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Britney Spears -- Maserati Test Ride

2/10/2010 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has to be the only person on the planet who test drives a Maserati by sitting in the passenger seat while someone else gets to have all the fun.

Britney and her bodyguard visited the Maserati dealership earlier today in Calabasas, CA -- where she was spotted riding shotgun in the car, which is worth well over $100,000.

Britney is such a driven person.

BTW: Britney is on a $500 a week allowance and can't buy the car without a judge's approval ... and we're pretty sure that's not how the judge rolls.


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Please leave her alone. She is obviously mentally challenged.

Remember the time that she had blood running down her leg? All of her other less than sensible actions?

She needs to be in someone's care, and not out in public.

1681 days ago

Politico Pablo    

She's a clever girl, I bet she beats the system by paying for it in her body guard's name. And it's all good because everyone gets what they want.

1681 days ago



Need a tissue baby? WAAAAHHH. Let me guess, a Britney fan ? Weirdo, your brain is so delusional you cannot see what everyone else sees. tard

1681 days ago


Why do you always have to put a price tag on everything TMZ- I have a BMW M5. I don't go around saying do you want to get in my 100,000 car?? Normal people have nice cars too. You don't have to be a celebrity

1681 days ago


ummm is that an orange turtleneck? hahaha

1681 days ago


Ms. spears, I have Kevin on line 1. He wants to know if you've mailed this months support check. He says he'll be doing the CFC reunion show and could use the cash for the trip.

1681 days ago


$500 per week for spending money but that can't include a car payment, can it? The cheapest cars now a days cost $1,000/mth when you factor in the down payment, monthly payments, insurance, repairs, parking & gas. I doubt the judge expects $2,000 to cover her car/transportation but who knows. Can't be.

1681 days ago


"But, I'm Britney...Bitch"

1681 days ago


I am amazed at what a career of lip synching can buy.

1681 days ago


that is so ridiculous that she earns over millions and people just steal her money and she only gets $500......not even 10% of what she earns!!!!

she should be able to buy anything she wants!!!!


1681 days ago


She's going off the deep end. She was rushed to the emergency room with a police escort, then her handlers tell everyone it was a "routine" checkup. BS!

Her dad was trying to let her off on her own for a while to see how she does and then she frickin SNAPPED AGAIN, probably refused to take her medication and went crazy all over again.

You see her lately? She's back to looking and acting the way she did before her parents took over. When her dad has control of her, she doesn't look that way...

Her dad's got to take back the reigns. There NO WAY she can take care of herself left alone her kids, too. She's seriously mentally ill and doesn't know how to take care of herself in public or in private. Sad but true. She'll never be "free" until the day she dies.

1681 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Hey Concerned Mom,
Why can't you be a role model for your kids? Why are you looking for Britney Spears to help raise your kids you stupid moron! No wonder you're poor! Britney is helping the economy by SPENDING you idiot! Spending is how you get out of a recession. How is it Britney Spears's problem that you can't make more money? God so many TMZ readers are so stupid!

1681 days ago


I think Britney's problems should resolve if she would just find someone richer than her when you think about it. This relationship with the bodyguard might still be find now but come on let's get real, he gets the salary of a bodyguard, I just think he will try to use this relationship to his advantage. However, seeing pictures with Britney's kids and the bodyguard did look cute, but who knows...

1681 days ago

The man the smiley face serial killers decided to set free    

Test driving Maseratis with Britney, that’d be a sweet gig. I’d wear a funky suit and use tony Montana quotes like:

“I like Jason Trawick you know, only I like you better.”

(Deep stare into eyes)

“Would you kiss me if I wore the hat?”

Probably get fired after the first day but it’d totally be worth it.

1681 days ago



1681 days ago
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