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Med Board Goes After Murray with a Vengeance

2/8/2010 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is a "danger to the public" -- according to the medical board that licensed him to practice medicine in California.

Medical Board docs: Click to launch

According to documents filed with the court, the Medical Board of California believes Murray showed, "utter disregard for the care and well-being of the persons entrusted to his care" -- namely, Michael Jackson.

The Board wants the judge to step in because it takes the Medical Board a long time to yank a doctor's license.

In the end, the judge ordered Dr. Murray not to administer anesthetics, including Propofol.

The judge will hear the Medical Board's request to suspend Dr. Murray's license as a bail condition in a few weeks.


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#147 justiceformurraynotmj

I totally agree with everything you stated in your post, i have been doing the very thing you suggest as have many of us. However we feel there is a massive coverup in action.
The propofol can only get in the stomach medical experts have said by drinking it. Jacksons body was saturated in the stuff. It is not a drug to take oraly so how the hell did it get there, was it shoved down his throat while he was out with the massive amounts of sedatives he was given before hand??
No one is reporting this stuff. He had more propofol in his system than is required for major surgery... This doesnt seem like an accident, it was given continuously!!
Why is no one shouting, the Jacksons are shouting this very thing.
Its with intent and its reckless!!

1720 days ago


Propofol is given continuously via IV.

1720 days ago


Propofol was continuously administered intravenously

1720 days ago


in this judgement no one acted in defense of Michael?
Where was Kenny Ortega? one of the last people who saw Michael....too many things without understanding

1720 days ago

For Sure    

Good morning all:

Off to work ...early we are expecting another 8-12 inches over the 12 we just had... OMG this is going to be a tough year...

IMHO = in my humble opinion

sometime my opinions are humble sometimes they are not!!! lol!

Just kidding!!!

1720 days ago


Well done today, TMZ.....hope you see this message as it's first time I've paid you a compliment, lol.
Too much going on today to catch up on all the posts, however keep remembering that Murray illegally (not in a hospital setting) filled Michael up with propofol and other drugs AND HE THEN LEFT THE PREMISES FOR FOUR HOURS, during which time Michael died. Keep remembering that and spreading it until the damn media can't ignore it any longer.
You heard someone yelling it in the crowd today asking the media why they weren't reporting it!!
If this was involuntary manslaughter then the law is an friggin'ass.

1720 days ago


Laterz board long day today....its 11:46pm here...

Things aren't what they seem..there's always more than meets the eye...

Love you Michael Joe Jackson...all for L.O.V.E...

the TRUTH is out there...

Keep talking Jackson family the more you do the more you confirm...

I beLIEve

1720 days ago


Umm, what does it take to get a medical license revoked by the AMA?
Where is justice?

1720 days ago


Obviously in the court of public opinion this man is guilty, but lets wait to see what the prosecutors have to offer up because it seems that the charges are not what was expected by all the mj fans here.

Sadly, Dr. Murray is really only guilty of being a Yes man to a known drug addict. If Dr. Murray were treating any other person surely he would have never given in to the patients demands for all the drugs that were present at the home.

Michael Jackson was a drug addict long before Dr. Murray came into the picture. Mj was getting all the drugs he wanted for years. Its not like Dr. Murray came into MJ's life and said okay, lets see, hhmmm, I think you should take 10 different sedatives to help you sleep. It was MJ who begged for the drugs, he was well aware of these drugs long before the doctor.

If they are charging Dr. Murray I would have liked to see all the other doctors who had treated MJ over the years, you know, the one's who got him addicted to every drug known to man.

And if you really think about it, this is happening all over the country. There is a prescription drug epidemic happening in every corner of this country. So when those patients are dropping dead from overdoses, why aren't those doctors being prosecuted ? Why aren't those doctors being slaughtered for all the world to see ? Why are they getting away with killing anyone ?

Why is Dr. Murray the only doctor in the entire country who being used as a scapegoat because God forbid anyone really place the blame where it belongs. Michael Jackson was a drug addict, pure and simple and it was Michael Jackson begging this doctor for all these drugs. Michael Jackson knew the risks, he had people telling him the risks long before he killed himself. So why is Dr. Murray the only one is the cause of Michael Jackson's death ? What about Dr. Klein who probably gave MJ more drugs and got him hooked ?

Fair is fair, why didn't this investigation take them to these other doctors who all have blood on their hands ? Either their investigation wasn't thorough or these doctors hid MJ's records and all the drugs they were prescribing. Fair is Fair !

And to the fans of MJ, are you people for real ? Wanting to see Dr. Murray dead ? Making threats to kill him ? Wanting him to be thrown in jail never to see the light of day ? Some of you are real fruitcakes to want something so terrible to happen to another humanbeing. The only mistake Dr. Murray made was that he made a deal with the devil !!! Stop pointing the finger at Dr. Murray and point it at the real source of MJ's death, and that would be MJ himself. He was a manipulating, drug addict. They are a dime a dozen.....

1720 days ago


Hi susie,

tmz are doing the same to me,just as i was about to bed i noticed your posts...abd have been trying to reply since

after i read the autopsy reports it made me beLIEve more..Michaels real name is not stated...

3 different names on different pages...

To my understanding the name should be the same on each page...this reort could be very invalid

I am finding more and more inconsistencies and LIEs along the way...

Alot of corruption involved also..its cool susie..we are all free to think.feel and beLIEve what we want and respect each other for that to

i know wherever Michael is he is smiling and watching us...

I hope he is getting rest....

you take care sweety and will see you later today,

keep the faith...god bless,

one L.O.V.E Australia...

things aren't always what they seem.....mwaz..hugs lankan

1720 days ago


I honestly don’t understand why you people keep calling MJ a drug addict when his autopsy report clearly stated he was healthy, and not to mention he passed his physical for AEG as well as a drug test for his nurse cheryl Lee..He was a CHRONIC INSOMINIAC, not an addict. Unless michael told Murray, “give me lethal amounts of propofol and then leave me unattended for 30 minutes so I can die”, then its not his fault. Michael hired this guy to take care of him, not kill him. He didn’t hire murray to feed him drugs and enable him, morons. He hired murray because he was a 50 year old man with many health problems doing a 50 concert tour, and he needed a docter to take care of him...

1720 days ago


The NEGLIGENCE of some doctors cause many inconveniences to other medical professionals.

Personal opinion:

The result of this verdict almost "allows" to another physician to act in the same way that made Murray (the dictum is NO guilty ), therefore Ladies and Gentlemen, the cuestion is something thorny

1720 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

Good! He needs his license revoking. He is a danger to people as long as he has a syringe in his hands.

1720 days ago


inma post 151, there is nothing else to be said about michael jackson after seeing that video!!! he was truly an amazing person and father, and no matter what the future holds for doc murray or the media, there will never be a more devoted man with the soul that he had full of love and kindness for others and his love for his children will be treasured by them for the rest of there lifes!!! thankyou so much for sharing that part of michaels life with us!!!! sue from tampa

1720 days ago

i miss MJ    

im just curious...what was a yellow toy car doing on the judges bench, and what also appears to be a yellow fake sunflower? and when the cameras are watching the family enter and leave the courts, there is on main camera that gets EVERYTHING on film. and i mean EVERYTHING. something seems really odd. not to mention the verdict of the judge himself, who orders dr not to use propofal. not to administer, but not to USE. this is completely weird.

1720 days ago
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