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Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

2/10/2010 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman's two sons are 24 hours from being fired on "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

Sources tell TMZ the sons -- Duane Lee and Leland -- claim Beth Chapman recently fired them from the family business -- Da Kine Bail Bonds -- because she was enraged that the boys started a side-business -- an apparel company called CHAPBROS.

But the company that produces Dog's show sees it very differently. Our sources say the production company claims the two boys quit the bail bond business and cut all ties with their family. The production company's lawyers fired off a letter yesterday to the two boys -- they have 48 hours to come back into the fold ... or they're fired from the show.

It's like a grown-up version of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit. The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.


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I can do with out Duane Lee. He never impressed me. Need Leland though!!! And bring Tim back!!! That's the show I like. Dog, Beth, Tim, Leland and Baby Lisa. I even like all the fill in helpers. Just lose Duane Lee!!!!!

1660 days ago


Dog got more wrinkle in his FGACE than I have on my PUS*SY.

Beth is trashy. How does she wipe her AS with them long AS nails, answer, she don't

1660 days ago


Beth Is A Dog.

1660 days ago


Dog Is Almost As Gay As Harvey......

1660 days ago


It is just proof positive that greed ruins families. There are 3 sides to every story:party A-party B and then the real unbiased truth. But my feeling is that Beth has something to do with all the problems in the family. I hate to crush all the lovesick women on here but I highly doubt that Leland and Duane Lee would be offered their own show because there is no gimmick here. Dog is a character, felon gone good, but they are not. Being "hot" is not really enough. Also you never know that maybe the firing was justified. If I remember correctly at one point Duane Lee was promoted to Office Manager yet according to postings he was never there!!! I am an Office Mananger for a medical office so trust me, you have to be there!! And alot!! Then there was another episode where they couldnt get him on his cell and Dog was talking to the camera and said "Dont know what his excuse is THIS TIME!" Sounds to me like Duane Lee is lazy and only wants the perks of fame and works when the cameras are on. If he wasnt doing his job, I would fire him too. No matter how hot he is!! He also seems a little arrogant and conceited. JMHO

1660 days ago

Jon Morrison    

The jackals are out tonight. Let the family work it out on their own. The cheap shots at Dog are the same people as normal attacking him. We should all back off the gossip and let the dust settle on the truth

1660 days ago

Jon Morrison    

I think Dog Chapman is a caring kind person and it is the pressure of fame that brings on all this nonsense. I hope they settle the problems in privacy.

1660 days ago


Wheres the chapman that was busted for publicly playing with himself? Do they pretend like he never existed? Is he still on the show?

1660 days ago


HA!!!Another PHONY "reality" show will be bust soon, just like American Chopper....

1660 days ago

Knows the family    

Allegedly, Beth has systematically alienated and removed most of Duane’s family and rewritten the history of their life to make it seem that she was always there. Is there any other god but Beth!

His family knows it is a disgrace but knows that alleged blackmail and lies keep him enslaved to this female. She cannot live knowing that she was not the only wife that he had, even though she is young enough to be his daughter. If she had enough love in her heart, she would have been honored to be his wife. Instead, all it looks like is that she is competing with the famous man that she is married to.

Go figure, even the book showed how she adulterated her way into the Chapman family. Perhaps that is the only way that she can stay now--lies, and deceit. And to think he is coming out with a book about mercy. Have you ever heard the statement: practice what you preach?

1660 days ago


This will be the end of the show- Like most people, I only watched for Duane Lee and Leland anyways!

1660 days ago


This just in, the two Chapman's have been replaced by Beth's massive tits. The tit's are not as dumb as the two brother's and come to life when holding a can of mace.

1660 days ago

lori S    

They should them off the air they doag and that wife thank they all that and tell are known all the way they talk to the poeple on air is worng some people donot known the poeple are that are form. the boy have been good to them and they thorw out like tarsh take them off the air A&s please

1660 days ago


UPDATE: A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never
fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit.
The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.

One has to wonder whose paying this "reps" salary. I bet that Beth
has got her hands in this one too! She forces people to do her
bidding because of her loud mouth and stinking attitude! So this
chicken S#!T rep would say anything Beth wants out of FEAR!
Why would Duane Lee & Leland quit something that they both loved to
do? Beth is the cause of all of this. No question about it!
Beth, you may be a bitch but karma is also a bitch and you'll get
yours! You shouldn't "F" with peoples families! GET YOUR FAT UGLY

1660 days ago


I don't really know about Duane Lee, but I doubt that Leland is lazy. He runs the Kona office on his own (at least it seems like it's on his own)
I think Dog just likes pushy women like Beth and he's letting her push him around and make all the decisions. I don't think Dog is behind the firing. I also don't see how Beth could do the firing. It seems to me that A&E are the ones who can do the firing. I also disagree with the person who said there would be no audience for a show featuring Leland and Duane Lee. It may have been true in the beginning that Dog was the main draw, but Leland is the hottie and the main reason people watch the show.

1660 days ago
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