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Drew Brees

Reveals Secret Saints Battle Cry

2/10/2010 2:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Drew Brees finally blew the lid off the secret he closely guarded during the New Orleans Saints' championship season -- dude revealed the words to the mysterious pre-game chant.

Drew Brees: Click to watch
It all went down late last night at a Big Easy bar called Lucy's -- Drew took the mic and explained that because the team had won the Super Bowl, he could finally let everyone in on their private ritual.

Check out the video -- if it doesn't fire you up ... you must be a Colts fan.

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Straight Talkin Texan    

Simplistic chant...but nice nonetheless. :-) Way to go Saints!

1715 days ago

FQ girl    

Yo. Lucy's isn't in the French Quarter.

1715 days ago


Yeah, kinda stupid!

1715 days ago


Lucy's is not in the French Quarter. It is located in the CBD (Warehouse District) of New Orleans.

1715 days ago



1715 days ago


I saw him do this on ESPN, and the chant was totally different and he also said that he got the inspiration from a army capt

but then again I was pulling for the colts

1715 days ago

indy colts    

go Colts!

1715 days ago


It's enough to say that Hank Buckett lost the game for the Colts. I mean how long did the Saint's coach think about kicking it on-sides to the worst player on the field. Thanks BUCKETT go off with your Playboy ho.

1715 days ago


Damn straight I'm a Colts' fan and I hate the Saints.

As for their "Who Dat" chant the media ignorantly promotes for the Saints, nobody bothers to mention that the Saints stole it from (my) Cincinnati Bengals who have been chanting since the Boomer/Sam era of the 80's,

"Who Dey, Who Dey, Who Dey think gonna beat those Bengals? Who Dey!"

We've had it since the 80's and the Saints stole it and changed it slightly.. and media remains ignorant and doesn't recognize this.

Saints shouldn't have been in the Super Bowl, they had 2 questionable TD's against Minnesota that the refs called. The Super Bowl should have been a match up against Manning and Favre.

1715 days ago


Actually, ariuszme....WHO DAT started in the late 1960's at Southern University in...wait for it, LOUISIANA. It passed through many Louisiana teams before "your" Bengals "stole" it over twenty years later. Now I admit, the Saints didn't officially take it on until 1983, but seriously,WHO DAT SAY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS....um, not the Bengals.

1715 days ago


To the hater who said the Saints stole their chant from the Benals have never been to the Big Easy. We don't say Who Dat for the Saints . That is how people in the Big Easy speak. When it comes to the Saints we having been saying it for 43 years since the team was created. Before you say something negative and accuse someone of stealing know your facts.

1715 days ago

Who Dat    

If plays were so questionable, then why didn't you coach challenge those plays? Huh? All I have to say is sore losers....hahahahaha

1715 days ago


Sooooooo cooool!!! However...one more. If we count to eleven....Jets win next year....I'm in HEAVEN!!!!!

1715 days ago


reply to "ariuszme"

First of all, I don't care which team you are a fan of. But you may want to get your facts straight before you start posting comments that are false. The phrase "Who Dat" actually came to the South between the 60's and the 70's from rival schools in NEW ORLEANS that used "Who Dat" and their team behind it (i.e. "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Jags"-Southern University). It was also picked up in the late 70's by LSU (LOUISIANA State University) as their chant! And if you'd like to talk about where it actually orginated from, it was in the 1930's swing era when "who dat" chants began back and forth between the band and the band leader or between the audience and the crowd. And yes, I am fully aware that it wasn't officially picked up by the New Orleans Saints, from the song "When the Saints Go Marching In" until 1983, but the "Who Dat" chant was originated in the South long before then. So you can call a spade a spade, because TECHNICALLY ("your") Cincinnati Bengals took OUR "Who Dat" chant from us and "changed it slightly" to "Who Dey" when it belonged to the South from the beginning! The ONLY difference is that "Who Dey" became popular in the NFL before "Who Dat" but it belonged to the South from the start. Try Wikipedia if your having a hard time comprehending.

And if you want to throw up the Vikings game. First of all the Saints had to play two teams, the Vikings and the Refs. The entire NFL including the refs were backing the Vikings (of course because of Farve and his age) from the beginning and did not want to see us in the Super Bowl. Sure, there were some "questionable" plays, but that was on BOTH sides of the fence! But to say that we shouldn't have been in the Super Bowl or didn't deserve our spot in the Super Bowl, is appalling to me because we played our hearts out and left them on the field the entire season. If that isn't enough to say that we didn't EARN our spot, then you are definitely lacking some common sense! No matter what happens the New Orleans Saints will never get the RESPECT they deserve. Good thing for us die-hard fans (24 years in the making for me) will always stand behind our team win or lose. Don't tear us down when our city has been through what we have! This may be our first time to the Super Bowl and our win could very well be our last (although I've been hearing the word REPEAT an awful lot.. maybe then we will FINALLY get the respect we deserve) but at least we know how to rally around our team and lift them up instead of tear our city apart and riot. There was going to be a victory parade (homecoming) for "our" Saints win or lose! It just made it that much sweeter that it was a WIN!

Oh and by the way, how far along did "your" Cincinnati Bengals' "Who Dey" take you considering they've been to TWO Super Bowls and lost both to the SAME team (wow, you would've thought they realized what was going on the second time around.. guess not)! It looks to me as if our "Who Dat" took us a little further!

Oh yeah.. WHO DAT?!.. WE DAT!! :)

1715 days ago


OMG-enough already with the Saints!! This team has been shoved down everybody's throat for weeks now because of a hurricane that hit 5 YEARS AGO!!!! Was everyone rooting for a New York team 5 years after 9/11-NO!!!!! And by the way-I am neither a Colts or Saints fan-the game should have been and should stay just about FOOTBALL!!!!!!

1715 days ago
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