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Med Board Goes After Murray with a Vengeance

2/8/2010 8:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is a "danger to the public" -- according to the medical board that licensed him to practice medicine in California.

Medical Board docs: Click to launch

According to documents filed with the court, the Medical Board of California believes Murray showed, "utter disregard for the care and well-being of the persons entrusted to his care" -- namely, Michael Jackson.

The Board wants the judge to step in because it takes the Medical Board a long time to yank a doctor's license.

In the end, the judge ordered Dr. Murray not to administer anesthetics, including Propofol.

The judge will hear the Medical Board's request to suspend Dr. Murray's license as a bail condition in a few weeks.


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They were in it for the money    

Ol Nancy Grace is sure tearing the L.A. DA's a new one!
What is this IV catheter in the left jugular vein? and in the groin area? What the hell is all this? Like Nancy said tonight the DA could have charged him with something much more than involuntary but they chose not to.
Least us believers now know what we have been saying all along. Michael was not an addict, he did have some problems, but hey, he even had active sperm. What do you know! Sheesh!
Quite sad to read that autopsy report it made me tearfully sick to read it, to take it all in, to know this wonderful human being was basically dissected because of this damn idiot Doctors actions and he acted like he couldnt believe people were calling him a murderer...If the shoe fits! Guess the DA didnt need help from the police dept to screw this one up, did they?

1664 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

97. *** lankandiva...good to hear from you...thanks for the link...although I'm not quite sure what to make of that last one...if anything...I try not to "read" too much into everything.

Sure is plenty of territory to cover in here today...finally...some topics worth commenting on!

Take care lankandiva...where is susie?

Posted at 10:23PM on Feb 8th 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

I have a question for you guys that think this is a that there is an OFFICIAL CORONER report..if Michael is not dead who had that???? Your going to tell me that someone else died that was the same weight, with vitiliago, tatoos, same scaring from plastic surgery has Michael did?? Also now there is a charge in do you explain this? Please do not say smoke and mirrors or provide me a link to YOUTUBE I have seen them! I would just like YOUR rational explanation for this then. Thanks

1664 days ago

You're beyond loser    

He's So Dangerous
The Man Is So Dangerous
Took Away My Money
Threw Away My Time
You Could Call Me Sonny
But You're No Damn Good For Me.

The Man Is So Dangerous
I Have To Pray To God
'Cause I Know How
Trust Can Blind
It's The Friendship in In My Soul
But You're No Damn Doctor
Friend Of Mine.

1664 days ago

And thats the truth    

84. @Hi Tellitlikeitis,Della,

I found another interesting pianogames why was a book published on june 24th 2009 about Michael Jacksons death?he was meant to have died on june 25th 2009,so many LIES...roflmfao...WOW..enjoy:)

Posted at 9:18PM on Feb 8th 2010 by lankandiva:POSSIBLE DEATH HOAX


Ok, check this out. I was keeping tabs on the "This is it" movie because I wanted to see how much monies it made all together. I had gone into Yahoo movies and it was not on the top 10 anymore. I clicked on the box office link on the top of the page and then the browse movies link at the bottom of the page. I then clicked on the letter "T" and scrolled down.

GET THIS: I found "This is it" 2008 listed. It describes Michaels "ill fated" tour of 100 shows in London. If you click on DVD/video info, it will list the date as 4/23/2008. There are 4 ratings for this movie.

Ok, you will not find the 2009 This is it movie by scrolling through the letter "T", you need to type This is it under search Yahoo movies at the top right hand side of the screen. Then you will find 2 listings for that too! Number 3 and number 6. What the heck is going on here?

I can see if they made a mistake on maybe the month or day, but, the month,day, and year? 100 concerts at the O2 arena?

Here is the link:
Check it out for yourself.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

1664 days ago


Micheal Jackson was a drug addict. When you have someone with that much power asking you for drugs you are going to give it to them. If anything his family should be arrested for not helping him sooner. I don't think this doctor should be charged at all. Just an opinion though.

1664 days ago


ive never hated anyone in my i hate this man, murray

1664 days ago


Doctors wonder why people hate them. He should have been charged with second degree murder - wilful or depraved indifference to human life. No brainer he should not be allowed to practice medicine in any of the 50 states. Doctors, like lawyers, do not patrol their own. LA district attorney's office pathetic beyond all belief. They should have their licenses pulled too. Justice is something completely beyond their grasp, it seems. They are so incompetent, they had to go with this wimpy charge just to make sure they would win.

1664 days ago

tammy busby    

I remember about eight months before Michael Jacksons death, he found out that he had alfa 1 antitripsine difincy. Which is a lung dease, which is heritary. I also have this. That doctor clearly should have taken that in to consideration! He killed him! He needs to be put away for life! Like Michaels brother said.... Its not enough!!!

1664 days ago

Big Mouth Joe will TELL ALL    

**that the truth

Go to this link on says 2009 and exactly how much money it made!!!

1664 days ago


He needs to be prevented from ever practicing medicine again.

1664 days ago

And thats the truth    

108. **that the truth

Go to this link on says 2009 and exactly how much money it made!!!

Posted at 11:31PM on Feb 8th 2010 by Rip Michael...........


Thank you :o) I ended up finding the correct one, but, I was shocked when I found the one listed for April of 2008.

There was a movie that Jack Black was to of made called Ye Old times. My husband saw a commercial for it. He noticed bacause if was about the renaissance faire and I make costumes for the :o)

They changed the name of the movie to Alls Faire in love and now David Arquette is in it. The movie has not came out yet, but, it has been in Yahoo movies for at least a year or so...... kind of makes you wonder about the This is it flick that was dated 4/2008.

1663 days ago









1663 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

99. Ol Nancy Grace is sure tearing the L.A. DA's a new one!
What is this IV catheter in the left jugular vein? and in the groin area? ...........

Posted at 10:46PM on Feb 8th 2010 by Wow

Wow...didn't she though! lol

Not really strange re the major jugular and groin veins (superficial femoral vein or common femoral vein...I think?). Michael had bad veins.

I have bad veins, even when young. Sometimes the only way to start an IV on me or even insert a butterfly is through my jugular. isn't a pleasant experience!...Fortunately they've never used a groin vein...that'll happen when I get embalmed! inserting through those veins isn't really strange when you have bad veins that blow out on you.

Have a good evening Wow.

1663 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

Murray is a deadbeat dad - can't take care of his kids, can't take care of patients. For him to continue to enjoy the privileges a medical licence gives is unconscionable.

Posted at 11:14PM on Feb 8th 2010 by MarCanadaForAdam

Wonder how he's going to pay the $75,000 bail.

1663 days ago


@Posted at 12:40AM on Feb 9th 2010 by Tellitlikeitis

Hi Tellitlikeitis,

Did you notice what i posted and doesn't that make a huge difference?

why 3 differetn names???

take care


1663 days ago
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