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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad -- That Was It?

2/8/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After weeks of hype and outrage, the Super Bowl commercial with Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow finally aired Sunday night -- so what was all the fuss about?

The ad, paid for by Focus on the Family, features Tim and his mom -- but doesn't make mention whatsoever of any political issue (*cough cough abortion).

If you want to be upset about anything that went on during the Super Bowl -- take your anger out on whoever booked The Who for the halftime show.

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First off how in the hell did u think that they were a gay group with the name "Focus On The Family" and Tim's not gay every guy dresses like that. In addition the colored braclets he wears are like the "live strong" braclets (Started by Lance Armstrong who fought cancer and that's how the braclets got started) mean something 2 him or have a purpose like Taylor Haugen (look up his full story)who wanted 2 be a gators and sadly died because of a football hit. So Tim wears his braclets so that a dream of someone who passed on @ 15 gets to live his dream on in the after life of being a gator.

P.S. Gee i wonder why ur a NakedReporta probably because ur 2 stupid 2 be a real report so the only way u can get someone 2 listen 2 u is 2 take ur clothes off, cause u dont do ur research like real reports do

P.S.S. And The Who did good for an old group i was surprised but next year lets have some perform who's under 35 please


1685 days ago


I thought they booked the who because the game was on CBS and all CSI shows have who songs as theme songs. They made a mistake of doing a medley instead of just doing three songs.

Betty White getting tackled was funny, Tebow tackling his mom, not so much. The face that these two ads were one after the other didn't make it better.

And how can you ignore the weirdest commercial? Leno promoting Letterman's show?

1685 days ago


Focus on the Family is a hate group, don't be fooled. They promote and preach hate.


1685 days ago


I thought it was HILARIOUS that there was nothing to the ad. NOW you see why people should WATCH an ad before making a commotion! People were judging what the ad was about while knowing NOTHING about it! That is IDIOCY. I thought it was somewhat anti-climactic, but I guess that isn't Focus on the Families fault, they weren't the one building the hype!

The Who was AWfUL...can we just get a band that doesn't need walkers to perform? I don't want any of the new crap like Gaga but someone that was relevant in the past 2 decades would be nice!!!

1685 days ago


The WHO rocked it, no doubt about it. How old are they, are were still able to kick ass? OMGosh, WHO bashers? Are you out of your minds? One of the most influencial (sp) bands of our lifetime---and you tear em down? No---don't think so. Congrats to the Saints.

1685 days ago

Reality Check    

Here, the perfect organization for the liberal idiot (ALL liberals...lol)...


1685 days ago


So did Jay Leno help his image by doing the David Letterman comercial? I would've rather seen Conan sitting between them instead of Oprah! Now that would have been funny!

1685 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Look at all the crazies trying to back track now after being humiliated and proven yet again how insanely stupid they really are.

All this ad proved was how the "Pro-Choice" people really aren't Pro-Choice at all, they are Pro-Abortion. Mrs. Tebow CHOSE to keep Tim, and they are madder than hell that she did.

1685 days ago


Tebow did NOT win the Heisman... come on TMZ! Mark Ingram won the Heisman!!!

1685 days ago


Who the eff booked The Who?

AWFUL! I dozed off during their show


That was sooooo out of touch....

1685 days ago


person named Simone who wrote her comment about abortion is a total ass----. In a way its good to hear that trailer park trash like you will not be reproducing. 10 years from now when you have matured and got rid of that dopey husband and moved to another man and another trailer park you will be whinging about not be able to conceive your illegitimate kids that you wanted right?

1685 days ago


are you people all idiots? The ad was paid for by notorious hate-mongers Focus on the Family. Yes, the ad spotlighted this particular woman's choice -- however, the organization behind this ad would never support your choice UNLESS it was the same as THEIR CHOICE. Focus on the Family is anti-choice, anti-feminist, and homophobic. If a racist organization tried to buy ad time during the Superbowl, would that be acceptable? OF COURSE NOT.

1685 days ago


Tebow should have been aborted, I am sick of hearing about this waste of oxygen.

1685 days ago


I think it's interesting that the comments posted with criticisms of TMZ staffers have had links added to them by someone other than the person who posted.

I know this because I posted comment #9 and now "writers" is hyperlinked to something. Going through the other comments, the same thing has occurred with others who criticized TMZ for bashing The Who.

1685 days ago


Stupid ad. I'm wondering where the Tebows stand on gay rights, 'cuz Timmy boy seemed a little fey in that spot. He's smokin' hot. Wish he played for my team, but I doubt that's the case. Such a shame.

1685 days ago
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