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Angelina Jolie in Haiti --

All About the Kids

2/10/2010 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from her make out session with Brad Pitt at the Super Bowl, A-list UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visited injured children at a hospital in Haiti on Tuesday.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Jolie and Pitt have reportedly donated $1,000,000 to the rescue operations in Haiti.


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she's not stupid folks    

e! described her as saint, made me want to vomit. alot of celebrities have been down there, some right away, without cameras. We do not need someone down there, with a camera. I see at least a dozen requests a day for donations for Haiti. It is still on the news. We do not need her photo ops. As for how long she will be down there as one poster questioned. She normally does not stay longer than a few days in any of these regions. Brad is not going to get cold. I am totally amazed the way the press portrays this woman, like she is untouchable. Others do more, do not request the attention, and are ignored. These are the ones that are truely blessed. As for Jennifer, which for some reason, some people MUST bring up. I am sure she did not bring the paps on her birthday vacation. But you begrudge her because some took pics. and any charity work she does, it is because 'she is trying to win brad back, show angie up, look better than her, blah, blah, blah, blah..' who are you people? angie's best friends?

1718 days ago


#15 - get your facts straight. Jen Aniston donated $500,000 to the relief telethon and participated on the phones at the telethon. I guess because you know all about her and don't like her, she should not have a life or a birthday. Brad and Angie take every photo op they can to make sure everyone knows what they did, how much they donated, when they kissed. Skank and Skanette - they make me sick. Pull yourself out of their collective asses and refrain from bashing Jen Aniston just because she has a life. Can't stand you worshippers - so one-sided and ignorant.

1718 days ago


Lots of rude insults going on her. It doesn't matter one bit if you don't like Angelina Jolie, she is asked to be a UN ambassador and go there with cameras, and she does, and people who need her financial aid couldn't care less if you have bad manners enough to call her a "skank".

As for six kids and being able to afford nannies - has it occurred to you that due to her being rich, she and Brad Pitt can get extra time for the children by not having to do household chores?

1718 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Good Gawd, can't billy goat fugly Brad afford to buy this skank a sandwich or a burger??? She is scrawnier than the kid in the pic.

1718 days ago

B*tch Plz    

@55 Nannies don't do chores they watch children exclusively. Housekeeping, waitstaff and the like do the chores. So, if you (like Brangelina apparently) think that watching your OWN children is a "household chore" then by all means, that's great. The rest of the world might dissagree with that. If they thought that parenthood would be that strenuous then they should have stopped at 100. Just sayin.

1718 days ago


Yeah she probably bought herself this position. Didn't she get it right after the fiasco when she "french kissed" her own brother? She knew she had crossed the line with this one, so she did what she could to save her career. Can anyone say "damage control"? As for generosity, Billygoat only gave $500K to help tens of thousands of suffering people in Haiti (AND, made sure the world knew he and Holie were FIRST),but yet can spend $1M on a piece of crappy art (I'm sure the artist and gallery curator are still laughing at how gaullibe Billygoat was..SUCKER). These 2 are such POSERS!!!!

1718 days ago


This woman has:
and she got game !!!
She backs up who she is and that's alot more than any other starlets are doing today.

Message: Talk the Talk, but also do the walk!

Just saying..

1718 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Haiti have been ruled by Cuban Style Dictators for decades who stole over 2 Billion in aid (Aid could of been used to build homes). Rene Preval , the currently so called president of Haiti, has Business contracts with Hugo Chavez and other violent dictators in the region. Dictators like Chavez have done Almost NOTHING for Haiti and blames USA for Haiti Quake. The Hope for Haiti lies in a democratic Non corrupted government. Haiti has always voted Against the USA embargo against Cuba

1718 days ago


For those wondering why she is there...she is a UN Goodwill Ambassador!
For those wondering why she is photographed...why don't you ask the Paparzzi and the rest of the media, who continues to follow her around the world. At least while they follow her around, it sheds light on all the needy and impoverished kids of the world.

Ridiculous that people attack others for doing good!

1718 days ago


Nice that they donate, but the money doesn't come from their own pockets - it comes to donations made to their charity. The 30 million or so they've been paid for photos of their kids and family in the past 4 yesrs have been donated into that charity fund and Brangelina slowly releases the money where needed. (making sure there is plenty of coverage about their "generosity") Is she really doing anything to "help" while she's in Haiti, or just posing for photo ops, as usual.

1718 days ago


Is it just me, or is this couple becoming more an more obssessed with themselves and their image? They are arrogant on the red carpet, claim they ingore all the tabloids, and now they are said to be suing for defamation from rumors they should be ignoring anyway. WHY?! If they know their love is strong, and they know they are fine and not breaking up, why become egotistical and sue to make a point to us, like it's our business.

Angelina visits poor children, commenting on their horrible conditions in living, how she hopes things will get better, all the while doing almost nothing. She does this for more attention because they love her. Her goodwill ambassador title is only appointed to the rich and famous, it isn't that grand of a title. Then there's brad who is being happy in public one second, pissed the other, then goes overboard with love and affection, again, to prove a point to those watching. It just seems like they are trying too hard to get the whole world to love them. All they need is to love their adorable family, and eachother. What more would you need if the love in the family was genuine.That should be the greatest gift of all. Brad and Angelina should be saying, f*ck america, we don't have to prove anything to them, but instead, they go all out in the most uncalled for ways. Something isn't right here. Just quit the charade.

Slowly, and it's apparent, America is becoming weary of this attention wh*re couple. I don't knock anything they have done as far as charity, but it feels like it is for the wrong reasons. Wolf in sheep's skin. I hope they get their sh*t together, and stop with all the attention seeking. The attention should be focused more on eachother and the family, not the whole world, and especially the tabloids. Best luck to them both.

1718 days ago


Oh my god! What are you people like? The minute a photo and story get printed about THE CHARITY WORK Angelina is doing in Haiti, you drag up stuff about her relationship and someone ALWAYS has to bring Jenifer Aniston into it all... Yet you sit and slag Brangelina for being self absorbed - It's because ALL of you only pay attention to their bloody relationship. Can you not just forget about it and focus on the attention she is trying to draw you all to? WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD!!!

I am not a massive fan of either of them but I don't think it's right that they get slagged off for donating money and for being out there trying to help. Even if you think it's all for publicity at least an extra $1 million has gone to Helping Haiti. Think of the positive rather than always focusing on the negative.

1718 days ago


So, let me get this straight - an ambassador goes to places where there may have been a natural disaster and then visits people in the hospital? Who is watching her children while she's visiting other children?

1718 days ago


Michael Jackson still gave more than Brad and Ange, yet where is the news coverage of all his humanity work? Bloody media, your'e a bunch of murderers.

1718 days ago


Her purse in that picture says on the front "Mrs. Pitt", I think it's pretty hilarious that she carries it around.

1718 days ago
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