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Fergie vs. Beyonce

Who'd You Rather?

2/11/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking out of this world, pop divas Fergie and Beyonce showed off their boom boom pow bootyliciousness at their respective concerts last night.

Fergie and Beyonce
Question is ...


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Grammar nazi    

Fergie for sure. Beyonce's big, jiggly thighs gross me out. And whoever said she has horse hair hit the nail on the head, when I see her shaking it, it's like a horse trotting around. Fergie pees herself, but I think she has more artistic vision so she'd probably make for a better conversationalist as well.

1684 days ago


They're equally disgusting

1684 days ago



1684 days ago


Where did TMZ come up with that "pork chop" pic of Beyonce? Horribly unflattering.

1684 days ago


TMZ is NOt racist! I was at the concert, Fergie looked exactly like that! She is in shape. Beyonce has a fat blubbery ass and is out of shape. Too bad that is the truth. She is so full of herself and overrated. Fergie works for her hot body. Beyonce is fat and dumb as a rock.

1684 days ago



1684 days ago


No contest ,Fergie.She has the better body and face.When we were done I'd let her squat over my face and Pee.

1684 days ago


@ juila 30

Ur real "brave" 2 say that on the website but i bet u wont go 2 a real black womans face & say that, Which is the test of a true coward, its amazing to me how many white ppl say the n-word on youtube and on other sites but how many times do u think you could get away with it while ur not sitting in front of ur computer.
Hey julia why dont after this u post what city u live in then we'll see how brave u really are b!tch

P.S.Tmz please take down 30's plz i thought u guys had some sort of class or at least ppl who checked the site 2 make sure idiots couldn't post stuff like that. but then again this isn't the first time u guys have let the n-word stay posted

1684 days ago

Just sayin'    

Bad Beyonce picture? Why? Cause her hips look huge and she has thunder thighs? THAT IS WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE IDIOTS! SHE IS A FATTY FATTY!

1684 days ago



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1684 days ago


omg!! i'm not a fergie fan but there is clearly no comparison. why does she (the african) thin it's okay to look like a fat cow????? it's disgusting. what a pig!!!!

1684 days ago


hi casey, sorry that you're a fat cow tool.

1684 days ago


hi casey, what's the matter? only rapper can use the word? you know what you, another trashy, skanky, fat african bitch. we can tell by your comments.

1684 days ago


Ummmm, isn't Fergie starting to look a lot like Carrot Top with her eyebrows? Guys attracted to that need some serious help...or they are just huge CarrotTop/Fergie fans!

1684 days ago


really, don't blame tmz, they can't help it that the heiffer is ugly and fat and untalented. they just post photos, they don't alter them because an african claims she's pretty but she's a freaking low life texas cow. it's even on the news every night how her "father" knocked up someone. why do we have lowered standards for the colored people? it's not fair.

1684 days ago
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