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Jon Gosselin Too Broke to Fight TLC

2/7/2010 3:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin doesn't have enough dough to fight TLC over the breach of contract lawsuit the network filed against him ... sources close to the case tell TMZ.

Jon Gosselin

Our sources say Jon is now looking for a way to settle the suit due to his lack of funds to fight it -- especially after TLC won an injunction prohibiting Jon from violating the non-compete clause in his contract ... which means he can't make money by appearing on other shows.

We're told the only way the network will agree to settle is if Gosselin agrees to abide by the terms of his contract -- no exceptions.

We've yet to hear back from Jon's people.


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Jon is a fool! Goof! and ass*ole!!!That’s just Jon! An Idiot!

1697 days ago


Jon asked for this. He thought he could have his cake and eat it too. Unfortunately he did not think far ahead enough!! What an idiot!

1697 days ago


Its a simple case of mistaken identity, Jon Gosselin thought he was somebody but he is not. LoL =)

1697 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Jon is a 100% grade "A" a$$hole.

He grandstanded by saying that TV filming was detrimental to his kids. Nowe his moral compass changes direction now that he's flat busted broke?

Please. Homeboy needs a real job to start paying that child support.

1697 days ago


Seriously!? He is keeping TLC from parading his kids in front of the camera! He hasn't made any public appearances since they threatened him and they want him to allow his children to be taped, which is what this suit is about. I'm in Jon's corner on this one. He's the father, not TLC. If he doesn't want his children on television he has every right to bar TLC from doing so.

1697 days ago



1697 days ago


Jon did bar TLC from filmimg his children ,but now the idiot will let TLC film the children if they will drop the suit against him..Jon uses the children to finish his dirty work..Now what kind of dad is that??

1697 days ago


Karma (#63)-I hope you're not seriously suggesting that Kate's responsible for the weather.

1697 days ago


Jon is getting just what he deserves. I guess the public does not undertand contract law. Jon signed along with Kate and when he wanted out he broke the contract. It's very basic law 101. Hell, I could try the case but Jon has to repair the apt in NY first. Morgan's family is in for a very long time of child support!!!

1697 days ago


Bianca- Jon was behaving improperly before this TLC contract was signed. TLC included a morality clause in their contract which Jon did not honor. Jon is a "big boy" and is capable of reading what he signed. Jon did not honor a contract, his wife or family seems to be more important than anyone's interpretation of the man being taken advantage of by the network or Kate. The fact is the man is looking for an easy way out to make money and does not care who is inconvenienced including his children. Jon is known to have made the comment to a coworker that after the tv deal he would never have to work again. The guy is not a normal responsible parent. Most parents would do anything they could to protect and support their children. Want a real litmus test for Jon? Look at how he has treated his girlfriends since Kate and the statements that he made about his family and life. He is a Peter Pan who cannot grow up.

1697 days ago


Maggie, Yes don't you know that Kate should be home anticipating every snowstorm that MIGHT happen in Pennsylvania ?

#63 Karma ... for the record I live in PA and we did not get one flake of snow from the storm this past weekend, the storm didn't touch much of the state. Even if we had gotten hit by the snow, we somehow manage to still "go outside".

If Jon relents and allows the kids to be filmed for his wallet, I can't imagine how the GWOP gang will twist that one in his favor ;)

1697 days ago


Anybody with half a brain knew that Jon Gosselin could not expect to take on the big guns of TLC and come out a winner. Even his sleazy lawyer should have known that. But the lawyer got greedy and Jon got caught up in his pathetic perception of himself as a big celebrity and his belief that he could make even bigger bucks than TLC was paying him. $22,000 a week was not enough? Pretty good paycheck for just staying home to play with your kids, if you ask me. He blew it big time. He's probaly close to being flat broke and is now resorting to going to the hospitality suites at Sundance to grab as many freebies he could. And NOW he's willing to allow TLC to resume filming his kids if they drop the lawsuit? So much for the "best interest" of his kids. He would sell his soul to the devil if the price was right! He is a pathetic, lazy dirtbag. His kids deserve better!

1692 days ago


Hey that means TLC is free to sell the kids again, with KATE trying to make it HER show. Don't forget all that MONEY so she can NOW feed her kids.

1688 days ago


You kno John wasn't man enough to stand up to her and he could of done it in the right way!He played on his weakness.I remember an employer saying all he did at his job was look for free stuff on the computor so he had no choice but to fire him.He also said Jon NEVER did his share of work and if he did it had to be redone the next day.Also he would try to pawn it off on other empolyees.
He is a man that doesn't want to work and used his weakness to slack off.No man is that dumb, like I said it was his way out.He broke his contract,got what he deserved ,then he tried to distroy Kate's.He thought he was this hot playboy ,women and fancy cars,he has gone through all now he wants the kids so Kate will once again pay his way because no way he could work with the kids!Kate is working and doing well and he can't stand that.I don't care for her personilty either but she is working and caring for her children and I so admire her for that!! Besides they didn't go after TLC ,TLC came to them and oftered a way for them to raise the children.You can say you wouldn't but most ppl would jump on that being able to be home with your children and plenty of money to live on and put your children through college.Knowing what we do now we would turn it down. But no one knew it would turn out this way.Give her credit for what she is trying to do! He needs to get a real job.

1624 days ago
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