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Death of Nancy Kerrigan's Dad - Homicide

2/9/2010 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nancy Kerrigan's father's death has been ruled a homicide -- this according to the Middlesex Chief Medical Examiner.

Nancy Kerrigan
According to the findings, Daniel Kerrigan died from cardiac dysrhythmia after suffering a neck injury during a physical altercation at his house.

The Coroner says Daniel suffered a cartilage fracture to the larynx area, which was exacerbated by heart disease.

As we previously reported, Nancy's brother Mark faces one charge of assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury.

The investigation continues. No word on whether prosecutors will now up the charges against Mark.


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Very sorry for this family. It's tragic.

Why is this homicide but what Conrad Murray did to Michael is only manslaughter? I'm sure the son didn't INTEND to kill his dad.

1654 days ago


The Ghost of Tanya has come back!!

RIP to the Dad but how is Ms. Goody Two Shoes going to spin this one?

Maybe she'll run off with someone else's husband & father.

1654 days ago

I never liked Nancy.

1654 days ago


The lesson here is that infants, small children, and senior citizens need special treatment. DO NOT HIT or partially strangle their throat -- even if you are feeling out of control with anger. The older a person becomes their skin becomes thinner so they are more sensitive to heat, chill, or pressure -- and, their bones and viens become weaker so their bones fracture easily, or their blood flow does not reach their heart or brain which will result in a heart attack or stroke.

This is a tragedy for the Kerrigan family. Let us all learn a lesson here in that Mr. Kerrigan's death is not dismissed or made ignorant jokes about.

1654 days ago


Be nice people. I truly believe in Karma, so what you say will come back to you ten fold. And I knew that the brother did it. He is unstable, and needs professional help...

1654 days ago


Wow, a lot of sick and twisted people out here today...I always found Nancy a bit chilly but this is still her father and she looked devastated. I am sure the mom thought she had a few more years with him, too. I hope I am not solo when I die. RIP Mr. Kerrigan.

1654 days ago


22 time:

Supposedly they say the son was suffering from PTS (post traumatic stress syndrome). I forget what from...Iraq or something? Unsure.

1654 days ago


#16 can't take it no more:

At first I agreed with your confusion but I think the key point is that Dr. Murray WAS at least performing a function he was asked to do...he was careless and negligent but he didn't outright attack MJ. I don't know if my theory works, just throwing it out there...
I hope the doc gets the most of any punishment he can get, though, for what it's worth.

1654 days ago


On Inside Edition they did a Interview with Nancy's brother ex-wife & she said that Nancy's parents played favoritism with Nancy. That she got whatever she wanted i.e. skating lessons & the brother wanted 2 be a hockey player but the father wouldn't let him cause all their money went 2 Nancy. I'm just saying that u should never play favorites with ur kids its just not right.

P.S. Plus B4 that incident everybody in the family knew that the brother was a crackhead. And the first law of Crackheadness states that u never fight with a crackhead, you can't win. And the second law is u never try 2 outrun a crackhead u lose then 2

P.S.S. I hate 2 say this but he may have got what he deserved in the end, u dont play favorites with ur kids. Who knows if that was the start of his drug problem. He probably felt less than and made up for it with crack

1654 days ago


There is a federal law against any kind of abuse of old people.

I know a man went to prison for 10 years for verbally abusing an older woman

You can't even say boo to me, without dire consequences.

1654 days ago


Some of you need to understand that Karma is a b-i-t-c-h.
Nancy Kerrigan's Father is dead. If you want to make sick jokes go over to a different thread. Insulting a dead man and his family like this is horrible, and karma will find you 3 times 3.

I am sorry for the family and all they will now have to go through.

1654 days ago


How many times does TMZ have to use that unattractive photo of Nancy Kerrigan? Give her a break!

1654 days ago


Perhaps his heart disease was exacerbated by a cartilage fracture, but a cartilage fracture was NOT exacerbated by heart disease!

1654 days ago
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