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Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

2/10/2010 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the members of Dr. Conrad Murray's legal team says he's not concerned about the possibility of a downtown L.A. jury dominated by African Americans, because "Dr. Murray is as much of an inspiration as Michael Jackson was."

Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

J. Michael Flanagan tells TMZ Dr. Murray is a man of "humble means who became very successful" and a jury will appreciate that.

Flanagan also told us the defense team has received a summary of the official investigation, but he says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has informed Murray's lawyers it will take several weeks before the D.A. gives them a copy of the full file.


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Black people are stupid. Michael Jackson did not want to be black. He was ashamed to be black. That is why he only wanted white children, white wives, white skin, houses in white communities, etc. Michael Jackson even expressed reservations about having a black doctor but eventually accepted Murray because he couldn't find a white quack doctor. Almost all the dancers in This Is It are white. Every now and then he'd toss a bone to blacks and they still worship him. Blacks will vote "guilty" on Murray because they feel they are avenging Michael's death. Blacks feel this pseudo connection to Jackson.

1686 days ago


Liars Oops, I meant lawyers will tell you anything to get your money. REMEMBER THEY GET PAID WEATHER THEY WIN OR LOOSE.

MJ Has inspired billions & billions all over the world for 40 years. He's been in the Guiness Book of World Records for the entertainer who's given the most money to charity.


1686 days ago

Wanda Rocked    

A killer is a killer is a killer is a killer.

White, black, asian, latino is does not matter.

This man needs to know what time it is, and I just hope the jury is wearing a watch.

KILLER. The Jackson's old man needs to shut his pie hole also. Is there anyone left he has not tired to sue. Karma coming back to bite him in the ass.

1686 days ago


I don't understand the question. Both men are black, so why would either have an edge with a black jury? What exactly are you trying to learn by asking this question???? Are you implying that black people would have a preference for one of these men because of their skin color? I find this post quite insulting AND disrespectful to black people, Michael Jackson, and Conrad Murray. Why would you even post anything about a doctor who was basically a hired drug pusher being inspirational to black people? Is this the kind of information considered relevant/informative/entertaining to TMZ? If so, I think I'm really going to have to rethink my coming to this website, and will have to encourage others that I know to do the same.

1686 days ago


If Tiger Woods wouldn't have sex with children then neither should Iraq war veterans. But somehow Michael was different! We love you until you drop a pass like Hank Baskett.

1686 days ago


Justice should be the mantra here; not race. What Murray did was inexcusable. Not even people who are living out their last days are treated like that. MJ's choice of lifestyle is a personal choice. All races know that. He certainly did not put up barriers to anyone who wanted to achieve. He achieved what he wanted to achieve; others have the same choice - he, personally, did not stop them.

1686 days ago

For Sure    

Feb 10th 2010 by Valentina

Extremely well said...Kudos to you !!! I totally agree...

1686 days ago


how dare you Harvey even run this story to say that his attorney's want to call this killer humble, let them bring it michael jackson fans are ready and what does a african american jury got to do with anything Los angeles is of all color white black asian mexican german inidian every race under the sun, are they worried about having an african american jury well dont cause michael jackson fans come in every color he need to maybe worry about white more then anything but anyway you Harvey as an attorney looked at the results of the report bruising of the torso back and legs scatches on the back of his neck punture wounds on the back of the arms fresh, fractured 5 ribs other things to me pointing to defence wound broken needle COME ON

it is clear that michael jackson was murdered why is the DA turning a blind eye ???? how far down in the cookie jar is his hands that pay day must be a big one for him ..... i can not accept that it is that many blind people on this case that they dont see that michael jackson was killed ....

CONRAD ROBERT MURRAY BORN 02/19/1953 your luck with the vibes are running out you live to see another birthday i hope blood runs from the cake you eat and that worms flow from your food i hope the hands you killed michael with go numb where you do not feel you heartless bastard i hope your eye become blind that way t=you do not see the world for you are not worth it i burn a black candle against you with red i ask the spirits to haunt you as you try to sleep i ask them to take away everything you love and you bear the tears of all in hell i curse you ten fold i curse you and all you hold ... i curse you that you are never bold i curse you that you feel the pain of thousands that your skin crawls i curse you that you beg for death for you will never have mercy.......

i ask the spirits of the old to haunt you from haiti to trin to the center of the earth you are cursed .. all around you all your defence attorney may their business turn into dirt may it have no start cause it does not have a finish you are done just like that killer you have no respect you have no gain you too will fall you to will have no name you are cursed you have no meaning you will go insane ..... your business is done ... you will have nothing you will have no gain ... you are cursed you that respresent Murray if you want to survive and not be dervived you will walk away if not let it begin i send a spell that can not be reversed....

1686 days ago

Verdict Of The Court    

I'm not sure what that is in the picture next to Dr. Murray but get me a stick and I'll kill it.

1686 days ago



1686 days ago


12. I wonder if Flanagan actually believes what is coming out of his mouth because I sure as h*ll dont! He must think that people are pretty stupid to believe that!

Posted at 1:10PM on Feb 10th 2010 by And thats the truth

Read more:

Well yeah, the man is trying to brainwash people. Ain't gonna happen tho'. Anybody with half a brain KNOWS Murray sold out for the almighty dollar and got complacent after a week or two of Michael surviving Murray's cr@ppy, unmonitored administration of propofol.

The man has a history of irresponsibility and defiance of the law and laws of common sense and decency.

Here are some of them

Seven children by six different women.

Living well beyond his means and simultaneously not paying his debts and child support.

Failure to appears in court when summoned.

There's more but my fingers grow tired at the thought of all of his indiscretions.

1686 days ago


this guy killed michael jackson
his ass should be in jail
no they tryin 2 treat him like some celeberite conrad murray is a killer
damn i want him 2 rot in jail

1686 days ago


Dr. Murray has delusions of grandeur...
Hope he gets the maximum jail time.

1686 days ago


if we see this situation thru murrays eyes we will all get infected by his low self esteem, he must of been at his wit end to have left this man to die while on a phone call to a patient on the other side of the map

1686 days ago


I don't think a person who causes the death of another through gross medical malfeasance as inspirational.

1686 days ago
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