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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Sue over Split Story

2/8/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will sue News of the World for reporting the couple was splitting up.

It's pretty clear News of the World was wrong. Exhibit A: This pic of the couple making out at the Super Bowl.

The tabloid published a report January 24 that Pitt and Jolie had called it quits and agreed to custody and property division.

The London lawyers for Pitt and Jolie, Keith Schillings, called the report a "false and intrusive allegation."

Schillings said News of the World refused to retract the story.


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Considering how basically cute Brad is, if he shaved off that terrible beard, I think he'd still look pretty good.

1685 days ago

Politico Pablo    

You think they knew cameras just might be on them in that sky box?

1685 days ago


Lol, this picture struck a nerve with ALOT of commenters.

1685 days ago


good for them. I would feel so sorry for the poor little children if they broke up. I hope they stay together forever. They are perfect for each other. (both rebels when younger, intellegent, hardworking and beautiful)
I dont even want to put out any money anymore on those mags...they are a waste of money because they make up lies and innuendos to sell copies!

1685 days ago


I wonder why and how TMZ never touched this story and yet, said, they were not breaking up.

Question is, is Harvey friends with them?!?!??!?!
Makes me wonder how he can state as fact, they are NOT breaking up?!?!

1685 days ago


Good to see they are finally sueing! I was hoping they would. It's so sad that people root for them to break up. Besides, you really think they need the publicity of fake, staged pictures? You think they really are that desperate for attention? Please. They are movie stars, if anything breaking up would give them more publicity than staying together. think about it, all the rumors and stories that always accompany celebrity couples that break up "Who will they date next, who gets what, who cheated on who."
The reason they decided to sue now is probably that their kids are getting to an age when they can read and understand the tabloids. If they don't at least try to put a stop to it they will have this happen over and over again. Imagine how upsetting it is for an 8 year old to read that his parents are breaking all the time. they'll win and probably donate the cash to charity.
Besides, the New of the World has a bad reputation for making stories up, as do in touch, us and all the other rags.

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


After all that Brad and Angie did for NOLA, lived there and seen the damage up close...after 43 years, THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS grabbed the Super Bowl Ring! I bet a lot of couples kissed, (that didn't have cameras on them), many Super Bowl babies will born in 9 months...
Apparently, the legal thing never even happened as the lawyer denied even knowing them, and this rag prints all that crap. Wouldn't you sue too after every rag and TV news show reports as truth? Enough is enough of the lies. There are 6 children involved here, go find your ratings else where. Huvane and Halperin, go find another way to promote yourself or client.

1685 days ago


Can't wait for the real story in 3 months.

1685 days ago


Totally fake. I bet they will say they are going to donate the money they get from the lawsuit to charity. So, everyone can say "oh aren't they the best? And in love." Please, fake a** b***es.

1685 days ago


Who gives a rats-ass

1685 days ago


"CLAP" "CLAP" "CLAP" What a show!! Seriously, who in there right mind makes out in publc and ignores there son! Skankie, why do you feel that you have to prove to the world that your still together! I keep telling you all she is a great actress!! Skankie you deserve an OSCAR!! This is a sicko trying really hard to make you all believe that they are still going strong!!

1685 days ago


I'm always suspicious of major PDA's - especially when the couple has been together as long as they have. Sort of like "the couple doth protest too much".

1685 days ago


They were making out at the superbowl? Good golly, what "old married (or shacking up) couple makes out at the superbowl? Looks like a public display to me.

I read recently that the split up rumors are definitely true. There are nannies and workers who confirm them, and that the nannies do all the child tending except what you see for public display.

Perhaps they think it will be bad for their careers if the split up rumors continue.

1685 days ago


I'm so sick of these two and I'm surprised that TMZ will kiss these two butts. Come on TMZ, you're better then that.

Why bother suing? So are they saying that any other time there was a split story, it was true? What about all those stories that Jolie was a crack head, is that true? Was Brad really trying to get Aniston back? If not, why not sue than?

Again, it sounds like a cover because they both have movies out.

These two are the biggest hollywood fakes there is in the business.

1685 days ago
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