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Angelina Jolie in Haiti --

All About the Kids

2/10/2010 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from her make out session with Brad Pitt at the Super Bowl, A-list UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited injured children at a hospital in Haiti on Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Jolie and Pitt have reportedly donated $1,000,000 to the rescue operations in Haiti.


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Something about this chick just creeps me out to the enth degree! I dunno why that is... but Angelina Jolie gives me the heebyjeebys! Just a gut reaction anytime I see pics of her, or see her in movies. It's weird.

Also... question. If these celebrities are using their money to open tax free foundations & charities, is it really such a giving gesture? I mean, come on. You name yourself chairperson, president, or board member, write yourself a hefty tax free paycheck, then write it off on your personal taxes as a charity deduction. Alot of "foundations" & "charities" celebrities create are just tax shelters, people. Let's be pragmatic here. Is she paying taxes on all of these trips she takes all over the world, or is it "foundation" work for non profit. Do they purchase homes and cars, clothes & trips & planes in the charity's name?

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1659 days ago


If Hank Buckett had gone to Haiti and caught that on-side pass then none of this would've had to happen.

1659 days ago


If they were doing this for the right reason they wouldn't always have photographers wherever they go making pictures. They are doing it for publicity and for tax deductions. They are both skanks.

1659 days ago


You idiots, maybe she was showing affection for Brad, since she was going to be away for awhile in Haiti, volunteering for a good cause. We should all be so generous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1659 days ago


More children for her to adopt but there's also plenty of Amercian kids that need homes too. Instead of helping the world start at home first.

1659 days ago


That skank needs to get her mug out of the news and try doing something good without ulterior motives and publicity. You can bet they are writing all this off their taxes. Does anyone ever wonder why they always make sure they have so much publicity????

1659 days ago


If she's so generous, why couldn't she give the poor kid some clothes before her photo op? At least cover him up with a blanket. Seriously, how would you like a picture of you in your underpants to be shown in publications all over the world? Her humanitarian efforts are just over-compensation for what a wicked evil witch she is on the inside. Blah!

1659 days ago


40. You idiots, maybe she was showing affection for Brad, since she was going to be away for awhile in Haiti, volunteering for a good cause. We should all be so generous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 1:55PM on Feb 10th 2010 by Reba
And maybe unicorns will fly through the air on a cloud of rainbows and St Angie will bless us all with her magic powers of kindness and wave her magic wand over the rest of us unworthy human beings who can't see her for the angel that she're right, we should ALL be like Angelina Princess Of The Universe.

1659 days ago


Did she take her six kids along or do they have to get all the maternal attention from their nannies. Don't recall seeing many pictures of her helping any of the numerous children in need int the good old USA. Maybe she should start being a full time parent to the many children that she gave birth to and bought. This doesn't forgive the fact she was a drug user and home wrecker.

1659 days ago


If more celebs would put their money where their mouths are, they wouldn’t have to be picking the pockets of the already struggling US population. I read that when they make those appearances on fund raisers they can deduct their time as a charitable contribution on their tax return.

Brad and Angie give 1/3 of their income to charity and I have to give them kudos for that.

1659 days ago


I cannot stand this woman and her "billgoat" baby daddy. She has a movie coming up so, she busily making sure that she's captured doing "some" good. Why does the media only focus on this skank. DO YOU KNOW that John Travolta, Harrison Ford,and Sean Penn have also/are doing "real" work in Haiti to help these people? WHY don't we hear more about them? WHY,because they go there quietly without notifying the media, that's why. Also, so they are suing the British newspaper...WHY, because her kids' are getting older and it hurts their feelings to hear such lies. HONEY,what do you think will happen when they search the web and find all these "true" stories about you? What, are you going to start suing all the blogs due to all the nasty, but true things people say about you? You reap what you sow. Also, they call this "beautiful"? Maybe in Equestrian Weekly. UGH that vein/muscle! Angie honey you are getting long in the tooth. I give you 2 years top before your reign as "action" actress is over. You failed as a "serious" actress (no getting an Oscar for playing your crazy self doesn't count)...Changeling, Mighty Heart, Good Sheperds Wife, Beowulf...all flops. I cannot wait until you and Billygoat just disappear to France. Adieu!!!

1659 days ago


It just occured to me when I saw this pic. Jolie is attempting to become the new "Diana".
Big fail. Yah great you give cash but why the cameras? Haiti is not a secret...

1659 days ago


To those that question why cameras are there... hello people, Angelina is on this trip as part of her role as U.N. goodwill ambassador. Her role as goodwill ambassador is to keep the focus where it is needed and right now that is Haiti.

Whether you like or dislike Angelina on a personal level, it astounds me that people would question the fact that she does good and charitable work, claiming she does so all in the name of publicity.

That Angelina is doing anything at all is better than many others, and seeing as how the press follows her everywhere anyway, why not use that to her advantage?

For those that say she does not give to America... she and Brad not only have done tremendous amounts for New Orleans but also given money to help american families of soldies fighting for this country.

No matter what Brad and Angelina do, they are always in a no win situation... people seem to enjoy elevating celebrities to the highest and gleefully enjoy watching them fall (as if somehow what happens to them affects us, and it doesn't).

1659 days ago


Hmmmmmmmmm........then why is it that this skank is the only "Goodwill Ambassador" receiving extensive publicity??????
You can also rest assured that they always manage to announce every supposedly good deed they do in the USA, and everywhere else.

1659 days ago
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