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Joe Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray Got Off Easy

2/9/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson isn't sitting pretty with Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson: Click to watch
After Murray's arraignment, a disappointed Joe went to "Larry King Live" to say this was murder, not manslaughter.


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Pink Daisy    

104. To the people who wonder why Conrad Murray would kill his "gravy train," here is your answer. He was in debt and he was offered a larger sum of money than what he could have made from working for Michael. I don't know how the world doesn't see that. If Michael didn't finish the fifty concerts the would lose millions of dollars. They've collected more money since his death than what they would have for the entire fifty concerts. Plus, if checked in somebody most likely had a large insurance policy on him with that and everything combined made sure they got their money and more back. Apparently the DA doesn't want to do their work and investigate to the fullest.

Posted at 12:11PM on Feb 9th 2010 by Rito Valdez

Don't know if there would've been a big pay off as far as the insurance policy goes but BINGO to the rest of your post. It stinks.

1683 days ago

Pink Daisy    

I think Geraldine Hughes is a media whore and anything she says should be held suspect. That's just my opinion.

Posted at 2:41PM on Feb 9th 2010 by ric

YOu're entitled to you opinion but I think you're wrong. She doesn't "whore" herself out to the media. She's a Christian woman. She hasn't said a nasty mean thing about the Chandlers but state what happened while she worked for Evan & Jordan's attorney.

1683 days ago


When they asked to vote on the two things : Murder - Manslaughter. There should have been a third choice Malpractice. Because at the end of the day thats all this case is. Dr. Murray should be sued for malpractice, period end of story. MJ was skipping along through life as a drug addict. Murray was only present in MJ's life for 2 weeks people, long before MJ became that drug addict. Anything to deflect away from the truth that MJ killed MJ. After 7 months of investigating this case, and the pressure from everyone, including his family, they had to come up with some trumped up charge and this was the best they could do. I'd rather see the trail of doctors, ya know the one's who consistently prescribed drugs to MJ for years locked up. They are the true criminals in all of this. This doctor is the fall guy, but the reality is MJ's other doctors hold more responsibility in his death than Dr. Murray. And lets not forget it was MJ begging for the drugs, he knew perfectly well that he shouldn't have been taking these drugs, he was a full blown addict who is 90% at fault for his own death. This should be a wake up call to all the doctors who practice medicine in this country. Those pain management doctors, who turn people into drug addicts, the family doctors who are writing powerful pain medications to those who stub a toe and only need a tylenol, but instead get a vicodin, percocet. This should be the wake up call for all doctors who are over prescribing drugs to their patients, being reckless, and who are killing people everyday as a result. There are victims all over the country who you don't hear mentioned, nor do you hear about the doctors who get them addicted facing criminal charges. Its an epidemic and maybe this is the lesson that needed to be learned at the cost of MJ's life. Doctors need to stop giving these drugs to people and should tell them to go buy a bottle of tylenol, or aspirin. You know who's the happiest about all the drugs being prescribed and the billions of dollars they are making every year. The pharmaceutical companies that mass produce these drugs. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

1682 days ago


My best friend she has a chronic illness but was abusing her prescriptions and her doctor knew it. It got to the point where he told her he would no longer prescribe any medications to her. He referred her to a pain management doctor, thinking this doctor would get her off all the drugs and help her find other ways to deal with pain. It backfired! She doesn't even have pain but she managed to be a pathetic figure to this new doctor and he gives her anything she wants. She doesn't even go to his office, she just calls up the staff tells them what she wants and her husband picks up the script for her. She's overdosed on these massive amounts of drugs several times over the past 2 years, and this doctor continues giving her whatever she wants. 2 months ago, she told the doctor she wanted to try another drug, he gave her the prescription, and the pharmacist was so concerned that he actually called the doctors office and told them he was concerned about all the med's she was taking and the mixing of the med's. A week later, after she got the prescription what happens, she overdoses again. He never requires her to bring in her pill bottles to do a pill count, he's never asked her to do a drug test, he just gives her anything she requests. And she doesn't even have to go in to his office. It was after MJ died that he said she should come in now and then, so he can have it marked in her medical records that its a medical necessity for her to be taking these drugs.
I did a intervention with her, and her biggest fear was that everyone was going to be mad at her, and she said she would never do it again, and what she really wanted was for everyone to forget what she did, and not to have any consequences for her out of control behavior. I told her I was done pretending nothing was wrong. I told her she was going to have consequences this time. I told her this was it. I didn't speak to her for almost a month, but I still care, and right now its down to a matter of time before she does take that fatal dose and I get that phone call. This doctor has had 3 patients already die from overdoses and he is still able to practice medicine, and he too is laughing all the way to the bank because he is making a fortune off the patients he's turning into drug addicts. He's rich now ! And the sad part of it is, is that he isn't being charged criminally, and he still has his license, and I've filed complaints against him but the DEA and Medical Board have not done a thing to stop this monster. So you see MJ's death is more common than people think, and its only because of his celebrity that it was investigated. This is happening in every town, in every city across the country and without any monitoring and checks and balances. What Murray did was not murder, it was malpractice because what he did was unethical, and reckless and it really doesn't rise to criminal, not when your dealing with a junkie who wants his drugs.

