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John Mayer:

Tiny Part of Me

Is White Supremacist

2/10/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerJohn Mayer is at the center of a racial controversy -- and it's all because he compared his penis to a white supremacist.

It's all over an interview Mayer just gave to Playboy Magazine -- in which he was asked, "Do black women throw themselves at you?"

Mayer's response: "I don't think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a f*ckin' David Duke c*ck. I'm going to start dating separately from my d*ck."

Mayer goes on to name some African-American women he's attracted to, but we gotta ask ...


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Do you think the Saints coach didn't plan to kick this on-side kick to Hank Baskett? Of course. Probably he thought hour after hour about who to on-side kick it to and chose Hank Baskett even before the game began. So to say this isn't Hank's fault is stupid. If you were the Saints coach, you would've also kicked it to a third-rate receiver.

1686 days ago

kristin glover    

Maybe he's just not attracted to black women. Since he IS white, it's perfectly natural for him to be attracted to his OWN race. I mean, I know, God forbid a white person say that...if any other race said it in this ridiculously politically "correct" (B.S.) world, this would get absolutely no air time whatsoever. In fact, it would be considered noble even. I have absolutely no problem with this statement at all. It is not racist, it is NORMAL. He's just being honest (and trying to be funny, which is what he always does).

1686 days ago


another idiot loser

1686 days ago

Rip It Up    

Kinda funny to read this stuff about the size of John's penis. I've seen it at one of the health clubs here in SoCal. Mind you I haven't seen it standing at attention, but it's pretty big. He doesn't seem to go without for very long. Jennifer Aniston came back for seconds.

1686 days ago


why typos? put the crack pipe down ho

1686 days ago


The stupidity and ignorance of some people(jay)is almost funny if it wasn't so sad.All black women need to take a shower! Oh such wisdom and intelligence!Not being sarcastic,but I really do feel sorry for you and others who think like you,because you obviously are filled with a lot of HATE.I hope God changes your heart one day!

1686 days ago


Oh, who cares???? Now we are going to tell people who they should be attracted to? What next? Discrimination for not liking or being hot for a fat person makes you a bigot? Fricken who cares?? You can't make someone be attracted to body shapes, race, or whatever if they're not. Isn't there anything else to talk about????

1686 days ago


He talks WAY too much. What's up with all the mouthing about his past relationships and sex comments. Didn't know he had such a trashy Foul Mouth.

1686 days ago

Emilia Echeverria    

Oh John please just sing! [and don't talk]

1686 days ago


He's being honest. He doesn't find black women attractive. I sure don't. They're nasty. Plenty of people don't find black women attractive. Why was there no controversy over Jamie Foxx's comments about Miley Cyrus?

1686 days ago


Come on now!!!

The only ones on here getting pissed off about what John said is: the "low self esteemed white men" (who feel like John let the cat out the bag).

"lack of nookie" black women (who could appreciate even that which John has in his pants, right about now).

And last, but not least, the idiots who just want to bash John for breaking up with Jen.

The rest of us couldn't care any less about "John Mayer's insight into what MOST white men fear, and what most black women won't come near (unless you're Robert De Niro or Gabriel Aubry). YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!

You know he's telling the truth!

1686 days ago


It's cuz you got TEENY WEENY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1686 days ago


It was a joke you idiots, he's basically only been with white women so far that's why he was self critical. It has nothing to do with his penis size and is certainly not racist. He even implied he wanted to start a relationship with a black woman. My god you people are dumb.

1686 days ago


He's just saying he's physically attracted to white women. How he said it, was stupid...but then it is emotionally immature John Mayer. He hops from one beautiful gilted woman to another. I mean he did dump hot Jennifer Aniston. Okay I know everyone has...but still.

1686 days ago


Why are they singling out Black women, of all the other races of women in the world? Does he think that we care? Did he even actually answer the question that was asked? Because I don't think that Black women are throwing themselves at any White men. We don't need his charity here. We don't accept small change.

1686 days ago
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