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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Sue over Split Story

2/8/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will sue News of the World for reporting the couple was splitting up.

It's pretty clear News of the World was wrong. Exhibit A: This pic of the couple making out at the Super Bowl.

The tabloid published a report January 24 that Pitt and Jolie had called it quits and agreed to custody and property division.

The London lawyers for Pitt and Jolie, Keith Schillings, called the report a "false and intrusive allegation."

Schillings said News of the World refused to retract the story.


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This is classic J-Pitt PR. Be seen and photographed at the Superbowl, then sue the next day. They are disgusting and deserve each other.

1663 days ago

Murray's lips    

Yeah, they didn't know there was a camera on them or anything. Who kisses like that at a football game?

1663 days ago


it looks over the top. looks like they were doing it on purpose.

1663 days ago

It's All About Me    

good for them. More celebs should sue these stupid tabloids. They print utterly made up garbage to sell papers. I hope the laws are more stringent in the UK.

1663 days ago


They did the pics at the Superbowl on purpose so they could sue the very next day.

Next she will say she is doing it for some Haitian village and that their self-indulgent cause is noble.

1663 days ago


Guess they will be suing all the American rags, too, since there are stories about them splitting up in all of them!!!

1663 days ago


Brad&Angie sure don't have any respect for the other people around them,Plus if there children around ...I wonder where the other ADOPTED SON? at they never take him out, it always Maddox...FOOLS GET A ROOM.....

1663 days ago


I remember when my husband got excited about the Patriots finally winning the Super Bowl after all those years. It's football, man!

Good to hear the Jolie-Pitts are suing that rag. The other tabloids should issue an apology as well as the MSM. Wonder who the real sources were for the story? Some one needing to get their client's romcom promoted?

1663 days ago


What a fake photo!!! Smacks of desperation the way they are holding each other. SHe probably told him to "kiss me like you really mean it so we can throw off the gossips and then sue tomorrow!" Remember: they are actors....what's another fake kiss between actors. I heard that she is about to start a movie with I believe Johnny Depp. And we all know how she goes after her leading men like a black widow spider!!!

1663 days ago


How gross - poor Maddox. I wouldn't touch Pitt with that nasty sh-t hanging off his chin. Blech. They NEVER do the PDA thing, what a crock. I cannot wait for them to be publically done I can't stand either one of them.

1663 days ago


I'd like to pull that hat off his head and beat them both to death with it!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW

1663 days ago


PLEASE FADE AWAY INTO OBSCURITY - These two make me sick - Over done PDA for the camera - they fight, they make up, they sue - I can't stand these two POSERS. SICKENING.

1663 days ago


It would be so awesome if the tabloid pulled out copies of the paperwork and the court found reasonable basis for the story.

To see Brad and Ang lose on this would be very funny.

1663 days ago


Please, there's been so many recent pics of them on red carpets & they're never this "happy." This is clearly a case of "lets pretend we're happy." Like others have said, if them breaking up is a lie then why sue. It's not like the story is really hurting them or their family.

1663 days ago


these 2 morons deserve each other i feel for the kids 2 lunatics for so called parents CPS needs to get on that....

1663 days ago
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