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Dr. Conrad Murray to Judge -- I'm 'Not Guilty'

2/8/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayMichael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, will plead not guilty Monday morning when he is arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told the plan is for Dr. Murray to arrive at the courthouse 20 - 30 minutes before the arraignment -- which sources tell us will be at 1:30 PM PT. He will surrender voluntarily.

Law enforcement sources tell us 20 L.A. County Sheriff's deputies will be at the courthouse, some of whom will be evident and some who will not. We're told the Sheriff's Department has had its security plan in place for a while, in part because of crowd control concerns and partly because of security issues surrounding Dr. Murray.

We're told there is a concern about Dr. Murray's safety because of intense feeling on the part of some Michael Jackson fans that Dr. Murray killed the singer.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray will be accompanied by a bail bondsman who will post bail -- expected to be $25,000.

Our sources say Dr. Murray will not waive his right to a preliminary hearing.

Following arraignment and booking, we're told Dr. Murray will leave L.A. and go either to Las Vegas or Houston.


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"Intense feelings on behalf of SOME of MJ's fans" !!!!!!

That's an understatement !!!!!!!

1697 days ago


what happened to Joshua Wells???????????

1697 days ago


I pray that we ALL find out the truth concerning MJ's death:

1. Why is AEG paying Dr. Murray's legal bills etc?
2. Who else is involved in MJ's death?
3. Why were they feeding MJ pills/who wanted this dead?
4. Who stands to gain by MJ's death?

Why did Dr. Murray cover up the crime scene for hours if he was so innocent?????


1697 days ago


All of you commenters against what I said, didn't you learn anything in school about the english language? Can't post a view different than your own without being called names, curse words, or idiotic, moron comebacks ? Can't take the truth huh ? And just because my view is different doesn't mean I'm all the lousy words you all used to describe me. I can't laugh hard enough ! Oh wait I need to get another cup of coffee.

#51 by Barbie is the nut cracker
What an original thought ! Wow. I'm impressed. Your mother must be so proud of you.

#60 by erem
Another original thought. At least you know how to spell. Bravo to you for that!

To all you Michael Jackson Fans and To You Who Want Dr. Murray Dead. Not to everyone who made a comment here though. I'm sure there are plenty here who agree with me, just afraid to say thing. Do you really think Michael Jackson cared anything about you people and your lives ? Did he do something so wonderful and magical that it impacted your lives in a great way ? Yes he wrote and sang great songs, can't take that away from him. His video's were unique and fantastic to watch. I was a fan, I bought his music. He was special and unique !

But then the 90's came and after being injured by that fire on his head, he changed. He became addicted to prescription pain killers..He attempted to get clean, but once back out in the world he couldn't help himself and started back on the drugs. Then came the accusation in 1993 and that was the beginning of the end of Michael Jackson's career and the respect I had, had for him. There is no way in this world that he paid off that kid just to make it go away. Twenty-five million dollars is no pocket change, even for someone with money. So he bought his way out of a prison sentence.

Fast forward to 2004 when once again he was accused, but this time the family wasn't looking for a payout, they were looking for justice. This time Michael Jackson had to face the criminal justice system, and his money bought him the best of the best in attorneys. Mesarau created the reasonable doubt necessary to have Michael Jackson walk away a free man. And just because he was found not guilty doesn't mean he didn't do it. It just means he was able to afford an attorney who did a good job. Even the jurors beleived he did something, but the instructions that the jury had to use couldn't convict him.

Fast forward to 2009. By this time Michael Jackson was a full blown drug addict, he needed the medications he was taking, even though they weren't working, he in his sick mind needed to take them, but he needed more and more to get the same affect. I know of no one who uses diprivan as a sedative. He was popping pills to wake up, to stay up, to go to sleep. He was addicted, period. Dr. Murray was in the wrong place at the wrong time, thats one thing he is guilty of. Stars shining in his eyes.

Bottom line, thousands of people are dying every year from prescription overdoses, its a major epidemic in our country. People are taking pills to relieve pain, or to help them sleep in record numbers. Imagine all the doctors who are writing them, its massive and out of control. But you don't read about all those deaths, you don't see these doctor's going to jail for killing their patients. But yet its Michael Jackson's death and its headlines, and Dr. Murray is a criminal who killed Michael Jackson. What Murray did was unethical by medical board standards and should have been censured or had his license revoked for a period of time. But it should have never risen to the level of manslaughter charges, if thats the case then all the doctors who were giving Michael Jackson drugs should have been charged because they are the one's who created the addiction Michael Jackson had. This stuff happens everyday, in every city, and town in this country. Dr. writing prescriptions for drugs that are addictive. But the challenge once the addiction is created is weaning the patients off the medications once there medical neccesity is over. And thats where no one is drawing the line. Doctor's aren't following up once the patient is done being treated. Michael Jackson's addiction was created and he continued abusing the drugs long after they were medically necessary. Michael Jackson is the one who set himself up to die. But using Dr. Murray as the scapegoat isn't going to change the truth. MJ had doctors in is pockets, he had them on speed dial, and he had all yes people around him, including his doctors.

