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John Mayer

Sorry for Dropping

the N-Word

2/10/2010 6:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerJohn Mayer is apologizing for using the N-Word in that explosively controversial Playboy interview in which he compared his penis to a white supremacist.

During the interview, Mayer stated that "black people" love him -- and then he brought up the topic of a "hood pass."

While explaining the meaning of a hood pass, Mayer said, "It's sort of a contradiction in terms, because if you really had a hood pass, you could call it a n*gger pass."

But moments ago, Mayer issued an apology, via Twitter, saying "I am sorry that I used the word. And it's such a shame that I did because the point I was trying to make was in the exact opposite spirit of the word itself."

Mayer added, "It was arrogant of me to think I could intellectualize using it, because I realize that there's no intellectualizing a word that is so emotionally charged."


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OH!!! I cannot wait until John Mayer
get's an ass beating...for being a
douche-bag, a moron and a retard.

Somebody PLEASE send me an email
as to when it will happen-I will pay top
dollar for ringside seats!

1686 days ago


@ Cidroc I totally agree with you. I definitely do not love John Mayer.

1686 days ago


What a totally ofay classless quasi-talented narcissistic jizzbag this guy is.

1686 days ago


To me, John, while talented, is very insecure and needs attention. Unfortunately, he alienates others in doing so. Hopefully, he will learn from his mistakes and keep his mouth closed until he has something worthwhile to say.

1686 days ago

Jerry Rose    

What a punk for apologizing. Who's going to apologize to you when they start calling you a racist? NOBODY!

1686 days ago


There were so many reasons to be offended by his interview, that his apology seems to be empty words. Kiss my hind parts John Mayer. You are simple minded and I will never EVER listen to your music and nor will I listen to any artist that use you in production of their music. Take your Dave Duke C*ck and go to HELL!

1686 days ago


It's people like him, that stops racisism from ever ending! PRAT!

1686 days ago


Obviously it is something he uses in his everyday language so it was very easy for him to use in an interview with ease. It is a shame because we talk a good game but living the life the exemplifies such is apparently not eveident.

1686 days ago


a tiny part, yes that describes John's non existent package, he's got a tiny pecker, a teenie weenie, a limp shrimp.

it's hard to get excited about the mannish Jessica Simpson.

she probably farted on his face.

1686 days ago

kris sellers    

I think he is like heidi and spencer from the hills they should stop giving him the press. I think he is mental nothing like degrading other people to give yourself more press time i think the whole interview should be pulled and not give the man the time of day for a while and see how well he likes his own medicine. I really think theese women need to speak up like jessica simpson and tell him he was really crappy in bed and paste it all over the covers of the tabloids. So as far as i am Concerned Playboy shoul reconsider printing this article. This does not say much for playboy either why print something like this, and they are now willing to let heidi show off her plastic surgery to sell copys she is a nobody why give her press. She is a nobody off of a teenybopper mtv show that is fake, lets get real. Now as far as mayor goes he is a very wealthy man and accomplished musician why put yourself out there for bad press unless you are mental and very insicure.

1686 days ago


Never trust a man with a pompadour and big head.

1686 days ago


John just need to shut the F up and play the guitar already. Don't bother even singing, voice isn't great. Just Play!

1686 days ago


Oh ryan, stop it, you sound so silly! what's wrong, no one wants your 2 inches? how many black women have commented on this story? most of us don't really care what john mayer or ryan (YOU) want or think.


1686 days ago


Mayer is and has always been an ASS! and this just confirms it.

1686 days ago


John Mayer, you are a freakin' idiot and your music sucks too! You are an ego-maniac with NO talent!

1686 days ago
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