1682 days ago


You know.....If anyone denied MJ anything he would just find another doctor to give him what he wanted. I'm sure there is a long line of doctors willing to jump in for the job. I'm sick and tired of the Jackson family and there greed and false pretense of loyalty to MJ. I've always loved MJ and felt sad for his troubles. MJ had a heart of gold unlike his family. The doctor was only doing what MJ wanted and MJ would get whatever he wanted whenever he wanted regardless. MJ made his bed and paid the price....Money talks.

1682 days ago


To Randi from Post # 56

Michael had used Propofol before "On Tour" He hated touring because of what it did to him.. He couldnt sleep because of all the edrenaline after the show. But he needed to sleep to have enough energy for the next show.. He would get ill from dehydration and exhaustion.. he didnt eat well. Touring was just hard on him, and some idiot Dr when he was young convinced him this was the best answer because it left MJ with zero side effects or groggyness.. Back then That Dr happened to BE an Anesthiesiologist, and no doubt while it was totally unethical, Im sure he had all the correct equipment available, not te mention only giving Mike a sedative dose rather then one that would be used in say .. Brain surgery.
Michael was not addicted to propofol, if he was he would not have needed to find a Dr willing to give it to him on this tour. He would have always had it ... wouldnt he ?
DR Murray came into the picture during rehearsal.. likely becaus MJ was having trouble sleeping.
So Addict is the wrong term, though Im sure he was an insomniac, many creative geniuses are.
The fact That Michael INSISTED on having a GOOD doctor present pretty much mkes it clear he wanted to be safe. He wanted someone who would protect him, He wanted a Good Doctor that he could trust, Obviously he felt a Cardiiologist would be able to deal with any of the risks involved with Propofol, such as you know ....proper CPR !!!!!.

The other medications in MJ's house are not that unusual, xanax .5 mg so what lots of us have that. Valium .. again.. so what. Tizanadine, Soma, Hydracodone .. (None of which were in his system at the time of death) perfectly normal medications for someone with arthritus and back issues which he had and were shown in the autopsy. And if you look at the police report many of the medications were old dating back to 2007, and ALL were either hardly used, OR used in accordance to what was ordered.

No Way was MJ an Addict.. He may had had nights where he couldnt sleep and needed medication, and he may have even been slurry.. lack of sleep and the medication can do that. But it does NOT mean your an addict. NOBODY here has the knowlege or facts to back up that accusation, and the medical PROOF. does not support it.

And if he WERE an addict, or anything else he has been called by the cruel posters and irresponsible Media (Which I do NOT believe)
He was STILL MURDERED maybe or maybe not with intent, but it was no simple unfortunate accident, It was at the very least Gross neglect without regard for life..
He didnt inject himself, He entrusted himself to a Doctor.. Im not supporting MJ's method for help in his insomnia.. BUT Murray could have and should have said NO.. and in agreeing ti He is totally responsible for what happened, especially for the gross neglect, and obvious lies.

Michael Haters will believe what they want, or come here and act like children and be disgusting.
But Bad Stupid unethical Doctors are Bad for everyone.. Not just Michael Jackson.

1682 days ago


105. The level of denial here doesnt shock. Fans dont want to see the messed up imperfect MJ. He was human and failed himself and his kids. Just as Elvis and Anna Nicole did. Its not all that complicated or hard to understand. He died of a drug overdose. Fact. He let this guy give him drugs. If fans dont get this oh well. Its the truth. MJ was a typical junkie. Hard to face that fact I know. Its easy to blame others so MJ can seem perfect even in death.
Posted at 12:17PM on Feb 9th 2010 by tina

And Its easy for some to call a person a Drug addict that they have never met, and despite the medical proof otherwise. There was nothing "Typical" about Michael, that statement alone shows how clueless you are. But MJ was also imperfect, and his fans dont pretend otherwise. But he did Strive for it. He dreamed of a perfect world, He prayed for Humanity.. And mostly got kicked in the face and crucified for it. But ya know what *Tina* He never hated YOU for it.
And one lesson you might if your smart learn from Michael since you are oblivious to his messages of kindness and humanity.. Michael loved to READ.. And Learn.. So .. I challenge you this.
READ The ENTIRE autopsy and investigation report.. ALL of it.
Then find out if its possible for a habitual drug addict to have ZERO traces of drugs in his organs, and try te learn what the drugs you think you KNOW he was addictted to would have done to those organs.

