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Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets Everything

2/11/2010 7:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets EverythingThe judge in the Dennis Hopper divorce case just unsealed a copy of the prenuptial agreement Dennis had with estranged wife Victoria, and unless she gets the prenup invalidated ... she's screwed.

Prenup Highlights:

-- Dennis keeps all his property -- which includes a house and a condo in Venice, a building in New Mexico on 320 acres, land in Arizona and a number of other properties.

-- Dennis keeps his "separate property pension and retirement benefits."

-- Dennis keeps his huge collection of fine arts worth over $2.5 million, including a $350,000 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

-- Victoria has to move out of his house within 30 days of either party filing for divorce ... but it's bumped up to 60 days if they have a child together, which they do.

And here's the kicker: Victoria was guaranteed a $250,000 life insurance policy and 25% of everything in his will ... but only if they're married and living together at the time of his death.

So, here's the deal -- they no longer live together, so it would appear even if Dennis were to die before the divorce is final, she gets zilch.

But there's something in the prenup for Victoria, too. She gets to keep her separate property -- including two computers, two bookcases full of books, a 1973 VW Karmann Ghia, and her grandma's furniture.

UPDATE: We now know Victoria would have pocketed a total of $6.25 million -- which includes Dennis' L.A. home -- if things would have worked out between them ... this according to The Dennis Hopper Trust.


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ralphie the one-eyed    

He was in Land of the Dead

1678 days ago


I thought she was from a rich family anyway?

1678 days ago


Good for Dennis. Not all women are nice, or "deserving". This woman is vindictive, evil and duplicitous (as is her mother). I usually side with the woman on things like this, but in this case, GO DENNIS! It's good to see someone NOT get screwed for a change.

1678 days ago


Ha! Ha! Ha! Laughing my ass off. I always laugh my ass off when some gold digging bitch gets what they deserve. NOTHING!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Give her nothing Dennis. And I wish you the best with your medical problems.

1678 days ago


I have mixed feelings about Hopper's values. But even if he is a low life dirty whoremonger, nobody dserves prostate cancer. It's my specialty, and I guarantee you that there is no cure, rhyme or reason about this disease. Hormone deprivation treatments are the only true palliation around. Early diagnosis, surgery, and radiation or chemoRx are meaningless. By 70, 80% of men have cancer in the prostate, but mercifully only 3% of men will die of it, meaning it's usually an occult disease that you die with and not of.

1678 days ago


That old coot is as sharp as a whip! Believe me, Ive done business with plenty of old shrewd misers like him! She was a waitress! He set his sights on her like the rest of the self observed DIRTY OLD MEN and swooped down. He knew what he was doing all along! People like him are like sociopaths who have this sick sense of entitlement. They know how to impress these naive girls that never dreamed of the life he introduced her to. They are controlling and possessive. She probable was abused in every mental way by this nutwad and after 15 years and a child she THINKS she can assert some rights. His friends AND family know the deal and played along with the farce. They allowed it but NOW that it's the final act for old Dennis, the masks come off, the claws come out and she will get screwed! The So Called doctor is just doing what his client (and probably) friend (the courts should look at the length of their relationship)asks/demands. I bet Nothing is as it seems here.

1678 days ago


you get nothing of mine.see what happens when you do your homework fellas.WAY TO GO DENNIS!!

1678 days ago


If you marry someone thirty years younger than you,and are surprised when it doesnt work out... not to mention have been divorced 6 times now...... You would have to start thinking at some point, there is something wrong with you.

1678 days ago


For those of you men that don't understand why a woman deserves somthing out of a 14 year marriage think about this....those 14 years that she did not have ajob she did not have a chance to accrue anything towards retirement, she had a child for him. So unless all you men are going to open up homes and keep a roof over all the old women (appears to be most of us over 40) that you keep trading in for newer models, you'd better plan on sharing your "wealth", otherwise get a hooker and make a financial arrangement that suits both of you.

1678 days ago


Yeah, write a book and expose the old Buzzard. Well, (soon to be) Buzzard food.

1678 days ago


I think it is awesome. Finally a gold diggin whore is getting what she deserves NOTTA, ZILCH, NOTHING.

1678 days ago


she'll still get spousal support and child support based on his income ...he'll be cringing writing those cheques each month while she laughs her way to the bank....

1678 days ago


actually...he will be dead...they give him less than a month to live

1678 days ago


If this genius would have at least pretended to be a loving wife and stay by his side during his illness he would not have divorced her. She must be one cold b*tch and got what she deserved for not being compassionate to a person with a terminal illness. I hope he does not suffer and finds complete peace in his life.

1678 days ago


Money, nasty divorces & all that stuff aside.... I'm a big fan of Dennis Hopper, cause he da man. I truly hope that he can somehow beat his illness.

Now, I got to thinking... if I were sitting right next to him, right now, what would I say... and it would have to be this ( even though it's been years since I have )...

If you're a fan please view.

For you Dennis...

1678 days ago
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