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Jon Gosselin Too Broke to Fight TLC

2/7/2010 3:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin doesn't have enough dough to fight TLC over the breach of contract lawsuit the network filed against him ... sources close to the case tell TMZ.

Jon Gosselin

Our sources say Jon is now looking for a way to settle the suit due to his lack of funds to fight it -- especially after TLC won an injunction prohibiting Jon from violating the non-compete clause in his contract ... which means he can't make money by appearing on other shows.

We're told the only way the network will agree to settle is if Gosselin agrees to abide by the terms of his contract -- no exceptions.

We've yet to hear back from Jon's people.


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It would seem that the idiot signed a contract with TLC and then decided he wouldn't honor it. Not a smart move on his part. You play - you pay, as the saying goes. He deserves whatever he gets, or doesn't get.

1718 days ago

robin smith    

Bianca, you go girl..

These people , especially #10, have no clue to the TRUTH. Kate is living too HIGH and has been. GREED, broke up the family. Jon was right. the kids should be off tv. They started kindergarden and it is perfect timing. Let them be kids. They all wouldn't have to worry about MONEY if they didn't spend soo much. PS, Ed Hardy's clothes were ugly but FREE! TLC has always let Kate do all kinds of shows but not jon. SO SO sad...

1718 days ago


Jon is a dumb azz. Everybody else saw this one coming, you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Jon should have kept his big mouth shut and collected the dough. Jon you are officially one of the biggest idiots on the planet.

1718 days ago


You can sure tell the posts that are from those old geezers from Radar. Can smell them from here!!!!

1718 days ago


TLC and John & Kate
Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a Douchbag one.
Be he alive or be he dead, they will grind eight souls to make their bread.

1718 days ago


1718 days ago


u signed a CONTRACT, respect it.

1718 days ago

Kate's night out, tipsy?
Both exploit their kids along with TLC.

1718 days ago


LET THE DIPWAD GET A NORMAL JOB LIKE THE REST OF US! What was he before, like an IT guy? Why the hell is he now magically too good for anything short of celebrity life? If they hadn't won the "Jon & Kate + 8" lottery, he'd probably be working 3 jobs to pay for all those kids. I'd love to send both him and Kate right back into real life.

1718 days ago


Okay..i know people hate him. i know that he might have made some stupid discisions..and yes, his wife needs a hair transplant in the worst way..but TLC is at fault. They have reunied this family in ways no one can explain. if it was not for all the 'extra' people involved these two people might have fixed what they needed to fix for the kids. I HATE THAT CHANNEL.. they are at fault.

1718 days ago



What an idiot for thinking he could go up against a conglomerate corporation like TLC.

He's worse off than before:
- He's prohibited from earning any money from anyone other than TLC;
- TLC won't put him on any of their shows for the remainder of his contract;

Equals: BROKE !!


1718 days ago


TLC is not at fault w/Jon/kate divorce..Jon/kate got a wonderful offer to make money,but they let it go to their head..I think Kate realized she didn't need Jon after Jon cheated on her..The both of them signed a contract,and when Jon moved out there were no reason for Jon to be filmed with Kate&the children ..Jon got mad and broke his contract & I hope TLC will pursue the suit to teach Jon that he needs to grow up......

1718 days ago


#71 how in the hell is it cheating if you get kicked out to live above the garage? I call that separated! Kate cheated too when she started with her bodyguard!!!!!! Wow where have you been under Kates skirt?

1718 days ago


I appears Jon is pretty screwed. He was bullied by Kateand now by TLC. He made some pretty stupid decisions and I hope he can recover.

1718 days ago


Kate never cheated on Jon..Jon should have thought things threw before he broke the contract,but he thought he was MACHO MAN against TLC...

1718 days ago
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