And just a quick FYI.. Michael didnt Always have a live in Doctor, AEG hired Murray for the tour about a month before Mike died. Find out how common that is for performers on tour... Having a personal doctor that is .. not the dying part.

I challenge you. LEARN before you talk about what you THINK you know.

1682 days ago


"155. The reason why the stuff wound up in his stomach is because the fool doctor (loose term) mainlined the injection by way of only a catheter iv without an iv solution bag for even distribution. The fool. What a fool! He is a downright liar, a skank and why the DA doesnt see this. Payola.
Posted at 2:34PM on Feb 9th 2010 by Answers

Ohh could be, I thought the autopsy reported he did have an IV in his leg (I think) No ekg monitoring him, a finger oxegyn meter but no active oxegyn.. But there was an "Empty Tank" How useful *smirk* It goes with the empty chair his doctor was supposed to be in.

And I really wish TMZ or some media outlet would clear all "Puncture wounds" . "most" were fresh and from revival attempts before during and after Paramedics arrived, with the exception of the one that killed him ofcourse.

And I really wish that Harvey Levine would Realize that Michaels redemption, and his Justice and the fight for that will sell much more than the same ole same ole crap .. than can never BE proven.. and some of wich can be Disproven.

1682 days ago


"88. 38.
Every one of you is a d@mn fool.
If Mika was alive, Murray would be earning $150,000 per month. Uh, so why would he kill him???
And who is paying Myrray's legel fees?
Because he is still a doctor and still seeing patients.
And no one here can figure that out????
Every single one of you is a d@mn fool.
Posted at 10:17AM on Feb 9th 2010 by Fred Farke

I think you're the damn fool Fred. Of course he'd be working= to make it look good. Of course he'd be crying poor= to make it look good.
$150,000 is nothing compared to what he may have been paid to do the "job".

Posted at 5:27PM on Feb 9th 2010 by ***foolish fred***
I think Mr Farke needs to switch names with you Fred because he is clearly the FOOL here. LOL

So Mr Foolish Fred Farke
Apparently your only brain cell is on vacation.

Have you seen or read about Murrays Finacial situation? He is Bankrupt, Losing his home, Behind in child and spousal support, also trying to support his Mistress and other child. He is In Danger of losing everything, and that was even before he killed Michael.
Your only valid point was this was the chance of a lifetime for a man probably willing to do anything for the money he would make.
Money paid out by ..... AEG .. NOT Michael Jackson

Afterall 150,00 is nothing compared to millions.. But Clearly he was a desperate man, and who knows .. Maybe he realy was put in a no in situation.. In that case he should fess up, but fear can do many things and even fessing up wont change what he did or clear him of charges, and might even endanger him and his kids .. So .. He has to pay the piper with AEG footing his bills because he clearly went along and there is no way out.

As for Murray paying his own legal fee's ... Impossible. He is lucky if he can count his patients on 1 hand at this point.. And those are the ones that might be paying him a little or are old friends and dfeel sorry for him, any other ones are probably insurance only, and I bet they are picky about what they let him do. And I bet Insurance companies will have a problem allowing him in their doctor Network soon .. so the end is near on that front.
Also Texas nd CA, and NV are moving to suspend his license alltogether, and Im quite sure no group is going to want him until then.. Talk about BAD advertizing.
So clearly is having his legal fees taken care of.. including his Bsil .. an investigation should be focused more on m urrey instead of Joe Jackson.. Im no fan of this man, and HATE him for what he did to Mike.. But MJ forgave him, and also felt that his Father(Joseph) did him a favor in many ways by never esettling for anything less than perfect, and gave him the drive to BE the best. And He was.
I dont Credit Joseph for All of MJ's success because I believe he was destined for it. And I believe He leached off of Mike over the years.. But Mike didnt mind helping him and taking care of him to a point, but only a point.. and mostly he had a hard time forgiving him for hurting his mom.
BUT... In dificult times they banded together, And Joseph wa always at his sons side... a Part Of Michael Loved his father very much. It was just too late to undo the damage so he made the best of it.
But in this.. I think Joe and the Family is on Target. Even if I dont approve of Joe or his actions regarding the will and such, or towards Mike as a child.. I do think he and the Family believes with all their heart that Michael was Murdered . either 2nd or 1st degree .. but this lame weak Manslaughter charge, Is insulting. To the Justice system, To our intelligence.
To His Family(Especially the children) and friends,To the medical profession.. and most of all ..
To Michael Jackson.
God rest his soul.

