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Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad -- That Was It?

2/8/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After weeks of hype and outrage, the Super Bowl commercial with Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow finally aired Sunday night -- so what was all the fuss about?

The ad, paid for by Focus on the Family, features Tim and his mom -- but doesn't make mention whatsoever of any political issue (*cough cough abortion).

If you want to be upset about anything that went on during the Super Bowl -- take your anger out on whoever booked The Who for the halftime show.

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I enjoyed The Who and think they should pay more tributes to these older bands by booking them for big events. These older bands have way more to offer then these new artists coming onto the scene. Thankfully we did not have to put up with JayZ, Rhi, GaGa and the likes. THAT would have been a bad halftime.

The only thing good about the Super Bowl was the halftime!!

1720 days ago


There wasn't a damn thing wrong with The Who's performance, you pretentious f**ks.

1720 days ago


The Who was awesome!!! Much better than Janet Jackson and Timberlake!!

1720 days ago


To answer your question Mark, I dont enjoy the Who. BORING!!!!! Everyone in the room walked away, so I wasnt alone in my thoughts...and the ad was stupid. I am Pro Choice but still dont see what all the stink is about.
Oh and BTW, sometimes abortion is needed in cases of RAPE, INCEST, and in a situation where it is life threatening to the mother. I dont think it should be a form of birth control, but in the instance of a rape or any other situation that IS OUTSIDE THE WOMANS CONTROL, it is her right to do what she wants with HER body. I'll be damned if I have to carry my rapists baby.
AND yes, I am a mother. I love my child more than anything in this world. But she was conceived out of love, and by choice.
Never thought Id be discussing a serious issue like abortion on a ridiculous website like TMZ....=/

1720 days ago


DAMN STRAIGHT The Who rocked it last night. Of course they're going to play the CSI songs, those are the ones that people know and can sing along with...if they played something more obscure like Boris the Spider, its not as crowd-pleasing. Sure they don't sound the same as back in the day, but give them a break that was almost forty years ago!! They still sounded pretty good, and miles above most bands now, who sound real good in the studio but live-they make your ears bleed. I'm only 20 and I know these men are legends - show some respect! If it weren't for these kinds of musicians - forerunners of the British invasion - we wouldn't have most of the music thats around today.

1720 days ago


Good for Focus on the Family..like to see more of that..

1720 days ago


anyone who says "hella-happy" probably shouldnt have been born in the first place...moron

1720 days ago


Tebow's the man, and his mom is hot!!

1720 days ago


The big deal is that Planned Parenthood doesn't want anyone to know there are other "choices" besides murdering babies. Planned Parenthood was started to weed out "undesirables" ie the poor and uneducated. There's a reason they give you an abortion for little or no cost; they don't want you to breed. Get a clue people, your being duped!

1720 days ago


WTF???? this is supposed to be an anti-abortion commercial so why didnt they just get to the point and say that...God help us all from these religious nuts that may have the power to convince politicians to overturn roe v wade...WE ARE ALL DOOMED.....

1720 days ago


This was - without a doubt - the WORST half time show in the history of the Super Bowl. Anyone who thought the WHO could sing -must be very hard of hearing.

1720 days ago


i am amazed that some are saying the commercial promotes or shows violence towards women and then in the next sentence go off on a rant about a womans right to choose to dismember and suck the brains out of another human being. ironic much?

and for the comment about eating shrimp when the bible says not to....you misunderstand what is being said. the old testament is old law. the not eating shrimp/lobster is in the old law. there were weird specific laws because that was the only atonement for sin for those who believed in God. the new testament is new law. Christians believe that when Christ came to die and take the place of the atonement of the old law, the new law came into effect. meaning, the old law was done away with. meaning eating shrimp. you dont have to believe that because you also have free will. just try to understand a little bit better what you are judging before you judge it. we can all (Christians and non) live by that principle....

1720 days ago

Robert Zolten    

Watch the online interview with the Tebows. The medical aspects of her description of her pregnancy don't make sense. What is a "mass of fetal tissue?" Why was she advised to abort the pregnancy? (Illegal in The Phillipines) How can this pregnancy, which they wanted, be equated to the unwanted pregnancy of a 15 year old rape victim?

1720 days ago

Just sayin'    

The Who suck. The old geezer with the red guitar kept throwing his arm around in a circle to give the impression that he was hip and still with it. *Yawn* Didn't work. It was still boring. And what was up with the whole green light rip off of Usher's "Yeah" video?

1720 days ago

Just sayin'    

Knock Knock, Who's there? The Who, The Who WHO?..... Exactly!

1720 days ago
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