So to want to see Dr. Murray hung out to dry, or to throw him under the bus is just wrong. All you so called fans don't want to look at the truth, that it was Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson alone who caused his own death. He knew the risks and did it anyway.

Should Dr. Murray be held accountable, absolutely, but not by criminal charges, this is a civil court matter, not a criminal cour

1697 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

I hope that he ends up in prison so that he can be forced to take it up the ass. That is justice in my eyes.

1697 days ago


If the arraignment is happening today, why does the story say it's happening tomorrow?

1697 days ago


Mesarau created the reasonable doubt necessary to have Michael Jackson walk away a free man. And just because he was found not guilty doesn't mean he didn't do it. It just means he was able to afford an attorney who did a good job.
Or it just means their shoddy case could hold no water and they had zero proof, despite raiding his house while he wasn't there, despite every and anything the State has done, with its abundant financial resources, to nail him.

Sure, a good team of lawyers helps, so does the mother of the accusuer being untrustworthy, so does their obvious extortion attempt, so does Sneddon trying to nail him the second time as his personal vendetta, so does lots of things, and they STILL ALL FAILED, again despite the financial might and manpower of the State and Sneddon's own power and agenda.

1697 days ago


Geez people drop it already! MJ was innocent and that was proven. Get over it. Murray should be in jail for what he did. Murray knew what he was doing was dangerous and could kill yet he didn't care. He took an oath to protect his patients,I don't believe MJ was a drug addict at the time of his death,he was healthy he just needed some help sleeping because he suffered from severe insomnia. They placed MJ in handcuffs and made him do the "perp walk" they should do the same with Murray! It was also disrespectful for Murray to be at FL. hell he even posed for the cameras!

1697 days ago

charlie sheen    

i think MJ death is a HOAX! Murray will not be found guilty...where is the death certificate,the autopsy report?? plus, the LAPD cheif stepped down to create his own security company. MJ is fooling us all! OMG,TMZ GET REAL!

1697 days ago


i can't believe some of the people here hoax or no hoax this is not how Michael would have wanted people to act. so much for L.O.V.E.

1697 days ago


And HEY don't make fun of Barbie, she's sweet and caring and beautiful. She's also honest !!! And she has more degree's than you fans have letters in your names. You can all hate me, but don't hate what I have to say I have the first amendment to back me up, and I always speak the truth. And its the truth that hurts you all, not me Barbie !

Posted at 9:17AM on Feb 8th 2010 by barbie


i would have agreed with you barbie, but its a shame you don't speak the truth with all those degrees you claim you've got. an elite person will view this situation from a neutral point and back them with facts, but looks like you are already biase against MJ. in your earlier comments you stated that (paraphrasing): the fact that he has been proven 'not guilty' doesnt mean he is 'not guilty'. meaning you still believe he is guilty though there was no substantial evidence to support this claim. so let me ask you this: if the case had been the reverse and he was proven guilty, would you still stick to the believe that 'the fact that he was proven guilty doesnt mean he is guilty' or you will condemn him because all evidence prove that he is guilty?

1697 days ago

charlie sheen    

Micheal Jackson is alive. Stop freaking out! He is fine and his kids have a load of cash. This is all about Tommy Motola and then some. Micheal Jackson isn't DEAD! HE IS ALIVE! WAKEUP! I bet you that this arrangement will not happen today!

1697 days ago


i think mj fans are the best on the planet, they represent love and good will, this doctor represents a hired gun.

1697 days ago


MJ had a lot to say... WATCH AND THEN TELL ME THIS ISNT A HOAX? MJ I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mariah Carey. Hope you all kick Tommy in the family jewel's like he deserve's! YOU ARE DOING IT NOW!

1697 days ago


MJ speak's about Tommy Mottola being a devil and how him and Mariah Carey are planning something big to get him back. He say's that Tommy Mottola stalks MC and spies on her. IT is CRAZY WATCH THIS! TMZ should be doing more for the entertainment industry because all of our greatest actor's and artist are being used and put on drugs. PRINCE HAS ALOT TO SAY! Listen to what Prince say's if you search around. He even said, that MJ is working on something big... Well, THIS IS BIG!

1697 days ago
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