1682 days ago


"99. Also, I had such hopes for MJ fans in California. There were only a few of you all and you all didn't even stay for after the court date! We announced the protest via facebook and fan message boards!!!!! I expected to see more of you! We were supposed to the voice of the man who were voice to US for so many years, is this how you pay back!!!!!!!!!!!

I am disappointed in support from MJ "friends" and fans
It seems everyone is an INTERNET fan!!!!!!!
I apologize for my outburst, this is all getting too much
We fail him in life, now we fail him after death, CAN HE GET A BREAK!
MJ fans in California, please please please pencil in April 5, prepare signs and come to court house to be Michael's voice and the voice of fans from all around the WORLD, JUSTICE"

Im sorry if the turnout was not as expected.. I wanted so much to be there, but My own brother was in surgery for 6 hours yesterday.

I did my part on facebook spreading the word, But frankly the campaign started late for many to make plans since none really knew when the guyb would surrender till the day before.. and it is hard to make last minute travel plans (Especially on/after Superbowl weekend)
Its by no means a reflection on how much we care. I know That I will do everything in my powe to be present on future court dates as long as I have enough notice to arrange the time off, or there is no family emergency.

Considering the short botice, our numbers may have been somewhat small but we were heard.
I think what we have to do now is make sure that this cae is properly investigated, We ARE his voice
But we dont have to yell or hold signs. We need to write letters, and gather the interest of real experts like Henry Lee or M Baden.. We need to threaten to invesigate the DA's Office and demand they convince us why this measley charge was the best they could do considering the mountain of evidence against Murray..
Our voices can be a whisper and still be heard across the world if we all whisper at the same time.

You are not alone, I am here with you. and HE is here with US. Besides.... We have GOD on our side :-)

1681 days ago


As far as I am concerned all those physicians who prescribed psychotropic medications to deal with depression, anxiety, sedation listed in the Cororners report and police investigation should be up there with Dr. Murray being charged.... Is Cheryl Lee a Md and can legally prescribe medication ?

Medicines for these type of ailments are no joke

I see that more than one medication for depression were prescribed( Per Coroners Report TMZ) The combination of these meds with propofol can result in death. Many of the medications for anxiety and depression generally induce sleep or a relaxed state
So WHY Prophofol.
Generally medications for depression take at least 30 days to work in the system and brain. The body and brain adjusts during this time. Sometimes the patient feels it is not working , producing unwanted affects. Most folks dont know that psychtropic medications deal with the brain and can take at least 30 days to work. Dr Murray and all the Physicians should have known this, informed Micheal of this , instead of prescribing medication every time he complained. Maybe , this did not occur if the doctors prescribing were not Psycharitrists.
Why weren't the Md's prescribing medications for Micheal in consultation with one another, they knew that Micheal had a private physician Dr. Murray.
I say that they are all guilty , The Med Board should be looking at taking all licenses and sending quite a few to jail. Joe is correct in saying "They" But, his "they" should be investigating every alleged medical practioner, guru who has been treating Micheal. Did Micheal ever see a psychiaratrist, generally the expert when it comes to diagnoses of anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders?
Many physicians prescribe these serious mind altering medication like they are candy.... The average layman does not know the effect of these drugs. The DEA, MED BOARD, DA, should look at all who treated Micheal, start finding improprieties and out right illegal actions AND PROSECUTE, PROSECUTE, PROSECUTE!!!!!! Conrad Murray should not be the only one on the stand!!! Sadly enough we all know it!!!!!

1678 days ago

Cacau Carvalho    

I am a Brazilian fan of Michael Jackson and I am outraged at theprosecution's charges of manslaughter, after all the evidence thatthe police investigation got, I agree with Germaine Jackson is verylittle, Dr. Murray also inexpert, and negligent reckless, it took toolong to provide relief, the survey says that after the doctors realizecardiorespiratory arrest of Michael Jackson he took four phone calls,one of them lasted about 30 minutes and only the latter was to callthe help that has already found Michael dead, doctor knew that thefirst thing to do after trying the CPR without success, was to callthe paramedics that were effective in reaching the site in 3 minutes,but unfortunately we do not know why Dr. Murray preferred to let hispatient waiting while he The doctor gave long phone calls leaving hispatient die, because these issues were not discussed in court? Why arethey giving so little value to the death of the greatest pop star ofthe planet?

1669 days ago


Dr conrad murray should drop dead. i wouldnt normally say that someone should die but he deserves it. i swear he will not make it through 2010 someone will kill him. and then i will maybe feel a tiny bit better but until then i cry every day.ILY MJ :'( x but seriously manslaughter isnt enough he should be hung or shot or whatever they do to murderers in america. and it was not mj's fault he did not want to die. xxxx

1578 days ago
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