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Jen & Gerard -- Bottoms Up in Mexico

2/8/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston went two-pieces with Gerard Butler in Cabo San Lucas this weekend.

jen Aniston Gerard Butler

You convinced they're for real yet???


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Do we even care what either of these people do? She's one dimensional, and he screws anything that's breathing.

1685 days ago

Just sayin'    

I used to like her on Friends but after Now, not so much. Like a lot of others have said her movies are all the same. And when she does try a dramatic role, it just doesn't work.

1685 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Ho Hum she will be on some talk show next week boo hooing about how she can't keep a man, he's probably getting some star fish action he's not looking for a marriage LMAO

1685 days ago


I haven't seen one shot of them really together yet. Give me a break.

1685 days ago


Jen looks fantastic. Let her have her birthday party. Cabo sounds pretty good right now, I think she has the right idea.

1685 days ago


Same old, same old. New crappy rom-com coming out; same "is she or is she not" dating her co-star; semi-nude pics in magazine before crappy move is released; vacation in the sun with planned pics for the paps...Really, even the same pose with her Ass to the camera; hair hanging in her face (ugh!). Dang!!! TIME WARP!!! What she really should spend her millions on is ACTING LESSONS!

1685 days ago


After seeing the Ugly Truth, I have definitely become an instant Gerard Butler fan. I think is has major sex appeal. Jennifer Aniston is definitely a well kept woman. The two aren't reported as being together, but if the story takes a twist otherwise, why not? They are both single, intelligent, successful...seems like a good match to me.

1685 days ago


Absolutely gorgeous! She has a fit and curvy body. Stunning! Love her!

1685 days ago


She gets in this pose every time the paps are around. Look back at any pics there are of her in a bathing suit. She ALWAYS gets on her knees and points her azz right at the paps.

1685 days ago


Ian Halperin did say on the Opie and Anthony radio show on XM/Sirius that Aniston can't keep a man because she has vaginal odor problems. If this is not true she should sue him for libel.

1685 days ago


So hilarious. Was reading that it was Jen's 41st B-Day and was thinking oh, now we will be seeing Jen's butt sticking up in the air or maybe a nude cover. Then she has a new movie to promote so let's have plenty of shots of her butt up and new "fake boyfriend." Butt up? Check. Fake boyfriend? Check. Desperate? Check. Can't act? Check.

1685 days ago


She was good in The Good Girl, but that's it. She's box office poison now. Who in their right mind would cast her in anything?

1685 days ago


It's the same publicity tactic she used for "The Break Up", only difference here is Butler plays the clubs & streets for women better than Vaughn. Both he and she need a hit, does their new film look like one to you? She'll probably continue to sell more People magazines than tickets at the box office. Brad Pitt (pre-the greatest trade-up in history)is still the most interesting thing about her.

She should have done the same thing for "Management", "Love Happens", "Friends with Money", "Derailed" and "Rumor Has It".

Who's next? Maybe a Jonas brother will be a next target.

1685 days ago


Oh, all the little jealous Brangeloonies! What have you to say for the PDA of Brad/Angie at the Super Bowl? True love, right? LMAO!

1685 days ago



First of all, I would like to say outright I am hands down a Team Jen-ster...having said that, I agree that she does seem to always find herself poolside whenever a movie of hers is coming out.

On the flip side, kinda ironic that right at the worst rumblings of the "Are they breaking up?" rumors, Brad and Angie are at the Super Bowl all over each other...hmmm...and right on the announcement that they are suing a British publication for printing a false story of their break-up...

So the verdict of who are publicity hounds?
Aniston: Guilty!
Brangelina: Guilty!
Sheesh, how else do any of these schizos keep the public interested?

1685 days ago
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