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Michael Jackson - 'That's How He Peed'

2/9/2010 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems Michael Jackson's longtime doctor, Arnold Klein, was telling the truth about Michael's propensity to pee in bottles ... based on the L.A. County Coroner's autopsy report and a strange item found by the foot of the bed.

MIchael Jackson and Arnold Klein

TMZ first published the autopsy findings yesterday. Among the items found in the bedroom where Dr. Conrad Murray was treating Michael Jackson -- "a closed bottle of urine atop a chair."

Back in November, we posted a story about Dr. Arnold Klein, who told us that Michael Jackson had a habit of peeing in cups and other objects, often in front of others.

Dr. Klein told TMZ today Jackson would pee in any object that was available and it all stemmed from necessity. "That's how he peed," Klein said.

Dr. Klein: Click to watchKlein told us when Jackson was 5 years old and on stage, there were often no bathrooms in the immediate vicinity and as a result he would pee in bottles.

Dr. Klein again expressed disdain for Dr. Murray giving Michael Jackson intramuscular injections of Propofol for sleep, calling it "horribly wrong."


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That is true about the bottles and he used to drop his doodie in sandwich bags.

1681 days ago

dirty diana    

i'm just surprised joe doesn't have the bottles on e bay for sale.

1681 days ago

Linda Lovelest    


Posted at 12:05PM on Feb 9th 2010 by michaelacarterallen

The bottle in the bedroom was used with the catheter while Michael was under the Propofol.

1681 days ago


TMZ you should be ashamed of your reporting. You put the words Michael Jackson and thats how he peed in the title--classless.

I have lost all respect for you.

1681 days ago


MJ was obviously a drug addict, ala Elvis. The amount of drugs he used for so many years, many of them opiates and narcotics irrefutably establish that fact. We should try and have compassion for those who have died from this, not hurl insulting names at them like "junkie."

1681 days ago


This is absolutely true.
And he would jiz in little cans.
(little boys cans)

1681 days ago


31. Michael Jackson was a demented PERVERT-would you want him pulling out his shriveled up (its REALLY shriveled now) little wanker and peeing in front of YOUR kids???? He admitted HIMSELF he loved to sleep and cuddle with children that were not his-being "childlike" does not mean you want to fondle little boys with your white glove.

Read more:

Posted at 12:47PM on Feb 9th 2010 by danger baby

Read more:
"danger baby" (what a stupid ID, by the way) It's obvious that you are a pedophile and that the only way you can legally spend hours online discussing child molesting and getting your tiny, shrivelled rocks off is, to falsely accuse Michael Jackson of doing what you dream of doing everyday.

1681 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

16. Dr. Klein again expressed disdain for Dr. Murray giving Michael Jackson intramuscular injections of Propofol for sleep, calling it "horribly wrong."

And pray tell us, dearest physician - how can you NOT call repeatedly cutting up Jackson's face via plastic surgery "horribly wrong?" Physician, heal thyself...

Posted at 12:16PM on Feb 9th 2010 by k

sweetheart....S. Hoefflin is the butcher that Michael had do those jobs.

1681 days ago


#6 Tammy

You are so right. People do not stop and think through things. The coroner's report stated he had a condom catheter (external catheter).

1681 days ago


Most likely it was connected to the catheter which had a condem attached to it.

1681 days ago


TMZ, you have become the Tabloid Junkie.

What trash to post about how Mr. Jackson emptied his bladder.
He was wearing a catherer because he was put under.

How low can you go, its not even funny or amusing.

1681 days ago


i wonder who gives a damn to what that ugly man, looking like if he's high all the time, says!

finally all those pseudo-friends showed their true colours. who will ever want to be their friends?

1681 days ago

Jim in Orlando    

So whats the problem? Who cares what Michael Jackson did in the privicy of his home?

1681 days ago


As others have stated, propofol is given IV (intravenously, in the vein, via continuous infusion), not IM (intramuscularly, like a vaccine--a quick shot). And you're supposed to be NPO (no food or drink) before surgery because of the risk of vomiting and aspiration (sedation is usually a loss of consciousness + muscle paralysis = no gag reflex to speak of), not because you're incontinent. A catheter is commonly inserted before surgery to prevent urine contaminating the surgical field/mess prevention, regardless of whether or not the patient has been NPO. Think about it, during surgery you're pumped full of IV fluids (->TONS of urine), so there would be no point to not drinking to decrease urine production.
Seriously, TMZ, get someone in the medical field to screen your info. I'm a lowly RN and can correct that much.

1681 days ago


I used to like this site. I found most of your posts amusing. Unfortunately, for the past 7 months, my disgust with this site and some of the people that actually take the comment here reached such a high level, that I actually get sick to my stomach.

TMZ, I know you are a Tabloid junk reporting website, but come on, this is just going over board. If I recall correctly, "Dr" Klein said that MJ like to pee and a cup, next to people and found it funny. As ridicules as this claim is, the make assumptions about the "truth" of that claim because of the coroner finding is just irresponsible.

Your site is already swamp with people, who's main amusement in life is degrading MJ and his fans name on a hourly bases. When is enough is enough. I would ask you to show some class, but that will be me being delusional...

1681 days ago
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