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Courtney Love: What's in Your Wallet?

2/11/2010 10:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The administrator for the trust of Courtney Love's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, wants to know how Courtney may have spent Frances Bean's money.

Courtney Love: What's in Your Wallet?
TMZ has obtained legal docs filed in connection with the Frances Bean Cobain Irrevocable Trust. The co-trustee -- Laird Norton Tyee Trust Company -- filed legal papers today in L.A. County Superior Court, asking an L.A. judge for a subpoena to produce documents.

Sources tell TMZ among the documents Laird wants to inspect -- receipts, checks and other items to determine if Courtney may have misappropriated money that was earmarked for Frances Bean. Until December, Courtney had control over some of Frances Bean's financial affairs. But on December 11, an L.A. County Superior Court judge stripped Courtney of parental and financial control.

The trust was established on Frances Bean's behalf in Seattle, Washington where her dad, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, died.

No immediate comment from Courtney's camp.


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Only a dirt bag would steal from their own child. This poor kid has a hellish legacy. I hope she finds peace soon.

1716 days ago


I hope Courtney didn't pull a move like Gary Coleman's parents did. They found a loophole and had a judge crack open Gary's trust fund and left him virtually broke at 18. Obvis he still isn't over it at 41 and is still bitter about it.

I think if Courtney did suck the money it out, it was more about control then even needing the money. This is turning into Mommy Dearest II.

1716 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    


1716 days ago


humph things are going to get really ugly now. I kinda feel sorry for Courtney because she does love her daughter more then anything. Hope this doesnt put her over the edge.

1716 days ago


Is it me or does Frances Bean look like Jordan's daughter, post makeover?

1716 days ago


Courtney snorted it up her nose and drank up all of her daughter's trust fund. Anything left over was spent on plastic surgery and yellow hair dye. It's no big mystery!! What legal institution would put an uneducated drunk ass cokewhore skank in charge of a child's trust fund and then wonder where the money went? Duh!!

1716 days ago


jaggen if courtney loved her daughter half as much as she loves drugs, she would have never lost custody of her nor spent all her money. quit making excuses for a disgusting piece of human trash

1716 days ago



You said it perfectly. Sad for Francis, because Courtney will never be able to repay what she has spent. She's washed up.

1716 days ago


What brain trust gave a drug addicted lunatic control of the kid's money in the first place?

1716 days ago


Courtney Love needs to get herself together. She is such a drug addict! She needs to get clean and stop stealing from her kid!

1716 days ago


Courtney better hope like hell she didn't misuse the money...isn't that what The Coogan Law was founded for anyway?? After the little child actor, Jackie Coogan (the little kid from the Charlie Chaplin movies) lost all of his money on account of his parents spending it all? It's supposed to protect child stars from exactly this.

1716 days ago


Oh, I'm a doofus. I just realized Frances isn't really a child star...just child OF bad.

1716 days ago


She said a few years back in one of her paranoid rambling that all her money was "stolen" in order to make a porn company. And of course the F.B.I. wanted nothing to do with her nutty ass or we would have heard something about this by now. Sadly this child must grow up not having all her money, at least she has learned the hard lesson of why to stay off of drugs.

1716 days ago


Well, she is shopping like a mad woman, clothes, hair, guitars (re Twitter) it's all there for the judge to see.. She is spending it on her stardom cause no body wants to promote her so she has to do it herself.

1716 days ago


I think Cournty's whole trashy image that worked for her for so long is finally catching up to her. People will put up with other ripping each other off . But mother ripping child off? She deserves to be spat on in the streets. I know Frances is smart enough and old enough to STAY AWAY from that bloodsucker nowadays, but what a horrible thing for her to have to do. Imagine all the pain Courtny is responsible for in this world. She's hurt a LOT of people over the years, and now it seems the well is dry. I hope she's livin' in a van, down by the river in 5 years. She belongs in a much worse place than that.

1716 days ago
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