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The Dad on 'The Waltons': 'Memba Him?!

2/9/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ralph Waite is best known for playing John Walton Sr. in the 1970's family sitcom "The Waltons." Guess what he looks like now!

Dad on waltons

Jen & Gerard -- Bottoms Up in Mexico

Jennifer Aniston went two-pieces with Gerard Butler in Cabo San Lucas this weekend.

jen Aniston Gerard Butler

You convinced they're for real yet???

Conrad Murray Visits Michael Jackson's Tomb

With charges in the death of Michael Jackson looming over his head, Dr. Conrad Murray sought out peace in an unlikely location -- Jackson's final resting place.

Conrad Murray

Murray showed up at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on Wednesday afternoon to visit the tomb of the man he may or may not have accidentally killed.

Murray was seen outside the mausoleum, but not inside.

Color Me Bad

Can you guess which celebrities took their hair color to a whole new level?

Celebrity Hair Color

Three's a Crowd

With all the love triangles floating around Hollywood, a simple question begs to be answered ... If the choice was yours, who would be the better couple?

Trippin' Out!

Tis the season for crazy vacationing -- see which stars got some serious R&R!

Leftovers from 'The Hangover'

If you were wise enough to stay through the credits for "The Hangover" you saw the digital camera pics of their lost Vegas weekend -- but here are some you didn't see.

The Hangover

We got our mitts on these never-before-seen pics that didn't make the final cut of the movie. Included in the bunch -- arm wrestling with Carrot Top, dancing with cowboys, and sleeping on a craps table, Sorry, no elevator oral sex pics in the bunch.

Look at these photos one time -- then delete them.


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1685 days ago



1685 days ago


If Jennifer should get back with what's his name, how would she feel about that big family ? Brad and Angelina better stay together forever because they took on a huge responsibility that is forever. Jennifer looks happy and beautiful. By the way, 40 is not old. 79 is...(me)

1685 days ago

David T.    

Sitcom??? Did anyone at TMZ ever see The Walton's??? While it had some family humor, it was NOT a sitcom by any happy could you be in the 30's?

1685 days ago


Is Brad and Jen getting back together. If so, well then...ha ha to the homewrecker !! Ahwww this makes me laugh!

1685 days ago


Jen deserves a REAL man like Gerard... let the whore homewrecker Angelina (is there anyone she HASN'T been with??) keep buying babies from third world countries to assuage her conscience with namby-pamby Brad. He never had the kind of manly essence Gerard exudes from every cell of his body... go Jen and Gerard!!!!! You make a great couple, and ooh la la... think of the beautiful babies those two can make... and the fun they can have doing so..!!!!

1685 days ago


If I were Brad, I would definetly want Jen back. Angie is not worth the hassel. Angie looks awful - and is nothing but a homewrecker. I wish Jen nothing but happiness in life! Brad was a lot hotter when he was with Jen!

1685 days ago

K. Langley    

10 to 1 odds that the idiot who captioned The Waltons as a "sitcom" is one of these self-absorbed, narcissistic, know-nothing, 30-something, skull-full-of-mush, schett-for-brains, liberal, cellphone-glued-to-their-head dum-dum's who passes for the "future" of our country. God help us!

1685 days ago


Ya know- in my opinion- SOME doctors don't care when it comes to money- they will do anything a wealthy person asks- and conrad murray knew the drug he was giving Michael was not meant for JUST going to sleep at night- It was a dangerous drug- He should've been a doctor and said NO- but he didnt- so now the rest of the world must go without Michael forever- That doctor probably feels bad (but you never know)... He should've been more responsible.... because technically... If Michael got severely sick- it is that doctor's resposibility to make sure he gets the treatment he needs- this doctor had Michael's life in his hands when he was giving him those drugs- No one will ever trust that doctor again- this man could face going to prison for man slaughter- and i will not be the one to say if he deserves it or not... But Michael could still be here if it wasn't for the irresponsibility of conrad murray

Love you forever MJ!

1685 days ago


I am quite surprised not to see any junk on here written about MJ... Pass this on 2 the haters: Did you know the man? Did you walk a mile in his shoes? Then ask yourself- Will God judge you someday like your judging MJ? Ask yourself: Have I only judged him? Or have I tried to love him?

MJ fans: We can spread the love- WE ARE THE WORLD

1685 days ago


Ralph Waite is also playing an off again on again role as a priest on All My Children.

1684 days ago


What Conrad Murray did was wrong and as a doctor he should have known better and said no. But we can't blame it all on him Mj needs to take responsibility he asked for the drugs he knew they weren't safe he had asked before and if Murray had said no Mj would have found someone else

1684 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong, (which I don't think I am), but I don't think anyone can get near Jackson's final resting place. They have more security at Forest Lawn since Jackson's buriall than Fort Knox does. Not anyone can just walk in there and make themselves comfortable near the tomb. Now, maybe Conrad is sitting "outside" of the cemetery but due to the high profile of not only Jackson's death, but the other celebrities buried there, they have tight security and LOCKED GATES.
Jeezes people, don't believe everything you hear and see!!!

1684 days ago

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