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White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

2/9/2010 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House Press Secretary just openly mocked Sarah Palin -- and he delivered the blow with the palm of his hand.

White House Hits Palin with Open Hand Slap

Robert Gibbs just addressed the media with a mini grocery list written on his hand -- plus two smart-ass additions: Eggs, Milk, Bread (which was crossed out), Hope, Change.

It's getting nasty in Washington, D.C. -- and we're not talking about the snow storm.


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Giobbs is just another clown from the administration of Bozo. Mocking another politician from the White House. Maybe not a clown...just a bully.

Screw Obama and his socialist thugs.


1687 days ago


I get queasy every time Robert Gibbs starts speaking. He is awful. Certainly shouldn't be taking the time to plan jokes on taxpayers watch. Well there's always another stimulus!

1687 days ago


Thats right OBAMA administration/congress/lobbyists cabinet etc etc. Keep grinding away @ that approval rating that continues to plummet! Sarah Palin is obviously a threat otherwise this wouldnt have been necessary!

1687 days ago


I would say there are many of our so-called "leaders" in Washington that should be writing notes on their hands so they can remember their message and excuses!

1687 days ago

Chuck D    

At least Sarah Palin doesn't need two teleprompters to say hello.

1687 days ago


I love how people are still talking about teleprompters....Every modern President has used them since Reagan for every speech except town hall meetings and Q & A type settings. Get over it already! Obama didn't invent it! And by the way, He didn't use a teleprompter to speak to sixth graders....They were in one room and He used it to speak to speak to reporters in the next room. Stop repeating misinformation.... Every time you do, you just look like an idiot. Try doing research before repeating what you hear/read.

1687 days ago


I guess for such a dumb hick, she has some people pretty nervous..This is something for Jon Stewert to do, not the Press Secretary to the POTUS..I knew our country was in trouble with this moron in office, I just didn't know how much until I saw this.

1687 days ago


Keep it up dung holes going to vote yourselves out of office. Keep on
bashing Palin soaring and so is FNC. Nut Dems are going to really be sorry in November. What a bunch of looses.

1687 days ago

L Baker    

Gibbs is typical of the WH gang. He can only recite what he is told and does so. Can't you see how possessed he is? His "head honcho" and his gang must really be frightened because he is beginning to show his true self. Watch out big o because your distructive plans are becomming transparent. Have you heard of IMPEACHMENT proceedings? The more these fools pull their stupid and underhanded tactics, the more it becomes apparent they truly are afraid of Sarah Palin. I pray she is protected because they are really desperate. Look at their actions and you will see how evident it is!

1687 days ago


LOL! Naturally the gang of conservative halfwits race to their Queen Dunce's defense. LOL

1687 days ago



1687 days ago

Obama is a Socialist!    

Funny how milk and eggs are higher on the Obama administrations lists than hope or change! lol

I am no Sarah Palin fan and wish she would stfu already, but the Obama administration has made the US the laughing stock of the world. Its time for a real change. IMPEACH OBAMA!!!

1687 days ago


Gibbs is a fat balding idiot who's has a little shriveled we we.

1687 days ago

for real    

Mr. Gibbs must have forgotten that he is in a Presidential administration. He is supposed to demonstrate Class even though he lacks Class. He also lacks common intelligence or he would have thought better of this poor decision. This was shallow and he demonstrated how low he would go.......Just can't wait until 3 more years are up and this nightmare is over.

1687 days ago



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1687 days ago
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