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Gary Coleman Gets Carted Off

2/11/2010 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two days after pleading guilty to domestic violence criminal mischief in Utah, former child star Gary Coleman arrived at LAX on Wednesday in a wheelchair.


The diminutive 42-year-old needed a lift.


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lol @ needed a lift

1685 days ago

Wanda W.    

He always looks so angry. Geez,can't he ever smile unless he's being paid for a project? He's one angry little dwarf in all the photos of him I've seen of him, and whenever any one asks for an autograph he explodes with anger towards them.he must have that Napolean Complex I've heard about !

1685 days ago


LOL the lady pushing him looks just as tall as he is! LOL

1685 days ago

Wanda W.    

Geez, can't he ever smile unless he's been paid ? He is one angry little dwarf! He's always looking like he's a heart beat away from exploding/and or ripping you lungs out. Always getting into fights,domestic violence,or attempting to beat someone up. He must have that Napoleon Complex I've heard tell about.

1685 days ago


I know he's had a hard life... but the images we see of him now are very disapointing... he was everything to me when I was a kid! I thought he was the greatest. Very sad and disapointing.

1685 days ago


hahahaha he is one ugly lil boy, he is very mean looking for a lil boy,how could anby woman marry that lil d**k head? cant tell if is he walking or not , and? who really cares, he should just go away, he isnt news, hasnt been news in 20 years,

1685 days ago


Disgusting, nasty violent little creep. Not news, just a pathetic hasbeen, needs to go away and stay away.

1685 days ago


Please wheel him back to his tree and keep him there.

1685 days ago


Yeah its sad. I have a feeling his inner struggle is deeper then a lot of people think. The man is obviously not happy about his life. I hope he can find some joy sometime in the future.

1685 days ago

Harry Bawls 2008    

LOL-great picture. Anything Mr. Coleman does is alright. Well, except for the domestic abuse charge.... =(

He is the prototype of the child star who falls on hard times and will forever be known for the one line "Whatchoo talk about Willis?" His situation is funny/tragic in an SCTV or SNL way.

I say Mr. Gary Coleman should run for president with that guy who played Screech as his V.P.
Mr. Harry S. Bawls

1685 days ago

Lou dog    

I will include gary coleman in my prayers tonite .. the poor guy looks worst and worst everytime i see a story about him i hope he doesn't committe suicide or anything but he looks so sad. His parents really screwed him bad when they took all his money. Its one thing to get robbed but its even worst when its done by family members. He was a huge tv star and has no money to show for it and everybody must say to him all the time "what you talking bout willis" to remind him over and over so it must really get to him. i just hope he gets a good manager who can help make him some money and he gets some counseling to help him out with his life .. good luck gary

1685 days ago


Everyone knows this dude is looney. He gives me the creeps! Plus, any girl hanging with him has to have a screw loose too OR just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Come on! Why else?????

1685 days ago


You people have no idea what he has been through! Anyone criticizing him is a disgrace. I just hope you never face severe medical problems like he has.

1685 days ago


i agree with steve , its not healthy to hang on to anger . but his parents stole his money . he was once famous and is n now a security guard . i hope life gets better for him . at lead he did not take the road to drugs and crime like some of the the others on the show . may life get better

1685 days ago


EVERYBODY has problems in life,, everyone reading this has gone through dissapointment, setbacks, dreams we had dashed, but the strong pull themselves up and get back into the fight...this loser is typical of someone who was succesful when he was young and has spent his entire pathetic life trying to be 12 again instead of going out and making something of himself,,, now he is in a wheelchair,, give me a break,, what a loser !!!!!!

1685 days ago
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