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Joe Jackson: Dr. Conrad Murray Got Off Easy

2/9/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter charge in the death of Michael Jackson isn't sitting pretty with Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson: Click to watch
After Murray's arraignment, a disappointed Joe went to "Larry King Live" to say this was murder, not manslaughter.


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Linda Lovelest    

31. .....FOOLS.

Every single one of you is a d@mn fool.

Posted at 10:17AM on Feb 9th 2010 by Fred Farkel


but not EVERY single

Your comments have had me laughing for some time now Fred...

1686 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

Those who think it should be murder are giving Murray more credit than he is due. It takes BRAINS to form an intent to kill. This is just a case of a moron who didn't know what he's doing.

1686 days ago


MJ was no better than the junkie on the street. he needed more and more drugs because over the years his body grew accustomed to those amounts. This is what finally kills most drug addicts. Why did MJ need a drug that basically put him in a coma? Because the other stuff he took wasnt strong enough anymore. He was a drug addict for years. it finally caught up with him. Its happens a thousand times a day in this country. MJ wasnt special. He was a drug addict and junkie. Taking Propanal to sleep wasnt normal. They dont use it outside of the operating room for a reason. its too dangerous. MJ killed himself. Face it. Junkie.

1686 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Randy!!! HELP ME """BRO""" you saw WHAT HAPPEN talk to them.So I don't take the rap for you.

1686 days ago


Does Mr. Jackson ever shut up? I guess not.

1686 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

Dr Murray was a manchurian candidate. A phone call triggered him. Then once again we all know he was on the phone afterwards, the last phone call he was deactivated. Michael Jackson was in a sense swimming in propofol. Thats why the doc looks confused. Pass the joint.

1686 days ago

King of TMZ    

Why do some people here call MJ a junkie for wanting propofol.

Not every drug is a junk drug! so educate yourselves a bit people instead of being putting meaning to words "drugs" out of their context.

The guy just NEEDED to sleep in time. He had Insomnia. He knew that medical drug can help him do so and feel even refreshed. He made his ways to get it.
Did he know the dangers? maybe! but he also knew he was in the hands of a good caring doctor.

Is he a junkie for this!? No he just wanted to freaking sleep.

He would be a junkie if he used druugs to take flights to Pendora. But Propofol is not the type. So you people I dont know if you are hater-trolls like the idiotic virus named OhWell but you seem to reason out the charges yet you call MJ junkie. Shame on your little minds who are actually junk brains.

1686 days ago


Joe ain't THAT bad. Even MJ had mended some fences with him.
I think Joe really wants justice for his son. Joe is old school and he doesn't express himself well, but he isn't complete evil. Anyone would do whatever they could to seek justice for their child.


1686 days ago

northern gypsy    

the more i see this man...the more i dislike him...
why ??? he gives off greedy vibes !!!
he's upset that his gravey train has been de-railed...

1686 days ago


66. mimi, there is no proof of michael being a long time drug user as they put it, people are choosing to believe what they read in trash tabloids, the autopsy stated that mj showed no signs of drug use due to his organs were in fine shape, so i dont know where they are getting there so called facts from but they dont add up that he was an addict of any sorts. the only meds they found in his system at time of death was of those that murray gave to him before his death. this is an undying story with michael that has haunted him for as long as he was in the limelight and nothing would ever change the ridiculing he took because people dont look outside the box to find out what was inside. they have blinders on and that will never change for michael!!! his soul was broken and he lived with it until the day he died. it is really sad that he was a lonely person, but i guess i would have been the same way if i had to live like he did day after day!!!! the only light that shined in his life was his children and they loved him uncondionally and he them!!! he was a wonderful father and that he would always be proud of!!!sue from tampa

Posted at 10:57AM on Feb 9th 2010 by sue



yes it sickens me when people post things that they have "heard" or "read" in tabloids. Same ole same ole. People would rather believe the worst rather than investigate to distinguish between facts and lies.

1686 days ago

barbara miller    

I hope Joe Jackson THANKS God every day that he is not sitting in jail for child abuse!!!!!!!!!!! Show a little compassion toward one of the many people who contributed to Michael Jacksons death... and yes Michael was somewhat responsible, as far as an active addict/ child abuse survivor/dysfunctional adult child of the Jackson dysfunctional family is concerned.Some day Joes Karma/ eye for an eye/ do unto others as you would have others do unto you will open his own blinded eyes, and he will weep for the way he parented his kids!

1686 days ago


Heresay, Heresay, Heresay

YOu have proof Michael had been using for the last couple of years?
Please post it on here for all to see.

Posted at 10:45AM on Feb 9th 2010 by MiMi

You mean besides the fact that he had to have a personal live in physician to dispense prescription drugs that he knew no ethical doctor would dispense? Do you REALLY believe that Dr Murray was paid all that money because he's was the best they could find?

Posted at 10:52AM on Feb 9th 2010 by Carol-Anne


If you had copied the and or read the entire post, you would have seen that I was replying to one who claimed Michael had been using propofol on a regular basis for the past two years. I requested proof of their claims.

Also, for the thousandth time. there were no drugs in Michaels system other than those that Murray administered to him prior to his death. His organs were all healthy as stated in autopsy.

Junkie? I doubt it.

1686 days ago


Very interesting that Katherine Jackson sat in her car and saidDr. Murray is guilty and he just trying to protect himself or cover up for himself. Didn't Michael do the same thing in his trials? She has a lot of nerve. Her son was a child molester who got away with it cause of his money. He was adrug addict and she didn't care one bit. Sorry Katherine. You son did this to himself and you watched it happen. Take some responsbility on your self and give Michael 99% of it.

1686 days ago



Girl was that you doing all that screaming yesterday? It was great to see all the fans there. Many of us were there with you in spirit.

Posted at 9:39AM on Feb 9th 2010 by MiMi

Read more:

The person who was boldly shouting the TRUTH at the Airport Courthouse yesterday was Geraldine Hughes, author of "Redemption," which tells her story of how she worked as Evan Chandler's attorney's legal secretary and she witnessed Evan Chandler & his attorney scheming to extort money from Michael Jackson by falsely accusing him of molesting Jordy Chandler.

Geraldine has inside info that Murray left MJ alone for 4 hours after he put him under with propofol, probably so he could go with a call girl, since that's his typical behavior pattern, and that the LAPD knows this! And she is fed up with the media for refusing to report the truth and feels that they too have MJ's blood on their hands.

Question: Since the media, especially TMZ, will turn their cameras on any kind of disturbance, fight, shouting protester, etc, why did they refuse to turn their cameras on Geraldine Hughes when she was boldly shouting that Murray had left MJ alone for 4 hours that night? Isn't that news?

And like Geraldine shouted at the media, "You all don't need proof! There was never any proof that Michael Jackson molested any child and you reported THAT, didn't you? There was no proof that MJ was a child molester, but you were ALL OVER that one!" And TMZ can't report that Murray allegedly left MJ alone for 4 hours that night????? TMZ knew about it because I'm just one of many people who called in the tip!

1686 days ago


sounds like everybody gets off when mj is in the mix!

1686 days ago
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