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Sarah Palin's Hand Gets Job Done

2/7/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin was back in 10th grade biology class yesterday -- using cheat notes on her hand during the Q&A following her speech at the Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

Sarah Palin
Cheaters never prosper.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.


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OBVIOUSLY, none of you IDIOTS saw the speech, which I just finished watching in its entirety.

SHE WAS READING A PREPARED SPEECH FROM NOTECARDS THROUGH THE WHOLE THING! It was annoying because 3/4 of the time, all you see is the top of her head as she is looking down to find her place in the PREPARED (by someone else, I'm sure!) speech!

And if that moron can't remember six lousy words and has to write them on her hand like she's 14 years old, that just shows how stupid she is. The questions were scripted, also!

At least our President can answer genuine Town Hall questions on his feet and doesn't have to be sent the questions weeks ahead of time so he can prepare his answers!

So, she uses a low tech teleprompter. The President uses a high tech one.


1628 days ago


You know when you are in trouble when some of the left wing loons are starting to turn on you, like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart they have a man crush on him. Maher said this is not what I voted for, needs to stop being a celebrity and start being a president.

1628 days ago


I don't care for Sarah Palin one bit... but if you look closely you can tell that it is just topics she wants to remember to cover.
The words energy, tea (for tea party) Lift A Sanctions

If she were cheating she would have written down names she was afraid she'd mispronounce or forget etc.

So Huffington Post go back to the drawing board and find something more interesting than that. I'm sure you won't have to try much harder to find SOMETHING.
Geez you act like you have a smoking gun. lol

1628 days ago


Its so easy to see WHY obama got elected, the publich is so damn gullible its sickening. Only a moron would actually be she wrote on her hands for this. Especially when its coming from the Huffington Post! I am no Palin supporter but people, really, you need to wake up & get a grip. Hollywood, start paying your taxes & stop trying to dabble in politics, please. LOL, Harvey-and i thought you were so much smarter then this...Gotta love Photo Shop!

1628 days ago


Oh, I forgot...

Dear TMZ,

Don't ever use the words "Sarah" "Palin" "hand" and/or "job" in the same sentence ever again. Please and thank you.


Your Fans

1628 days ago


TMZ, why don't you at least exercise enough judgment to stick to pictures of Lindsay Lohan drunk instead of trying a foray into politics? You don't have the smarts for this.

So a quick note on your hand rather than putting your hourlong speech on a TelePrompTer makes a "cheater"?

Coupled with the oh-so-clever "hand job" headline, your towering intellect is on display for the world to see. Aren't you a little embarassed?

1628 days ago


At least she can talk without using a teleprompter. That man from Kenya living in the white house can't talk to sixth graders without a teleprompter & doesn't even know how many states we have. He also mispronounced corpsman three times last week, all within the same speech. This man was hired to protect Americans but is instead providing lawyers to terrorist & sucking up to our enemies.

1628 days ago

L *O* L    

They're *talking points*...not cheating notes. Please. You need to write down topic points you want to address when you're not talking through a TELEPROMPTER constantly. Give it up, losers.

1628 days ago


She's so "genuine", "intelligent", "all-American" that she was busted this week for TAX EVASION!!!! YUP! Sweet Little Sarah hasn't been paying her PROPERTY TAXES for YEARS!!!!

1628 days ago


Sarah, repeat after me ..... "THE TELEPROMPTER IS MY FRIEND".

1628 days ago

California Justise    

Ya, guess it would have been more "intellectual" & "presidential" to use teleprompters instead! I mean to be a great intellectual leader you can't even talk to 4th graders without 4 teleprompters and writers telling you what to say. (At least not without saying uh, umm every other word)

1628 days ago


Are you kidding me? Obozo can't say 2 words without looking down at his notes or up to his teleprompter. . . . Obozo is a joke & needs to be impeached. Today!!!!!! Wake up people. Palin is more American than Obozo will ever be.

1628 days ago


These were probably last minute thoughts. So What. Obama needs a telepromter to recite his entire speech.

1628 days ago


Sara Palin... Taylor Swift... Tiger Woods... Bush... it scares me to think that we such low standards in our society today! Oh, by the way, I say Woods because he sold himself off to us as something he really is not. Swift... the same reason, she can't sing, her records are good because of technology (hell we can all do that), Bush / Palin... just jokes... we all know it, it would be a waste of time!

1628 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I see a million morons in this talkback have mentioned teleprompters...but that's precisely why the chicken scratch on her palms is so hypocritical. She blasted O for using teleprompters...yet she has scribbled notes on her palms...if she's going to go after Obama...she should go after something with substance instead of straw men.

1628 days ago
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