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John Mayer:

Tiny Part of Me

Is White Supremacist

2/10/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John MayerJohn Mayer is at the center of a racial controversy -- and it's all because he compared his penis to a white supremacist.

It's all over an interview Mayer just gave to Playboy Magazine -- in which he was asked, "Do black women throw themselves at you?"

Mayer's response: "I don't think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I've got a Benetton heart and a f*ckin' David Duke c*ck. I'm going to start dating separately from my d*ck."

Mayer goes on to name some African-American women he's attracted to, but we gotta ask ...


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Candy STFU! You stupid troll. You are doing exactly what this blog wants you to do. Speak for yourself and stop trying to roll a rant. The majority of intelligent, non-emotional black women knows exactly what he meant and we don't care. Go to Pe rez or some other blog you troll and read what he said in its entirety. Now Pe rez is accusing Mayer of being a gay hater.

1661 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Two words: Total Douchebag

1661 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to publish half the story to provoke the racist. This blog lives for this and the owner is Jew ish. Not surprised by that are we?

1661 days ago


That is exactly what everyone else here is doing, but as a personality John Mayer knows his words will be commented on, good or bad. Does he care about what people at TMZ post about him, no. John Mayer caused a buzz for himself, without spending a dime.

Posted at 2:52PM on Feb 10th 2010 by TiredofthisCrap

I hear you what you‘re saying, however, John is truly not a "role model"!
And as far as “John Mayer caused a buzz for himself, without spending a dime.” I’m sure that was not his intentions. He was just stating his insecurities. Sometimes people read way too much into what is being said. Most of the time it is to create a buzz, like TMZ does all the time!

1661 days ago


Black women stink? EXCUSE ME? My girlfriend is black and I am a white man. We have been together two years. She is delightful and wonderful and I love her dearly. She's also the cleanest person I have ever known, and I have dated women of all races. You people need to drop your stereotypes and meet some real black women.

1661 days ago


Trust me I don't think that there is a Black Woman alive that is mad. John Maier is Ugly, No Color and looks like Casper.

I think as a black woman we'd pass!!!!!!!LMBO!!!!!!!!!!

1661 days ago


108. 101. I'm sure that John knows that most black women are not attracted to white men. I've been asked out by them quite a bit especially at the office but, my preference is for men of color.

Posted at 2:58PM on Feb 10th 2010 by KC

Anyone who would get out asked out by a ton of white men regardless of race must be a hooker. Get real.

Posted at 3:07PM on Feb 10th 2010 by babbaboo
No...I'm a Systems Engineer a-s-s-h-o-l-e. You must be one of the men that I turned down.

1661 days ago


I am a black female that dates mostly white men. I was a huge fan of John Mayer, but this is very offensive. It just goes to show you that a**holes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Foot in mouth next time John, you hurt this fans feelings.

1661 days ago


@ 107 Thank you for being a real man and giving us a chance.

1661 days ago


KC....You are right, I've been approached by many White men throught my life in the workplace and outside. I'm not a whore. But it's funny how they always have their hand in their pocket, offering to pay for things like money can buy attraction. They should see that evidently that's not true or so many White women wouldn't be running away.

1661 days ago


It don't know what is worse. The fact that he can say this and get so much understanding, or the fact that it has gotten to the point that non-whites are so obedient that they will overlook this. Kanye gets a circus and this falls flat. What if Kanye had affiliated himself with Farrakahn? I am certian there would have been none of this understanding and a public apology would have been insisted or there would have been protest and public outcry over it. Racism is so woven and plain it now just hides in plain sight. Sad

1661 days ago


105. what penis? I didnt know that white men penis could satisfy any woman, seems like all the white women running around trying to find a black man! LOL! who woulda thought these white hoes would be trying to claim our men? I thought they didn't like black people. Well you couldn't tell by all the white women desperate to find a black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard white mens penis's are small, not thick and they have problems getting hard lol!
Is that why I see so many Black Men with these Half Breed, Oreo, Zebra looking kids lol!

I am black and I told my son I wish he would bring or marry a white girl NOT ALLOWED in this family. We are keeping our black race as pure as we can.

Posted at 3:02PM on Feb 10th 2010 by sandy

Come on everybody...we know who this dumb ass is! Don't you believe for one second this is some black woman stating her cause! This is that stupid ignorant jackass troll, who constantly pretends to be a black person, an Asian, female, male or whatever to post “Shocking and Demeaning” comments on every MJ site, or sites that interest most of us readers.
Most of us can tell which comments are made by this bitch; you will too after awhile!

1661 days ago

The world is still messed up    

Come on people, when will the verbal race riot quit? John Mayer is a jerk and happens to be white; does that mean all white men are jerks? John has diarrhea of the mouth and no self control. Some black women happened to like white men and vice versa. Hey, I say whomever treat you right, brown, black, white, red or yellow should be the one for you-- no color lines here. Life is too short to worry about who has the biggest peen and what color it may be.

1661 days ago


In general I am attracted to: white guys - though typically not blonds. Black guys - Denzel is freaking over the top and Dave Chapelle has something that drives me crazy. Latin guys and Italians tend to be my favorite. I also like guys with meat on them - no skinny winny - no muscle heads though. I don't think I have ever been attracted to a guy that was Asian and I have never been attracted to men from the middle east. So, am I racist? John's remark was offensive, though I don't think he meant it to be. I think he was trying to be funny - not racist. And no, I DO NOT find John Mayer attractive - he is plain with no charisma. Kind of wormy lookin' - nothin' against worms.

1661 days ago


The racist is between his ears, not between his legs.

1661 days ago
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