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John Mayer

I Need to Grow Up!

2/11/2010 6:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer apologized a second time last night for his controversial Playboy comments -- this time to his band ... some of whom are African American.

John Mayer: Click to watch
Mayer stopped his Nashville concert Wednesday night to address the interview where he dropped the n-word and compared his you-know-what to a white supremacist -- saying he was trying to be "clever" and "did that at the expense of people I love."

He then thanked his band for sticking with him, adding "I just wanna play my guitar."


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Where is the outrage hollywood?? Bunch of hiipppoccraates. White, Democrat, Progessive, Liberal, Hollywood beloved white supremacist and a racist calling black folks what they all call white folks. Harry Reid, Joe Biden.

Don't worry, black folks will never criticize you, they still like the party of racist and will vote for you forever.

No wonder Rush Limbaugh is taunting you all. Get mad with Rush, then you better explain why you aint mad with obamajoebidenjohnmyersharryreid

Hey john, jen aniston will have you back as soon as she is finished porking whatever his name is in Mexico. Wear condoms you bunch of pigs.

1717 days ago

Penis Hilton    

The fact that Mayer admits to being a smut fan says that he has needs that he can't satisfy. Guys who have to resort to porn have a disconnect with women. Their libidos are stuck in that Id stage where they just wanna get off but don't care about a woman's pleasure. So as a result they are unable to sustain relationships.

1717 days ago


You know, if anyone else had said this - I would think it was just some jerk who thought he had to say something provocative - just because he was talking to Playboy...and got in over his head... oh wait...

1717 days ago


Okay John - we know you're sincere - NOT.
This from John the "environmentalist" who got caught dumping the contents of his bus toilet in a Chicago river.
I don't get the music and voice either, but I guess there are enough people out there who do. Really, how self-absorbed can you be?

1717 days ago


Get over it people! He doesn't have to like dating black chicks and it wasn't that dramatic. This society is sooooo sensitive and whinny UGH

1717 days ago


this made me cry!
he's a good person with a bad mouth! so what?!
we learn from our mistakes!
the media have blown this out waaay of proportion!
DD, did you feel the same way after Kanye West apologized for what he did to one person?? I doubt it. The whole world hated Kanye after what he did and he apologized more than once. To this day people still hate him for what he did and still make jokes about it. John Mayer offended a whole group of people, which includes people that he works with, and people who admire his work. (Jay-Z fits in both of those categories) and you think John Mayer should be forgiven just like that? Please...What a double standard.

1717 days ago


I could understand if he actually stopped his "cleverness", but he continues to think he's "clever". You can tell by the many times does he use that word?! Remember when musicians were just that......MUSICIANS!! Now with all the video out there some of them feel the need to sell themselves and do it rather badly!!

1717 days ago


yes you need to grow up azzwhole until then shut your trap and stick to what you know to do - sucker!

1717 days ago


Uh that was Dave Matthews that threw his crap in the river. As for Mayer hes just obviously really stupid. Gotta stick to publicity of your music Johnny boy. Didn't really offend me in anyway, but i'm not his target audience apparently. Won't change my view on his music i always thought he was horrible. His guitar playing is overrated and his vocals, make me think he has written them while taking a dump.

1717 days ago


It really isn't him, its his penis who hates black people. Must be tough living with a penis like that.

1717 days ago


I was there and he was super upset. It was a heartfelt apology. So everyone needs to just move on.

1717 days ago


Its funny how white people think that this apology should be
acceptably for them so they could feel good..This wasn't directed towards them,instead towards blacks people..this apology is not accepted!!

1717 days ago

Jay B.    

This clown. Okay, so you made it a point to say you don't sleep with black women. Why in 2010 we still gotta be n***** though? It's not like I roll around in public saying "cracker" or stuff like that. It slipped? nah you did that on purpose homie you just forgot you had black folk in your camp until you showed up to your concert 'cause that's how much attention you pay to them.

1717 days ago


Just when you thought "Tool Academy" was fully booked with losers, along comes John Mayer. I feel sorry for any woman (or man) that hooks up with him...

1717 days ago


Apology not accepted. As a man with a partial African American daughter your comments were racist and hurtful. I used to love you and your music. "Father's be good to your Daughters" was inspirational and I listened to it with my daughter. You need to do like Tiger Woods and just disappear and keep your mouth shut for a while. I guess you just tolerate black people so that they continue to but your music. If I was one of your black band members I would have kicked your ass for those comments. You appear to have so much soul when you play, but you are really soul less and heartless. Only high school boys like guys that kiss and tell. No wonder your ass is single. Good riddance.

1717 days ago
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