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Randy Jackson Pissed at Courtroom No-Shows

2/8/2010 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson just Tweeted from inside the courthouse to express his total disgust -- because the people he thinks are profiting most from MJ's death are nowhere to be found ... namely AEG and the estate executors.

Randy Jackson

This all went down as Randy watched Dr. Murray get arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges in the death Michael Jackson.


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Randy, you should be spreading the L.O.V.E that MICHAEL was doing all his 50 years on this earth. He never had peace on this earth because of the media and the stupid narrow minds of certain people on this earth. Let him rest in peace now. He must be looking down saying I can't even rest in peace in my death. I do feel that John Branca cared about and loved Michael very much. Michael trusted him to take care of his will and his kids future you guys should do the same and they should get paid for what they are doing it's just like the Jackson5 getting paid for doing the concerts they did. MJ'S kids PRINCE,PARIS,BLANKET should be the main focus here raising them the way Michael was with christmas, and birthdays and all the loved he gave them that is what your family should be doing right now and making sure Murray gets what he deserves. Put the bitterness behind you remember MICHAEL was all about L.O.V.E. Rest in peace Michael i hope you get it soon
all of my life i have been waiting of you L.O.V.E .

1676 days ago


. Go, Randy!!! A lot of people got rich after your brother died. You forgot to mention Sony and Dr. Thome Thome. God bless and protect, LaToya. She's not playing around.
MJ has a lot of fans who think the whole thing stinks. Something isn't right. Randy, I feel your pain!!!

1674 days ago


he sounds like he's angry that he's not profiting thr most1

1556 days ago


Yeah, and then he's going to give it all to Michael's favorite charity. Rightttttt Randy????

1556 days ago


Yes Randy I agree. There are many that are and will profit from Michael's death including everyone you mentioned! Who's funding good old Conrad Murray?? Murray shouldn't be allowed to practice medicine. It's not right, ethical,or legal justice and his license should be revoked..He killed Michael Jackson either purposely or sheer neglect with extreme carelessness..Love you Michael forever!!!

1556 days ago


The cloners are out in full force now. Take it easy. That was not me posting. RIP MJ.

1556 days ago


Hang in there Randy justice will be serviced and I don't no about all the other MJ fans but I am so sick and tired of people saying he was gay and loved kids he wasn't he was Micheal and yes he loved kids who doesn't.You have people out there who will do anything just to scam people out of money and thats exactly what those kids and their parents did.God will deal with them in his own way.The rest of us love him and always will and the rest of the Jackson family.

1556 days ago


R is upset because AEG, Sony, etc., are not named as defendants in the death of his brother, NOT because they are not there holding his hand. Folks, get a grip. Dr. Murray did NOT act alone in this, and really Cal could have stripped him of his license; it would not have affected his ability to pay his legal fees to his vulture attorney as his legal fees are being paid by Sony and AEG - get the point? As MJ would say ......

1556 days ago

Sheretta Lotten    

I'm pissed too, Where is th "Love" now. R.I.P MJ miss you much. Get Well soon "Randy" God Bless, Luv you all (The Jackson Family).

1556 days ago


The man who possibly killed his own brother, Michael Jackson, is sitting in front of him in this courtroom, and even then the only thing Randy Jackson can think about is money??? Randy Jackson is like the rest of Michael's family: the main (only?) value in life is money! I don't think Michael's children should grow up in this unhealthy environment.

1556 days ago


Screw this blog ! What I want to know is if the two white guys in the in the middle back(you know, the gay guy and the guy behind him with the beard are twins ? And someone needs to spike Harveys' drink with acid. Now that would be a show.

1556 days ago


Outra coisa, esse medico dr. Murray é culpado sim, afinal ele é medico,e do coração!! Como um médico do coração da uma quantidade t. grande de remedios forticissímo á seu paciente,sabendo do perigo!? mesmo que o paciente peça o remedio,um medico que honre a tua profissição jamas da uma quantide de remedios forticissimos, nem mesmo misturar tanto remdeio assim........Agora familia do michael, pare de ficar atras do dinheiro do Michael, esse dinheiro pertence as crianças(os filhos do Michael jackson.Vcs s. novos fortes v. a luta trabalhae p/ ter o seu propio dinheiro.

1556 days ago


Bom em primeiro lugar, ficar a chamar o michael jackson de drogado é muito cruel,pois no mundo milhões de pessoas, tomam remedios por determinados motivos, drogado é quem fuma crake,cheiram cocaina ,apenas p/ ficarem nas nuvens.Julgar o michael fica facil né??mas entender O ser humano Michael,o sofrimento.ele na verdade nunca teve um amigo de verdade,nem mesmo a familia,isso é veridico,vemos isso agora mas claramente, a familia só pena em dinheiro!!O Michael jackson, sempre foi super talentoso,uma maquina de fazer dinheiro é como todos o via,seja empresarios,revistas de fofocas,tvs etc........Amigos de verdade o Michael jackson, tinha e tem nos os fãs.
Michael Jackson, descanse em paz.Um beijo no coração,muita luz meu amigo.Deus te guarde e te guie e te proteja muito , e vc consiga ter paz e proteja teus filhos.

1556 days ago


So much anger, hatred, misinformation and misunderstanding. Why not let things resolve itself legally? Really, what other choice do we have? Michael is in a better place now. Granted he did make some mistakes in life but who hasn't? He's also done so much good for so many causes. Let him rest in peace and love. Love is in short supply now days and we all need it! Michael deserves better. He paid his dues in this lifetime! May universal love and understanding prevail for everyone.

1555 days ago

MJ Fan    

If you follow Randy on Twitter you would know this is and old post. He hasn't twitted anything since June 10. Also Janet hasn't had that picture on Twitter in weeks. Check your fact TMZ!

1555 days ago
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