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John Mayer:

Tiny Part of Me

Is White Supremacist

2/10/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerJohn Mayer is at the center of a racial controversy -- and it's all because he compared his penis to a white supremacist.

It's all over an interview Mayer just gave to Playboy Magazine -- in which he was asked, "Do black women throw themselves at you?"

Mayer's response: "I don't think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a f*ckin' David Duke c*ck. I'm going to start dating separately from my d*ck."

Mayer goes on to name some African-American women he's attracted to, but we gotta ask ...


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I'm a black woman, and while I thought his comment was kind of stupid,I didn't find it offensive.John Mayer has always said crazy things in the media in an attempt to be funny and to shock the audience.As far as black women not being "his cup of tea," that's fine, there is no crime against having a preference, in the black community, those that do strictly date other blacks have no problem saying it, and aren't stigmatized so if as a white man he perfers white women, hy would that upset me.Surely, he could have found another choice of words, but we also can't be so quick to label someone a racist (idiot maybe, j/k).

1683 days ago


I like John Mayer and his music. I think he is an extremely talented musician. BUT, he should have learned his lesson the last time when he talked about Jennifer Aniston and she got angry. He needs to start growing up and act like a gentleman and keep his big mouth shut. Disrespecting his former lovers is really in poor taste. He needs to start looking at his reputation and career as being a bit more fragile than he thinks it is.

1683 days ago


Of course I get what he's saying. He can't get it up if the woman is non-white. Impotence is a bitch.

1683 days ago


The whole article is about how much he loves masturbation and pornography. Ugly men should just shut up and be thankful when they don't have to pay women for sex. Nothing worse than an unattractive man troll blabbing about his stinky penis.

1683 days ago


193. Of course I get what he's saying. He can't get it up if the woman is non-white. Impotence is a bitch.

Posted at 8:32PM on Feb 10th 2010 by PW

He can't get it up unless the woman is white and famous, which allows him to brag to the media everytime a microphone is pushed in front of his face. He's like a high school jock bragging in the locker room about the pretty girls he banged under the bleachers. I don't think he's a real racist, just immature, classless and silly.

1683 days ago


Playboy Interveiwer: "Do black women throw themselves at you?"

What should have been John Mayer's response: "No, because black women don't come to my concerts. I've only had sex with two women, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson and they both dumped me".

1683 days ago


It's called foot in mouth disease, not foot and mouth disease, and douche is spelled with an "E" on the end. Just clearing up somethings above. I like John Mayer, and I'm black like his music too think he's a talented kid. Not offended keep making good music John.

1683 days ago


I assume John Mayer's comments concerning his penis is just code for: he is not well-endowed. It is ambitious for him to even think that he could get a black woman.

1683 days ago


John Mayer is an idiot. He can't express himself without swearing and vulgarity. He's the intellectual equivalent of a 13 year old. Yuck!

1683 days ago

a sense of direction    

This is absolutely shocking in post racial America... lol

Honestly though, as a black woman, I think we are used to his brand of Imus-type comments... Although it is demeaning, being a black woman my whole life and knowing countless others like myself, there is no love lost.

It is well known that white men are not usually attracted to black women, and like Chris Rock so famouslyt noted, black women do not dig white men. To us, size does matter...

1683 days ago


Why would black women get upset because a white man only wants to date white women? Who cares? People can date whatever race they want.

All the racist comments on this blog are so ignorant. People can't decipher information anymore and it's sad our attention spans have been reduced to sound bites. Read the whole interview first and then decide.

1683 days ago


Daniel..Black, when used in terms of race is capitalized. And douch, douche, however it's spelled should have been one of the words that was outlawed in 2010; people please get original.

1683 days ago


1683 days ago


Im a black chick and I dont think he is racist...we all have our preferences. I mean, is it really that hard to believe that he(a white man) is strictly into white women? NO I dont think so!

PS he wasnt dissing black women...the said his peepee was a "white supremacist" aka white women only, i take it hes not into Asians, Hispanics, or other races of women either.

big deal stop being so sensitive and move on.

1683 days ago


I cannot wait until they find him in a hotel room with white foam coming out of his mouth, dilated pupils, a needle stuck in his arm, and the dead male prostitute hanging from his gonads. He just hates women which makes me wonder about how nasty his mom was. A real dirt bag, I bet.

1683 days ago
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