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Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

2/10/2010 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman's two sons are 24 hours from being fired on "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

Sources tell TMZ the sons -- Duane Lee and Leland -- claim Beth Chapman recently fired them from the family business -- Da Kine Bail Bonds -- because she was enraged that the boys started a side-business -- an apparel company called CHAPBROS.

But the company that produces Dog's show sees it very differently. Our sources say the production company claims the two boys quit the bail bond business and cut all ties with their family. The production company's lawyers fired off a letter yesterday to the two boys -- they have 48 hours to come back into the fold ... or they're fired from the show.

It's like a grown-up version of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit. The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.


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All of you who are slamming Dog, remember who you are slamming. The man is not perfect, but he and his team went to Mexico, chased down Andrew Luster, the rich sicko who drugged, raped, and taped over 80 women they know of, and would have gotten away if it was not for Duane Chapman.
I was raped in college. I think Duane Chapman is a hero. He fights to do what he thinks is right, and keep the streets safe. He picks up people the police cannot find. He is not perfect but he is human like the rest of us.

1683 days ago


Oh, come on, Honesty. They are selling two t-shirts, one with Leland's pic and one with Duane Lee's pic. How can what they're wearing be considered "Dog" gear? Surely they're not the only ones who wear bullet-proof vests. . .

1683 days ago


I thought people hated JON GOSSELIN but this takes the cake & the icing as well...It like THE ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPER need shutting down...Beth tries to control the 2 son of Dog,plus Beth so jealous of baby Lisa & Dog....

1683 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Having read all the comments, none of the locals have anything good to say about Beth. It sounds as if she is the most hated person on the island.

1683 days ago


76 that sooooo hilarious..LMAS...I've watched the show twice that when I seen Beth tring to control the 2 sons & she had a fit about baby Lisa hugging her dad.. didn't care for it...

1683 days ago


If I remember correctly, Leland was the owner of the bail bond business and he brought Dog into it. Did he sell it to Beth? I'm assuming because of Dog's felony record, he could not be licensed to own it. So TMZ please check out who officially owns the business, I'm curious now!

1683 days ago

dirty diana    

please, these boys came up with all the ideas, dog and beth don't even know how to dress. count me in as done watching if the boys are not on.

1683 days ago


If this is true i'm done watching the show all together,because who does most of the strenght stuff it's Duane Lee and Leland.I know for a fact that without those 2 the show would have not been what it it,and I think Bet hates that idea.She is made because they started something on the side ChapBros,I mean she needs to get over it,they are old enough too start doing things on their own and something else if she is making Dog choose between her and his sons she should go.

1683 days ago


I just can't believe that Beth is such a B**CH! The show can totally go on without that FAT LOUD MOUTH! I don't believe that the brothers would just cut off ties with the family, I believe that BETH fired them because of their clothing line. She just can't handle the fact that she wasn't in control of that part of their lives. She has to have her FAT FACE in everything "CHAPMAN" and she's only a CHAPMAN by a piece of paper, not by BLOOD!
But my biggest disappointment is in Duane "The Dog" Chapman. He has got to know that his sons are a huge part of not only the show but they're his FAMILY. He's letting his so called wife ruin the show for all of them and all of the fans. Yes, he's married to the b**ch but she shouldn't have the power to destroy the family and the success of the show. Maybe it's because Beth has got her long fake nails around the balls of "The Dog"! And maybe he doesn't give a damn that he looses two of his closest children since he has so many of them anyway!
Leland and Duane Lee should go out on their own, continue with their ChapBros clothing line and one day have their own show! I know I would watch them and I know a whole lot of other people that would too! Goodbye, Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth the B**ch! Hello, ChapBros Inc. the two hottest bounty hunters on TV! They got more going for them! Best wishes to Duane Lee & Leland Chapman ~ ChapBros!

1683 days ago


Karma-I really can't understand your fascination with Tim? You are entitled to your belief-but do you really think this blog is accurate? How many famous people get off with a slap on the wrist? If this were the truth, then why is Tim off the show? Also, with most TV shows, there are contracts-why would Duane Lee and Leland risk everything they've worked for to speak with TMZ of all sources?

1683 days ago


Really??? there's an update already??? I wouldn't be surprised if their "rep" was Beth herself making sure she gets more of her lies out to the fans. I heard she calls TMZ whenever they go to LA so they get their photo taken. Wake up, honey, you are not a star like you think you are. You are a fugly fat old hag. We are NOT stupid Beth! Us real fans follow Duane lee and Leland on facebook and twitter and know this is because Beth is greedy and money hungry! She is so dumb.

1683 days ago


That update doesn't make any sense. They wouldn't quit the show! They love what they do. We all know that the boys created Chapbros ( and Beth wanted them to shut it down out of jealousy and greed. She would fire Dog if she could cause that dumb bitch just wants it to be her show. She needs to go. We love the chapbros!

1683 days ago


I don't know whether Dog can own a business or not, but I read that it was Dog's parents who opened DaKine in Honolulu and that Leland runs the office in Kona. If he's fired, who's going to run it? The whole thing doesn't make sense.
It's a great show and Dog sure had me fooled all these years when he claimed that family is more important than anything else. Clearly he doesn't really feel that way if he's allowing his wife to fire his two most devoted sons. I think Beth is pretty smart when it comes to the business end of the bounty hunting, but it's Duane Lee and Leland who do most of the hard physical work. Dog can't do it anymore and Lyssa and Beg certainly can't either.

1683 days ago


UPDATE: A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit. The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.

One has to wonder whose paying this "reps" salary. I bet that Beth has got her hands in this one too! She forces people to do her bidding because of her loud mouth and stinking attitude! So this chicken S#!T rep would say anything Beth wants out of FEAR!
Why would Duane Lee & Leland quit something that they both loved to do? Beth is the cause of all of this. No question about it!
Beth, you may be a bitch but karma is also a bitch and you'll get yours! You shouldn't FU*K with peoples families! GET YOUR FAT UGLY FAKE A$$ FACE OFF A&E! YOU'RE NOT WORTH WATCHING!!! THE CHAPMAN MEN CAN DO SO MUCH MORE WITHOUT TOWING YOUR HUGE A$$ AROUND!! YOU'RE JUST DEAD WEIGHT!!

1683 days ago


Don't believe the update for one second. Leland and Duane Lee seem like honorable men. Saying that they deliberately didn't show up for tapings just doesn't make sense, especially if they have a contract. They both have children to support and I don't think either of them would do anything to hurt their children. Dog should take a lesson from them.

1683 days ago
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