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Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

2/10/2010 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman's two sons are 24 hours from being fired on "Dog the Bounty Hunter."

Dog Chapman's Show Is On the Firing Line

Sources tell TMZ the sons -- Duane Lee and Leland -- claim Beth Chapman recently fired them from the family business -- Da Kine Bail Bonds -- because she was enraged that the boys started a side-business -- an apparel company called CHAPBROS.

But the company that produces Dog's show sees it very differently. Our sources say the production company claims the two boys quit the bail bond business and cut all ties with their family. The production company's lawyers fired off a letter yesterday to the two boys -- they have 48 hours to come back into the fold ... or they're fired from the show.

It's like a grown-up version of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

A rep for Dog and Beth Chapman tells TMZ Dog and Beth never fired Duane Lee and Leland from the family business ... they quit. The rep adds the two sons also refused to show for the TV tapings.


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hahaa i cant wait to see him have amajor fall, this guy is aloser, he isnt cool his fat cow of a wife is gross,someone someday is gonna shoot him and then it will all be over, he is such a loser,id love for him to try to catch me,t hat comeon bro crap wouldnt work,, however my shotgun does,guy is a embarassement to white people, his wife is a embarasement to all women, ugly fat and gross. yuck

1715 days ago


I mos def won't watch anymore. Leland and Duane Lee carry that show. Hey Beth what happened to where mercy is shown, it is also given?

1715 days ago


Beth is the reason I stopped watching the show. I hated that she got that big house while Tim was struggling trying to take care of his children after his wife left.Beth is the reason Tim never returned because she wanted to keep all the money in 'her' family.

When Tim got arrested he stated that Beth had just told everyone that she would fire anyone who brought a negative spotlight to the show after Dog got it cancelled because of his racist rant. Tim hasn't been seen since. And yet Dog always talk about second chances but not for Tim.

Leland and Dewayne knew that Beth controlled the money and probably have all of Dog's assets put away for her children. They knew they were being cheated by Beth who is nothing more than Trailor Trash - Dog is going to lose his whole family behind her.

1715 days ago


I DO NOT agree with ALOT of these comments. Everyone is missing the BIG PICTURE regarding Dog & his family. They HELP people ALL THE TIME and on EVERY SHOW they try to get the person they catch help for the future. I was a recovering Drug Addict myself. I have been off of Crack & Cocaine since December 11, 2001 when I went to jail for 1 year. I am now UNFORTUNATLEY taking pain pills for my back LEGALLY from a doctor due to a serious car accident I was in back in 2008 and I want to stop them and I wrote to Beth and she is going to help me get into a Rehab to get off the pills so I can be the mother to my 6 year old son that he deserves to have and not the mother I am now that can only play with him when I have my pills. Then I will be having back surgery to hopefully fix the problem permanently.

1715 days ago


Sorry Kristy but whatever Beth says is a lie. She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She is a hypocrite who always preaches to others when she should shut up and take a look at her own bad behavior. Here is a woman who was a big hobag and adulterated herself into the family. She is not Chapman blood by any means and yet for some reason she holds all this power. Why??? The network and tv production company have the power to let the bitch go and they don't. It's not right that she is still around and the boys aren't. She is a horrible and unChristian person.

I hope Leland and Duane Lee are doing ok through all of this. They will be better off away from her. Good luck to them. Go Chapbros!

1715 days ago


I don't doubt that the Chapmans have helped a lot of people, but it's also clear that Beth has a bad temper. It's totally believable that she fired the boys or that they finally got fed up and decided to quit. If that was their decision, I'm sure they gave it a lot of thought and I'm sure Beth was the reason for it

1715 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

What trash.

1715 days ago


The last time I looked at the show, Leeland and his brother was chasing a criminal on foot. Beth fat ass was following them in the truck. Old man Dog sat in the back seat screaming on the walkie-talkie, "Get em Leeland, get that SOB".

I've been bored with this show along time ago. Get rid it.

1715 days ago


It's amazing A&E keep this white trash Dog the Bounty Hunter show on the air. Once upon a time A&E had a lot of class. They we're known for excellent shows. Times sure do change.

1715 days ago


Duane Lee and Leland don't make nearly what the Dog store makes on their little T-shirt project. They are just trying to do something on their own, something which is not prohibited by their contract. Beth told them to end the business or they'd be fired; they called her bluff. They have been trying to negotiate w/ her for some time now and she has refused to meet, storming out of the room and acting like a hothead. Duane Lee and Leland work harder than the rest of them; Duane Lee is the office manager and Leland runs the Kona office. I am happy to see the support for them - I don't know Leland but Duane Lee is an awesome guy, truly kind. I wish them well!

1715 days ago


Damnshame, do you know the Chapmans? So there is credence to this story? Why won't Beth let them have their business? Why does Dog allow this to happen?

1715 days ago


What a joke.....i laugh everytime i see them get out their paint ball

1715 days ago


I live in Hawai'i and Dog/Beth are my neighbors. If you live here, you know the Chapmans are like any other local family, paying the bills, minding their business. Yeah, they have family drama, they are pretty dramatic. The general public doesn't realize how generous the Chapmans are to many people in Hawai'i. Few months ago, there was a case of a young 18yo local girl named Iris Kaikana-Rodrigues found dead/naked in a yard. Saddest thing was to see her father on TV crying for help/information. The Chapmans donated $10,000 reward for info leading to arrest of her killer. For all you petlovers out there, the Chapmans sponsored a Doggie Day event at Schofield Army Barracks over the summer. Coming out of the gym one day, I heard a raspy voice behind me and a couple little old local ladies giggling. When I turned around, there was Dog talking story with these cute old ladies, making them laugh. As far as the negativity towards Beth, she's a very astute woman married to the Dog, raising children, holding together family business, taking care of her dogs. It's a family business and the pressure is huge. They're good people paying their bills, paying their taxes, and giving back to the community. Everytime Obama comes to visit Hawai'i, it costs Hawai'i over $200,000 in security to protect him. The local people of Hawai'i has to pay the bill bec everytime we've sent a bill to the White House, Obama never pays. I've never heard anything about Obama ever helping his Hawaiian community when he lived here, not at the Punahou Carnival, not at the Hawaiian Humane Society, not anywhere. In his autobiography, he admits to using drugs, which is what I guess he did when he was here. Why doesn't Obama ever go to Chicago on vacation? Doesn't he have a house there? He really doesn't have any ties to the islands anymore. Sad bec I never see them bring their portugese waterdog with them on vacation to Hawai'i. Whatever anyone says about Dog/Beth, at least they help and support their community. Every family has drama; unfortunately with a reality show, dirty laundry gets aired in public.

1715 days ago


One of the best shows on TV, please say it aint so. :( Dont wanna blame it on any one "new" brother but argh!

1714 days ago


Ok so why do these racist clowns still have a show in the first place??? I mean really!!!

1714 days ago
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