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Drew Brees' Home

A Shrine to a Saint

2/8/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ya think they like Drew Brees in New Orleans?

Saints fans have been rolling over to Drew's place in droves -- leaving signs, trinkets and flowers for the Super Bowl MVP.

No word on what they're leaving on the front doorstep at Peyton Manning's house ...

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Please, in the name of God, give us a break.
After 43 years, we finally have what it takes to make it to the Superbowl, then win it!
No, it was not a fixed game.
Come on now!
Let's be mature about it.
Yes, we were destined to win this year.
Everything has finally gone right for the Saints.
Southeast Louisiana is a very prayerful place.
Drew Brees and Sean Peyton are prayerful people as well.
It is through the grace of God that the Saints won the Superbowl.
Be mad if God if you will.
The team has suffered through 43 years, like our Saints in heaven.
Nothing can take away the pride of the people, the friendship, the love for the team and each other. It is such a wonderful feeling........
I wish everyone would get on board and get over the bitterness.
The Saints deserve what they have received.
Thanks be to God...............

1681 days ago


SO proud of our Saints! You haters can talk all you want, but you will NOT kill our spirit! Someone asked what the city gets out of the Saints win. We get hope. We get a reason to celebrate. We get a distraction from being displaced from our homes and losing our loved ones. BLESS YOU BOYS! It's a New Orleans thing and if you aren't from here, you will NEVER get it.

1680 days ago


I thought Drew Brees was black! and could careless who won!Why is a gossip rag writing about the super dull bowl anyway?

1680 days ago


Funny how some people hate that the saints won their first super bowl. I'm from the city, and all I have to say is WHO DAT fool!!!!

1680 days ago


To Who Cares and who dat (notice I wrote that in lower case).Your ignorance is even more so than the importance of the SAINTS winning the Super Bowl is to this great city we live in.To see what this does for New Orleans is so simple a child could figure it out before you two knuckle heads. What are you morons? 6 yrs old?Let me give you a quick lesson in economics.Katrina hits and every thing is devistated. Thousands of companies,jobs, and millions of dollars are gone from the area.Slowly the city comes back to be some sort of normal.We're not quite the same in numbers as before but we're getting there. Some areas are still in shambles and need some help.How does this Super Bowl win and this team help?It puts us back on the map.It gives us exposure.It shows the world that the City of New Orleans is worthy of coming back to.Don't feel sorry for us.We don't need your pity.We don't need a handout.We need idiots like you two to come up with something new.Get over Katrina.We are.Have you ever been her before?Mardi Gras,Jazz Fest,or maybe even a game?If so,thanks.Hope you had a good time.If not,then why don't you before you start hating on a place and people you've never seen.Come spend some money here and help build our economy.On second thought, stay your dumb ass where you are.We don't need or want you.Why don't you send some money to Haiti.Or do you morons think those people are dumb because they were devistated by an earthquake.THE SAINTS won fair and square and you know it.Your team lost and you don't know how to handle it.Payton thru the game?The refs were on our side?It was a set up?If thats the case shouldn't the NFL have done this in 2006 when we lost in the NFC title game?Would've made more sense then!Think before you speak. WHO DAT! WHO DAT! WHO DAT SAY THAY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS? OR TAKE AWAY THE PRIDE OF NEW ORLEANS!

1680 days ago


Nice mansion...see, throwing a ball around pays off. The amount of money sports figures make is the American way.

1680 days ago


Thank goodness the Saints won. If I have to hear "Who Dat" again I'll throw up.

1680 days ago


In case all of you haters forgot, COLTS stands for Count On Losing The Superbowl. Quit being whiny b*itches and just accept the fact that Saints are a far greater team.

1680 days ago


I'm from up North. I've spent most of my life in New Orleans area. This is the greatest city/area/region in America. I love the Saints and have for years. This is positive for all. The bad comments roll off our backs. We've seen worse. We'll pray for the haters. It's not all about football, it's about life and football gives us a reason to live. See you in the Superbowl next year. Thanks Saints!

1680 days ago


BELIEVE DAT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1679 days ago


Don't respond to the haters and people that think we were pitied. Pity them. We know who we are and what they say means nothing. Don't let them get to you. We are the New Orleans Who Dat Nation. Live it and live it up.

1679 days ago


Wow...there are lots of bitter people on this site. Don't you all have anything constructive to do? At least the Saints are trying to help people be happy and make them feel good about their city, which is more than I can say about all of the haters leaving comments on this site. Thanks to all those who are trying to make the world a better place a little bit at a time.

1678 days ago


Drew Brees deserves every positive word & recognition he gets. He's a very humble, classy, genuine, sweet guy. When he was on that platform holding his 13 month old son sharing that life-altering moment with him it was the most beautiful thing. He was emotional & not afraid to show it. He NEVER toots his own horn. He always acknowledges those who help him each week to play & win the games & those who have helped him all along. He knows that this huge Superbowl win wasn't the greatest thing to happen to him, the journey to this win was. He loves his wife & he loves his son & isn't afrid to say it & show it. He has given more than a football championship to the people of Louisiana he has given an example of "Love Thy Neighbor". He remembers where he was a few years ago when it looked like his football career was over & he remembers that certain people who were down & out reached out to him. They took a chance on him when nobody else would & he will never forget that. I wish Drew, his wife, his son and family every possible blessing & grace now & always not just for what he did on the football field but for what he does off of the football filed every day. He's the full package & a true man.

1676 days ago


The Saints winning the super bowl is more than just money for the team. It gives hope to a lost city. After what we went through football was the only thing that brings us together as a city. This is one of the best cities in the entire nation. This game was not fixed. This team and city worked very hard. Thanks Saints for bringing hope back to this city! WHO DAT, WHO DAT, WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!!!

1676 days ago

good call CHar (#40)    

comments # 53 and #54 are also awesome

1623 days ago
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