling

1682 days ago


Sapp cant find a guy to beat up on?

1681 days ago
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