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White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

2/9/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House Press Secretary just openly mocked Sarah Palin -- and he delivered the blow with the palm of his hand.

White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

Robert Gibbs just addressed the media with a mini grocery list written on his hand -- plus two smart-ass additions: Eggs, Milk, Bread (which was crossed out), Hope, Change.

It's getting nasty in Washington, D.C. -- and we're not talking about the snow storm.


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She writes a 5 point list on her hand and gives a great speech. Nobama has to carry his teleprompter everywhere he goes to repeat speeches his puppeteers prepared for him.

1725 days ago


Gibbs is such an arrogant piece of crap. Much like the d-bag he works for. I'm not in love w/ Palin, nor do I think it was a good move on her part to refer to notes on her hand. But I hate Obama and Gibbs more.

1725 days ago


With unemployment at 10%, many Americans are struggling to afford those very things listed on his hand...

we'll see how hilarious that looks in November.

1725 days ago


lol that guy is an idiot. even he knows that Obama has yet to deliver on his "hope" and "change"...

1725 days ago

Louie R    

if he thinks she is dumb for using her hand for notes, theres a guy named Barak Obama, uses a teleprompter for everything.
i can't stand this administration.

1725 days ago


Wow. Who would have thought TMZ's demo included Palin supporters?

1725 days ago

Cant Watch    

I wish miss Palin would present an actual solution to americans in lieu of doing her crazy antics. I'm sure that she has some interesting ideas, but we have no idea what they are.

As much as we need politicians, I find that most of them are more concerned about putting on a good show that actually helping citizens.

All americans deserve to have some quality of life and access to jobs.

1725 days ago


I'm gonna quote Stephen Colbert on that one:

"Sarah Palin is f***ing retarted!"

Nuff said.

1725 days ago


How immature! Is this the kind of behavior that comes with being a college graduate and politician? The Dems must be soooo proud.

1725 days ago


Lol, or Leno might just steal the joke pass it off as his own because Leno steals material all the time. Leno and Palin would make a good couple, a pair of idiots.

1725 days ago


I can see Leno or Letterman making this joke, since their shows are appropriate, but the White House Press Secretary!?!?!? Are you serious? These fools really do not realize their days are numbered and they're going to be the worst Presidency in the nation's history. What a moron.

1725 days ago


RE: Troy 4:30

May you be blessed with healthy children.

1725 days ago


This retard is one gaffe after another. Any self respecting, responsible, professional President would have fired this goon months ago. He reflects the trash that is Obama to a 'T.'

1725 days ago


Really mature is right; he's a representative of the US GOVERNMENT, not your best friend Chucky.

If you like your President being brought to this level, help yourself...not me. And no, I don't like bush either.

1725 days ago


I'm glad that the people running our country are petty enough to take jabs at each other while on official business. Gibbs should maintain the respect and class that the White House needs to uphold. He's not a comedian, people, he's the White House Press Secretary.

For the record, I am not a supporter of Palin. I think she's a nitwit and the epitome of what's wrong with the Republican party. And I thought her crib notes were hilarious and proved everything I already thought about her.

1725 days ago
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