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'Biggest Loser' Star -

Big Fat Liar ... Allegedly

2/10/2010 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Based on the weight of the evidence "The Biggest Loser" star Jillian Michaels is pulling a dietary fast one on the American public for profit ... according to a new class action lawsuit.

Jillian Michaels
According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control dietary supplement is "worthless."

The lawyer who filed the suit, Melissa Harnett, tells TMZ, "Telling people you take two magic pills and then eat chocolate cake all day is a deception."

The suit alleges, "Sadly, Michaels has decided to exploit her fame and goodwill by collaborating with Thin Care and Basic Research to promote a weight loss supplement that purportedly will cause weight loss by itself, without any additional effort on the part of the consumer."

The suit asks for an injunction prohibiting the sale of the product, plus damages.

: Jillian has released the following statement:

"Unfortunately, anyone can file a lawsuit in California. All it takes is a $355 filing fee. That research was reviewed by some of the leading weight-loss experts in the world before Jillian would put her name on the product.

The lawsuit will be handled in the courts like all other lawsuits, and we are confident we will prevail."


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I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that these people think pills are a miracle drug that will allow them to do nothing. There is always hard work involved. Its the same with buying perfume or a particular will not transform you into Halle Berry but you will smell amazing and it will attract attention to you.

1685 days ago


Hey starship, if you're going to post lyrics to "White Rabbit" at least get the most important line correct. Its "Feed Your Head" not "Keep your Head"

1685 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Aw man! Does this mean I'm going to be sued for my new Gastric Bypass In A Bottle product? Maybe I can get Dr. Oz to promote it and everything.

1685 days ago


Is Angelina Jolie gonna help this bitch lose some weight. Yeah, she's fat and Tiger Woods wouldn't even do her.

1685 days ago


No way does it say on Jillians weight loss product that you can eat cake ALL DAY!!!! this fat arse woman is the biggest idiot of all times and a greedy money sucking lazy fat arse that wants a "magic pill" to get her skinny .... she isn't willing to put the work into losing weight the correct way .... to darn lasy to eat fresh fruit and fresh vegies and do some cardio workout .... GET OFF YOUR LAZY FAT ARSE AND DO SOME JOGGING!!!

anyone STUPID enouph to even THINK that eating cake all day with a supplement and no working out will make them lose weight! and I highly doubt Jillians products say that ..... I doubt she is contridicting herself with how she teaches the right approach of eating healthy foods and exercising. she herself was a fat kid and learned the right way to get thin and healthy.

I say to that woman..... get off your fat arse and get a real job to make money ... instead of using a celebrity to try to make a fast buck .... people are on to you fat B!

1685 days ago


I've seen those ads that Jillian promotes and I'm shocked she should would endorse anything else besides excercise and calorie control. The biggest Loser works solely on those two principals. If you think popping a pill will help you lose weight in the long haul, you're not very intelligent. Sounds like another idiot wanting to cash in. I like TBL but I don't think Jill should endorse a product that gives false hope.

1685 days ago

The Heff    

It has nothing to do with people thinking they can eat chocolate cake all day and loose wieght. This is another case where someone "jillian" used her fame to get rich. It's obvious that people who watch biggest looser will buy this product becuase they see her helping people out so they think they are getting the same help from her by getting her products. Using your fame for financial fame in that way is rediculous, why doesn't se open her own chain of gyms or something like that at a cheaper mothly fee then other gyms. Yes either way those fatties should stop eating whole chocalate cakes and exercise.

1685 days ago

Mark Vaughan    

I don't see how a person can hope to win a lawsuit claiming that they had any real expectation that diet pills work, but I guess that is the point. Now that the government has abdicated their responsibility on truth in advertising for supplements (the DSHEA), the only real option to keep people honest is to sue. This way people like Jillian Michaels won't claim that a cleanse will jumpstart your diet and people like Jennifer Nicole Lee won't claim that you can get flat abs in just 3 minutes a day!

The most disturbing thing about the 'Magic Pills' that Jillian created is the company she partnered with to make them. Clearly she has been working with Basic Research all along, a company also named in the suit. These people have been charged by the FTC for selling diet pills to kids with ingredients that don't exist as well as numerous other violations, including fat melting creams... I guess when you get into bed with companies like this to make a quick buck you end up in court with them. You can read a lot more about them here:

1685 days ago


is the woman who brought this lawsuit on crack?

Where in the commercial or on the product does it say this is a magic pill where you can go and eat chocolate all day after taking the pill?

Even if it did, what MORON would fall for that?

You're suppose to take the pills before meals (much like Alli) but that doesn't mean you eat chocolate cake, you still eat sensibly and exercise regularly... the pills just help move it along.

My best friend takes them and she's lost 10 pounds so far. Only a moron with an IQ of -1 would believe these are "miracle pills" where you take 2 and pig out.

1685 days ago


It's just an appetite suppressant. You still have to cut down your food and get some exercise. These people should be embarrassed to sue her over this! Ridiculous!

1685 days ago

Enough Already    

There's needs to be a disclaimer that says, "Pills may not be effective when washed down with Dunkin Donuts and Rocky Road ice cream." When are people going to realize you might actually have to eat healthy and move once in awhile. I guarantee any settlement she would receive would go towards Hardee's anyway.

1685 days ago



1685 days ago


From jillian's facebook page:

"I have ALWAYS been an advocate of supplementation. Not as a total solution, but as a means to accelerate weight loss, and enhance your performance in every aspect of your life be it metabolic, immunity, antiaging and so on....With all that said, you still MUST eat right and work out. This stuff is just meant to support your body while training and accelerate your results."

1685 days ago


Losing weight is hard can't take a pill and have it fall off. But yet, people continue to believe that they can get something for nothing.

I'm sure there is some sort of disclaimer that says "with exercise and proper diet" or something along those lines. THAT is what helps you lose weight.

1685 days ago


Could this be the same Red team Melissa? She was an attorney and she hates Jillian.

1685 days ago
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